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ベラミス Belamis - the fugitve giantess (13)

Chapter 13 The battle .... the revenge.... Belamis in danger!!!

Belamis and Kugo approached the Fermalos ships surrounding Mars base.

Dolores took command in the Mars base, and ordered, "Report damage!!"

".... our shields.... only 20% left...." The officer reported.

"Gosh....." Dolores gasped.

Constantine laughed as she sat in the cell, "Hahahaha.... I will take you all down with me!!!"

Nick looked at her and said, "Just stop your bullshit!!!"

Dolores immediately called Kugo, "It is dire situation down here.... we lost nearly all of our shields, but we can cover you with our guns!!"

Belamis heard and shook her head, "No... chance... Fermalos too much..."

Kugo immediately knew, and he replied, "We will take on the Fermalos! You use all your guns to defend the base... this is Belamis' instructions!"

Kugo knew Belamis had to issue command as the captain of them.

Belamis turned so that she was facing the other way and Dolores could see her in the transmission.

Belamis held herself upright, and made the  Admiral's salute to them.

Dolores saw it, and bit her lips.

"All units, deploy the guns, weapons and firepower, and defend the base! We cannot let Fermalos take this fortress!!"

Nick nodded, and thought, "Belamis knows Dolores is a fine commander.."

Belamis saw the Mars base began to defend itself, and nodded.

She heard Medora, "Belamis, we landed on Mars just in time..."

With Idina and Medora safe, Belamis looked at Kugo and signaled him by a thumbs up.

"Yes!" Kugo said.

The two fought alongside each other several times, and they just knew where to go - Belamis headed to the leading flagship of the Fermalos, and Kugo shot out Trizer Beam to other enemy ships.

Then Nako came out, as she recovered from the stun she got from Katrina.

Belamis patted her as she transformed to the giant cougar.

Kugo said, "Good girl!"

Belamis pointed to a direction where the Fermalos fighters were approaching, Nako growled and headed to hit, using her fire balls to shoot them.

With Nako taking on the Fermalos fighters, Belamis charged the flagship.

Belamis roared, and she was underneath the leading flagship of the Fermalos, and she pushed with all her strength. The ship tilted, and Belamis turned to her golden giantess form, and her strength increased by tenfold, and she let out another loud roar.

The huge flagship was thrown by Belamis and hit another ship!!

"Yipeee!!!" Kugo yelled, and he threw out his AstroLance like a spear, and it hit those fighter planes that came out to attack them, fighting alongside with Nako.

Then suddenly four chains with cuffs caught Belamis - her wrists and angles cuffed.

They were from four different ships and the four ships pulled at four directions, trying to pull Belamis apart!!!

"Aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrhhhhh!!" Belamis groaned in pain and she pulled hard with all her might.

The four ships sent a strong electromagnet shock to Belamis and Belamis roared in pain.

"Belamis!!" Kugo yelled  and fired Trizer beam and cut the chains on her legs.

Belamis growled and exerted her strong pectorals and arms, and with a strong pull she threw the two huge ships into collision and broke the chains on her hands.

"Haha!!" Kugo shouted in excitement.

Then two fighters came behind Belamis, but Nako hit them by spitting balls of energy from her mouth.

Then Dolores ordered, "Aim our main canon to cover Kugo and Belamis, and Nako!"

The main canon on Mars base fired, hitting the enemy fighter jets and ships.

"Oh my goodness!!" Nick shouted.

Belamis and Kugo saw the remaining Fermalos ships gathered, and were aiming together,and the energy level of their guns increased quickly.

"NO!!! They are deploying the high energy anti-matter weapon again!!" Dolores shouted.

Belamis whistled and Nako came back to her side.

Belamis roared and stood to shield Kugo and Nako, and began exerting herself to make a shield of energy, but drawing from her own body and round the cosmos. Her body ached tremendously.

"Belamis!!!" Medora yelled. She knew if Belamis exerted herself like this to build an energy shield against Fermalos attack, she would trigger an Avici on her again, it would be the nineth or tenth one.

Ednan shook his head, "Good grief....Our big girl is in trouble!!!"

"Kugo, prepare to cover Belamis!!" Nick shouted.

Kugo was frustrated... only Belamis could stop the Fermalos, but she would be in great pain again.

The Fermalos ships fired. Belamis hold up her huge shield of energy and blocked the energy gun - just like she did before.

The energy hit the shield and there was a loud sound. Belamis roared, "Roooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"The energy level from Fermalos energy beam is increasing!!!!" Dolores gasped.

Frustrated, Nick just grunted, "What can we do... what can we do????"

Then Belamis roared, and she turned into her platinum form. In her platinum form, Belamis' energy level and strength increased another twenty fold, and her muscles began flexing.

Then Belamis exerted more and pushed her shield, and her muscles popped up, forcing the energy from the Fermalos ships back, and the energy rushed back, destroying the ships!!!!

"YEAH!!!" Nick and Dolores cheered.

Then Belamis fell and crashed down to a small asteroid, body wriggling in horrid pain - she had the Avici, at the ninth level. Nako ran to her side and cuddled her.

"Belamis!!!" Kugo steered his Star Probe wanted to help.

Then suddenly a huge monster appeared - a winged dragon like monster, and it spitted out balls of energy and hit Belamis, while she was struggling with horrid pain.

Nako growled and leaped at the monster, biting its back. The monster shook and try to get Nako off its back. Nako used her claws and attacked, protecting her mom.

"Stop!!" Kugo yelled, and he began firing Astro Thunder at the monster to protect Belamis.

"Ku..go..." Belamis gasped, as she endured the pain, as well as fighting with the monster.

The Avici would last for twenty minutes, and Belamis would be extremely painful even if she moved a muscle  - but she braved the pain and fought.

The monster let out a strong blast of electromagnetic energy, and Nako growled and she had to let go.

The monster's tail then hit Nako and threw her to the ground.

The monster waved its spiked tail and wrapped around Belamis' body, sinking the sharp horns into Belamis torso, and Belamis roared as she bleed.

Medora and Idina cried, as they saw Belamis hurting.

"Aim at the monster!" Dolores ordered. The guns fired and hit the monster. The monster let Belamis go and headed to Kugo.

"Come to me you brute!!" Kugo shouted, as he steered his craft around and got to the back of the Monster.

Belamis struggling and shaking in pain, and tried hard to stand up, but her Avici pain was intense, and she shook and could not get up.

"Aaaarrrhhh..." She was groaning.

"Belamis!! Let me deal with that monster!"

Kugo charged at the way holding his Astro Lance, firing Trizer beam, cutting through the monster.

Then Nako got up and spitted a huge ball of fire at it.

The monster exploded but the shock wave sent Kugo and his craft crashing to a hill side and Kugo was injured. Nako leaped away just in time.

"Oaaahh..." Kugo groaned, and he struggled up to see Belamis. Nako also run to her.

Belamis was on the ground shaking as the Avici had another 15 minutes before it would ease.

"Belamis!!" Kugo ran to her, and he was in tears.

"Aaarrrhh...aaarrhhh..." Belamis was in great pain and shaking.

"Hahahaha... not so tough with that Avici, are you ?" That was the voice of Katrina.

"Good grief!!" Nick yelled.

Karina was on a craft and she pulled out a large strange shaped gun, and said, "This is the toy I really wanted to use!"

Then Katrina pointed it and shot a beam at Belamis.


It was Belamis painful cry. The beam triggered another Avici seizure on her. The pain multiplied twenty times, and she was bleeding. The beam seemed to even add pain on her.

Kugo cried, "Stop!!!" He pointed his Astro Lance at Katrina. Nako opened her mouth and shot a few fire balls at Katrina's craft, but missed.

Katrina laughed and she drove her craft away.

Kugo could not pursuit as he cared for Belamis.

The girls felt Belamis' pain and they immediately came out in a craft which was piloted by Nick, with Ednan following.

Medora cried, "No!!! No!!" Idina wept, "Mama Belamis!!"

Ednan said, "Have to help the big girl..."

He transformed into his Master of Teardrop of Hope form and rushed to the scene.

Their craft hovered above Belamis who was lying on the ground.

Then Belamis' chest opened, and the Teardrop of Hope crystal came out of her body.

The Master shot out a beam and Belamis absorbed the energy, but she was still in great pain.

"Gosh... her Avici seizure is worse!!" The Master thought, and he kept on pushing energy to Belamis, and Belamis shook in pain.

The two girls ran out the deck and concentrated, and channelled Galaxy Energy to Belamis' Teardrop of Hope crystal.

Soon Belamis pain gradually eased, and she breathed heavily as she got the Galaxy Energy to ease her Avici.

The seizure was intense, and the Master with the girls kept sending Galaxy Energy to Belamis.

Finally the pain on Belamis stopped.

Medora sat on the deck, and Idina was so exhausted that she was unconscious.

Ednan turned back to human form, and he too was exhausted.

"This shit is really bad..." Gasped Ednan.

Belamis got up and approached the girls. Medora slowly stood up and hold Idina in her arms, and she placed Idina into the giant palm of Belamis, who had knelt down.

Belamis was sad to see the girls in such shape, and she shed tears.

Then she noticed something about Ednan.

"No worries...just go and check out the girls..." Replied Ednan.

"It is OK..." Medora gently said.

Belamis looked at Idina, who was so exhausted.

Ednan said, "Big girl... don't worry, the baby will be OK..."

Belamis nodded, and she turned to Kugo.

"No worries..... let's head back to Earth with others..." Kugo said.

Belamis replied, "Earth..."

Ednan said, "Just let the girls rest, and I have to rest too..." He looked years older.

Belamis gently hold Idina in her palm and Idina gradually awoke. Idina loved Belamis and she let out an innocent smile at the giantess before her.

Belamis bowed her head and hold Idina close to her nose, and Idina touched Belamis' nose with her little hands.

"Ma ma Belamis..." Idina chuckled.

Belamis let out a soft purring sound, and she shed tears.

The company returned to Mars base first, and Belamis hold Idina in her palm loving, and she slept. Belamis gently handed her back to Medora.

Kugo looked at the girl, and signed, "I really don't want her to risk herself..and you.." He looked at Medora.

Medora said, "I will be alright after some rest...."

They headed back to Mars.

There Dolores was waiting.

When she saw Belamis and others, she saluted to them.

Belamis approached Dolores, and saluted her in return. The officers and soldiers behind Dolores also saluted Belamis.

"Belamis, I have contacted Galaxy Union Headquarters on Earth, they knew you are innocent. Dr.Kitty presented the evidence, and showed that it is the antimatter gun of Fermalos that hit the Galaxy Union ships when you were trapped in their cross-fire. You can return to Earth as a free person!"

Kugo yelled, "That is good news!!"

Medora, Idina, Nick and Ednan cheered.

Belamis looked at them, and smiled. She knew she could return to Earth.

Kugo leaped up and Belamis hold out her palm and he landed on it.

"We must hurry.... Dr. Kitty is worried about you!!" Kugo said.

Belamis wanted to return to Earth too, so she and the others set out to Earth.

Before she left, Belamis turned to Dolores.

Dolores said, "Thank you ..."

Belamis replied, "Thank..you..."

Dolores looked at Belamis, and said, "You go to Earth first.. I will join you later!"

Kugo said, "Me and Belamis will tell Galaxy Union all about how you helped.... and hope you will be posted near Earth, so that you can see your brother often!"

Dolores said, "Thanks ..."

The company said goodbye and departed Mars.

Soon the company arrived at Earth, back at Dr. Kitty's facilities.

There Dr. Kitty got the news already and waited for them outside.

The spacecraft landed, and Belamis also landed.

Belamis knelt down before Dr. Kitty, and uttered, "Dr....Kit..ty..."

Dr. Kitty approached Belamis, and saw the scars on her. "You are wounded again..."

Kugo and the others came out of the space craft.

"Kugo, take Belamis to the new facility...." Dr. Kitty said.

"Come..." Kugo gently said.

"Belamis, we will settle down ourselves.." Nick said, as he held Medora's hand. Idina stood beside Ednan, and she flew a little kiss to Belamis.

Belamis smiled at the little girl, and hold out her finger at Idina and Idina touched her finger. Then she got up and followed her lover. Idina sat on Nako, and followed Belamis.

Ednan winked, and said, "Take care!" Belamis nodded.

There stood a huge building, with a tall entrance, tall enough for Belamis to enter in her giantess form.

"Dr. Kitty built this for you.... so you can rest here in comfort!" Kugo said with a smile.

Belamis was immensely touched.

"We will find a way to get you back into human form..." Kugo said.

It had a huge interior, with lots of space, not like the other cramped building.

Dr. Kitty followed as she rode a mini-craft, and said, "Come this way with me... I want to check your body thoroughly..."

Belamis nodded, and followed her to a huge room, where there was a huge bed.

Belamis lied down, and Dr. Kitty began checking her with all the instruments.

Dr. Kitty knew Belamis had several more Avici attack on her, and she was worried about Belamis.

As the instruments scanned Belamis, Dr. Kitty watched the data and the images.

Belamis had a slender body, with very firm and strong muscles, and her body had become stronger as Dr. Kitty noted her muscle density grew, and some muscles were larger than before, particular on her chest and shoulders.

The wounds on Belamis body were closed, and most of her bones were healed too.

Then Dr. Kitty ran more tests.

Kugo was watching.

Idina sat on Nako's back and said, "How's Belamis ?"

Kugo replied, "She is strong.. she will be fine..."

But Kugo was sad, it seemed Belamis had to face endless fights and hurts.

Belamis saw Idina, and she smiled at the baby.

The examination took 2 hours, before Belamis stood up.

Dr. Kitty looked at her, and her eyes was caring. Dr. Kitty's felt heart broken to see Belamis like that.

"We have to fix that Avici ..." Dr. Kitty thought.

Idina saw the expression on Dr. Kitty's face, and she saw Belamis' pain when she had the Avici.

"Papa Kugo..." Idina said to Kugo.

"Yes...... we have to find away to help her..."

Ednan was there and listened, and he frowned as he looked at Belamis.

Belamis stayed at Earth for another day, and she sat outside the facility facing the ocean.

Kugo was beside her, and Idina was playing with Nako.

Ednan came, and Belamis turned to him.

"Big girl.. so are you staying here ?"

Belamis shook her head, and she let Idina and Nako climb to her palm, and she placed them on her shoulder.

"We will set out again.." Kugo replied.

They knew this time Katrina had a horrible weapon.

Belamis looked at the setting sun, and said, "Battles ahead..."

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ベラミス Belamis - the fugitve giantess (12)

Chapter 12 Back to Mars - Encounter with Constantine

The company headed to Mars. Belamis was released from the cuffs, and spent time outside.

Everyday, Kugo, Idina, Nako, Medora, Nick and Ednan kept Belamis company.

Dolores sometimes will join. She had become their friends.

Idina sat on Belamis' palm, she was now over 2 years old, and could talk.

"We will find a way to fix this..." She hold up the scepter. Idina wanted Belamis back in human form.

Ednan said, "We will find a way."

Belamis was not so worried about that. Dolores was there and said, "What does that thing do ?"

"It can make mama Belamis huge and small..." Idina said. Medora laughed, and replied, "This scepter has the power to turn Belamis from human form to her giantess form..."

Dolores pondered. She remembered vividly how Belamis looked - the beautiful and brave captain, a born leader and a warrior.

"What happened ?" Dolores asked. Medora told her how Belamis were attacked by combined forces of Galaxy Union and Fermalos and the scepter was damaged.

Ednan said, "That jewel on the scepter is a unique object... and it takes immense energy to fix it..."

Kugo said, "She need that scepter to turn her back to human form."

Dolores saw the sad look on Medora's and Idina's faces, and she said, "I know one day we can find a way for Belamis to become human again."

Belamis nodded, and said, "Thank you."

Ednan remarked, "Our big girl is always in good spirit!"

Belamis smiled and nodded.

"The digitally synthesized image and voices worked, Constantine did not suspect at all. We will be at Mars... just in another 30 hours." Dolores said.

Belamis uttered, "Plan....care..ful..ly..." It was the Belamis in her captain role talking.

The next 30 hours would be crucial, and the encounter with Constantine was important.

"Belamis said, we have to capture Constantine alive...and hand her to the authorities." Medora repeated Belamis' message which Belamis told Medora in telepathy.

Nick and Ednan were present, and Nick said, "I agree, but how? In space we can fool Constantine, but at Mars..."

Belamis looked at Dolores.

"I can impersonate Katrina... the technology is there...." Dolores said.

Belamis shook her head.

"It's too dangerous!" Kugo said.

The company cared about Dolores, and would not want her to plunge into a dangerous situation.

Dolores said, "I know the place inside out... and I can approach Constantine. Belamis, you know I can also use that same method to generate a digital mask so that I can impersonate Katrina!"

Medora said, "But if Constantine finds out..."

Kugo said, "We cannot let you endanger yourself..."

Dolores replied, "I am a soldier... an officer of Galaxy Union... and I have to do what has to be done...".

Dolores then turned to Belamis and said, "Captain Belamis!"

Belamis assumed her captain role. She knew clearly, as a soldier, that Dolores was the person to the mission.

Belamis then used her telepathy and expressed her thoughts, and asked Medora to tell the others.

"Belamis said we have to do it... but it has to be planned carefully." Medora said.

Nick replied, "Whatever, we will fully support you."

Ednan replied, "I will stick around."

Soon, the Interpol ship was near Mars.

Constantine was on the transmission, and she saw Katrina.

"Good work.... we got rid of Dolores, and now captured Belamis. You can have your revenge..." Constantine.

"Yes.... a sweet one!" "Katrina" replied.

The communication ended.

"Phew...." Dolores signed.

She and Nick went to check out Katrina in the cell. There Nako was guarding, and Ednan was there.

"You cannot fool Constantine!" Katrina said.

Dolores and Nick looked at each other.

Ednan said, "Belamis has her plans... and if you try to do anything funny, this big cat can tear you apart!"

Nako growled.

Katrina shook in fear.

"Go....me and Nako is here to look after things!" Ednan said.

At the deck, Nick, Dolores, Kugo and Belamis - the four soldier gathered. Belamis was on the cuffs and chains.

"Katrina and Constantine must have a kind of protocol...." Dolores said, "If Constantine find something suspicious, she will use it...."

Nick remarked, "Yes... this is what we do in the army... just in case our own people is under duress..."

Kugo asked, "So... you mean Dolores can be found out ?"

"So we must not let her go to see Constantine alone..." Nick said.

Belamis remarked, "Nick...."

Nick nodded, "I agree... I should go with her... posing as an Interpol officer on the ship. Kugo and Nako will stay here to back us up, and Ednan look after Medora and Idina."

"After three hours, we will enter the zone at Mars which Constantine can see our activities...we have to hide Katrina." Dolores said.

"OK, we are set..." Nick put on a uniform of the Interpol ship crew.

Dolores was at the machine - a kind of 3D printing and crafting tool. She pressed the button, and out came a digitized mask.

Kugo and Nick immediately go to the cell,and then Kugo used Trizer beam to stun Katrina.

Katrina just fainted, and then Dolores took off her uniform. The two women were of similar size, so Dolores could wear Katrina's costumes.

The two then tied Katrina up and hide her in a compartment, and lock the door.

"Nako, stay here and make sure she cannot get out." Kugo said to the big cougar. Nako meowed and she crouched at the door.

Dolores put on the mask, and also a voice changer.

"How do I look ?" Dolores asked in her disguise.

"Perfect!!!" Kugo said.

"Now we proceed slowly." Nick added.

Kugo stayed. Medora and Idina were on the other spaceship and they fall back to avoid being detected, with Ednan on the ship.

Belamis deliberately made herself dirty and looked miserable.

Dolores commanded, "Adjust course, and prepare docking at Mars base!"

The crew executed the command.

Constantine saw the Interpol ship coming back, and Belamis was tolled behind the ship.

"Now that Gariusu giantess is going to be locked up.. and I can have fun with her..." Constantine laughed.

The ship docked, and a bridge came out and connected to Mars' base.

"This is it..." Nick whispered, with Dolores posing as Katrina beside her.

Dolores nodded, and she spoke in a loud voice, "Put the prisoner in the container cage!"

Then huge robotic arms hold out a huge cage, and Belamis was placed inside.

Belamis tugged the chain with her right hand, indicating to Dolores that she was OK.

Then Nick walked with Dolores to the interior of the Mars base, to meet Constantine.

The huge machines hauled Belamis in a cage to the base.

Nick tried not to look because it would blow his cover.

Medora and Idina was crying as they watched.

"Don't worry... I will be fine.." Belamis told the girls in telepathy.

Kugo hold his fist tight, and thought, "I have to find a way..to make Belamis human again!"

Nick followed Dolores into the base, and thought, "This is really a very strong fortress..."

After what was like eternity, they were at the door of a room.

The door opened and Nick followed Dolores.

There sat Constantine, smiling and holding her tea.

Dolores was posing as Katrina, and she saluted.

"There there.... Katrina.... who is that handsome officer with you ???" Constantine smiled.

"He is Lieutenant Nick, he is assisting me..." Dolores answered, posing as Katrina.

"We have captured Belamis... and as you ordered, 'neutralized Dolores'. We will make it look as though Belamis did it..." Dolores continued, attempting to keep Constantine engaged, and not suspecting.

Belamis was listening in, and thought, "Good work... Dolores..."

They drilled with Dolores for hours, imitating Katrina's demeanor as far as possible.

"I have to act like Katrina.. in her gestures..." Dolores said.

Nick replied, "Don't push yourself too hard!!"

Belamis would not want Dolores to push herself too hard, but Dolores said to Belamis, "Captain... I can do it..."

Belamis uttered, "...easy.."

"I have to bring Constantine and Katrina to justice..." Dolores said.

Belamis nodded.

Constantine said, "Show me that wretched bitch!"

Nick hold his anger.

Dolores turned to Nick, and said, "Bring in the captured fugitve..."

Dolores saluted, and he pulled out the transmitter, and called the base' operations, "Haul the cargo in!"

The base' operations activated cranes and lifted the cage hold Belamis, and placed it onto a rail and then it transported the cage with Belamis and into a fortified prison.

The screen was on, and it showed Belamis in the cell.

Constantine laughed.

"Now, Katrina, your turn to play!"

"Not now madam, we have to handover her to you..." Dolores disguising as Katrina replied.

"Ha...I thought you are eager to torture her!" Constantine smiled.

Nick felt something was wrong.

Belamis was in the cell, and could no longer hear the conversation. Fortunately Kugo and Nick placed a transmitter into her ear, and she could hear Nick talking.

"Madam, I have something to report!" Nick said.

Belamis immediately knew. Nick was supposed to remain silent all the way. If Nick talked, then there were signs of trouble.

Belamis looked around, it was the same cell she broke out. She knew she could get to Constantine.

Dolores was nervous, but she spoke in a arrogant voice, "Hahaha, I will let Belamis worry or wonder just for another while..."

Constantine replied, "Yeah.... your toy is going to have her begging in knees..."

"I wonder what the heck is she talking about!" Nick thought, and he was frustrated.

Meanwhile, back at the Interpol ship, Katrina regained consciousness. She found herself naked.

"Those bastards!!" She thought.

Then she looked and knew Nako was out there guarding.

"That damned cat!" She looked up, and smiled.

Kugo was at the control room, listening to the conversation between Nick and Constantine.

"What are they talking about?"

Then suddenly a loud meow sound!

"Nako!!!" Kugo yelled. He ran to the room holding Katrina.

There Nako was on the ground twitching.

"Gosh!!!" Kugo rushed to look at the big cougar. She appeared to be stunned by some weapon.

"Wwrooowww!" Nako growled, the she purred at Kugo.

"It's OK..." Kugo said. He saw the door opened.

"Damn!! Katrina escaped!!"

Kugo immediately use his hand transmitter and told Medora, and Medora used her telepathy to tell Belamis.

"Gosh... that Katrina escaped!""

Kugo hopped to his Star Probe and ran to chase. There far away was a small craft speeding towards the Mars Galaxy Union base.

"Don't try to escape!!" Kugo yelled.

Nick received the message from Medora, and gasped, "Gosh..." He put his hand on his pistol.

Belamis knew she had to break free. She roared and broke the chains on her.

"What the....???" Constantine gaped.

"Lieutenant!!! This is Katrina!!! The one before you is a fake!!!" It was Katrina on the transmission.

"Let's ROCK!!" Nick pulled his pistol and he pointed at Constantine, who was about to move.

"Don't make a false move!!!" Nick ordered.

Dolores took the mask off and pulled out her gun.

"You ... you ???" Constantine was surprised.

Then a band of Galaxy Union soldiers at the base came out.

"Stop!!" Dolores turned to them. "We have proof that his Constantine is a spy from Fermalos!! Admiral Major Belamis is framed!!"

The soldiers were confused.

Then suddenly there were explosions.

"Red Alert! Red Alert! We are attacked by Fermalos ships!!" The public announcement sounded.

At the Interpol ship and also the ship where Medora and Idina were, they saw numerous Fermalos ships came out from warp flight and began attacking.

"Wooaaahhh!!???" Kugo gasped. He was trapped, not knowing if he should chase Katrina or fight the Fermalos.

Nick shouted, "We have to release Belamis!!! Only she could fight of

"Hahahahah!!! I called the Fermalos fleet to come and finish you off!!" Laughed Katrina.

Meanwhile at the Mars base, the soldiers surrounded Nick and Dolores.

"Capture them!! They are violating military commands, breaking the laws.!!!" Constantine yelled at the soldiers.

The soldiers hesitated, for they knew Dolores well, and also they were caught in a difficult situation - the base was under attack.

"Snap out of it guys!!! We have to defend the base!" Nick shouted.

Dolores said, "Trust me..and Captain Belamis!!"

Belamis roared and she began pushing the gates to her cell.

Dolores pulled out her portable unit and said, "This Constantine used fake identities, and so is Katrina! Katrina admitted that she and Constantine worked for the Fermalos!"

The unit played out the confession by Katrina admitting to be Fermalos agents.

The soldiers pointed their guns to Constantine, and put a cuff on her, arresting her.

"Take her away and lock her up!!" Dolores said. The soldiers saluted.

Dolores breathed a sign of relief, and then she ran to the controls, and keyed in the command.

Immediately the doors to Belamis' cell opened, and Belamis was freed.

Belamis roared and she leaped up.

Kugo saw Belamis coming and yelled, "Yaaaahoooo!!!"

"Ku..go... Let's go!!" Belamis uttered as she charged the Fermalos ships.

"Yes!!" Kugo said.

There were eight Fermalos ships.

"Ku..go..." Belamis looked at her lover.

"Yes... it is going to be a tough battle..."

Mar 9, 2014

ベラミス Belamis - the fugitve giantess (11)

Chapter 11 The plan to return to Mars

Kugo and Dolores contacted Dr. Kitty, and they came up with a plan.

"Belamis, Nick, Medora and Idina will come to join us too..." Kugo said to Belamis.

Belamis nodded. Dolores briefed her the plan. To Dolores, Belamis was "the commander", and this thought was shared by the crew.

Belamis was outside the Interpol ship in her giantess form, and she listened.

"Belamis, when we return to the Galaxy Union base, we have to pretend that you are captured..." Dolores said.

Kugo nodded, "...to find out who the real spy in Galaxy Union is."

Belamis uttered, "Constantine.. the key..."

Dolores said, "She was the one that tortured you when you are locked up, and obviously she can lead us to more of the Fermalos spies..."

Soon enough, Nick, Ednan, Medora and Idina joined them in the ship.

Medora ran to Belamis, and Idina was there.

"Belamis... that Katrina mistreated you!!" Medora was in tears.

"Ma ma Belamis..." Idina sat on Belamis palm, and she was with Medora.

"I..am..OK..." Belamis replied.

Ednan said, "Big tough girl, now you capture the bad bitch..." He smiled.

Belamis smiled in return.

"OK, mate, what's our next move?" Nick asked.

Ednan said, "The big girl has a plan, eh ?"

Belamis nodded.

"We have to contact Constantine...by next hour. Katrina talks to her every day. If it is too late, then Constantine will start to get suspicious." Dolores said.

"OK, now we do as we planned..." Kugo said, as he looked at Belamis.

The cuffs and chains went back on Belamis.

Medora and Idina touched Belamis' palm, and they knew Belamis was only pretending to be captive, but it still made them sad to see her in chains.

Belamis nodded and looked at Dolores. Dolores nodded, "Let's hope it works..."

Ednan added, "You better not look so comfortable."

Belamis nodded, "Take care of them..." As she gazed at the girls.

Kugo and Dolores entered the Interpol ship, and the other company stayed in the space ship.

"Alright, let's first put this module into the transmitting unit.." Dolores said, as Kugo helped to open up the back panel of the communication console.

Kugo took out a module, which Dr. Kitty taught Nick to make from parts, and bring it to them. Kugo took off two wires, and connected the wires to the module, as instructed by Dr. Kitty.

"Yes, the red wire goes in this jack, and the blue one the other..."  Dolores added.

Then quickly Kugo put the back panel back on.

Dolores pressed the button, and keyed in the communication code to contact Constantine.

Then a beep. The communication channel opened and Interpol ship contacted base at Mars, where Constantine was stationed.

Constantine was about to wonder why Katrina did not call when she heard the transmission console made a sound.

"Finally... Katrina called..." Constantine took the call, and said, "What is the status now!!!??? Have you killed Dolores...?"

On the screen was Katrina. "I have Dolores killed...and I will make this look as if Belamis did it..."

"Good job...." Constantine said, "Hahaha. when you come back, and handed Belamis over, the authorities will lock her up in an even more strong fortress..."

"So, you can return as soon as possible, for our boss have another work to do..." Constantine said.


The transmission ended.

At the other end, Dolores and Kugo breathed a sign of relief.

"It worked...." Kugo said.

"Dr. Kitty is a brilliant scientist...." Dolores said, "... and it is a daring move, which Belamis comes up with."

Belamis knew that to get back to Galaxy Union, they have to fool Constantine, so that she would not know that Katrina was captured. Belamis did use this tactic to capture Princess Aurora, but this time she needed to simulate a live image. She knew Dr. Kitty could do it, so she decided tell Dolores her idea, and Dr. Kitty to see if she could make something that can create the voice and images which would fake the voice and image of Katrina, through digital computer simulated pictures. This was done by collecting all available voice samples and images from the Interpol system - the communications between her and Constantine were recorded.

"Luckily.. we have enough sample .. so that the device can generate the image and voice..." Dolores said.

"Belamis worked with Dr. Kitty at her research facilities for a while, so she knows that there may be a way..." Kugo said, "Constantine is really evil... she and Katrina plotted to kill you!" 

"And they will harm Alfred too..." Dolores replied, "Had it not been Belamis' foresight."

"Belamis is a brilliant commander indeed..." Kugo added.

"Now, we have to move full speed ahead!" Dolores said, then she looked out the window and saw Belamis. Belamis gave her a thumbs up. Dolores saluted her - like she did back at the Queen Lacets legion. She remembered the several times Belamis came to the outpost stationed with foreign legion.

Belamis looked at her, and she saluted back - as she did always, being the captain of an army.

"OK...full speed ahead!" Dolores commanded.

The Interpol ship accelerated, and Belamis followed.

Nick called out aloud, "Let's go!!" Medora and Idina cheered. Ednan laughed, "Now our big tough girl rocks!"

The company began their journey back to Galaxy Union.

The next day, Kugo took Dolores to the ship Nick, Medora and Idina were.

"What is it ?" Dolores asked.

Nick sat Dolores down before the screen.

On the screen appeared Alfred.

Dolores could not hold back her tears, and she cried, "Alfred!!"

"Sis.... I am feeling good... here on Earth, they have the doctors to take care of me..."

Alfred's face was beaming. He looked a lot healthier.

Dolores said, "I am glad to see you..."

She and Alfred talked for 20 minutes. Afterwards Dolores went out to see Belamis.

Belamis smiled at her.

"Captain Belamis..." Dolores saluted Belamis again.

Belamis nodded.

"Kugo told me... he said you specifically asked to set this communication up for me....."

"You.. missed..Alfred.." Belamis uttered.

Dolores said, "As before... you are compassionate to your subordinates.... you treated them like your own family..."

Belamis was a trained officer, but her heart was kind despite her stern look.

As a teenager, she followed Conan to Gariusu military base. Conan showed her around, and an officer of a lower rank made a mistake. Conan face became stern.

"Dad... don't .." The young Belamis whispered at her father's ears, just before he began to reprimand the man.

Conan looked into Belamis' sapphire eyes, and said, "So, you have other thoughts ?"

Belamis nodded, and whispered to her father's ear.

Back at home, Conan, Rose and Belamis were at the dinner table.

"Dear, what did you say which happened in the base today ?" Rose asked.

Conan smiled, and looked at Belamis.

"This girl, just taught me a lesson.." Conan smiled. Belamis asked her father to point out the soldier's mistake, but to encourage him to do better.

"Over the years, I forget I was a junior officer before.." Conan said.

Belamis had been like this since she was in the military, and also in Queen Lacets' army. Though the daughter of the highest commander in Gariusu, inside Belamis was the blood of a warrior, and she had the instinctive heart to care for those who fought for her.

Dolores saluted Belamis again. Belamis gently used her finger and touched Dolores' right hand, signally her to put her hand down.

Kugo and Dolores went to check out Katrina, who was locked up, and guarded by Nako.

Nako crouched at the door to the cell, and stared at Katrina - eyes hardly blinked.

Katrina just sat at a corner, and she was angry.

Kugo and Dolores wanted to see if they could extract more intelligence from Katrina.

"I am not going to talk...and if I get out... I will make sure Belamis suffered trillion of times more than she did on the hands of my father and brothers!!!" She yelled.

Kugo yelled, and wanted to hit her, "What are you saying ???!!!" He was deeply traumatized after he saw Belamis horribly tortured body and how she endured the most wretched poison that caused her pains beyond imagination.

"Hahahahaha.... Belamis still got the Avici poison in her... this is like a poison designed for a Gariusu giantess like her..." Katrina smiled.

Dolores was able to remain calm, and said, "You cannot escape. We will hand you over to the Galaxy Union  - eventually. Now you must tell me what other schemes you have.."

"You will not torture me.... you won't, and that bitch Belamis won't...." Katrina smiled.

Kugo and Dolores was speechless. Katrina and her Golinkors used the most gruesome torture on Belamis, but they could not do it to her.

The two went to Belamis.

"I know you won't do it..." Kugo said.

"It is against your principles..." Dolores had a deep understanding of Belamis' character, and they knew each other for a long time.

Belamis gave a thought, and smiled.

Dolores struggled hard not to laugh, and said, "You know.. .when the cat has to go..she has to go... if she could not hold back, I am not going to help you clean up..."

Kugo said, "I just don't know what she ate before.... her shit sure have a strong stink that can last for weeks......"

"Wrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooooaaaaaawwwwww!!" Nako meowed loudly, and waved her big tail.

"AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! No....no...I'll talk ... I'll talk..." Katrina screamed.

Nako the big cougar sat on her and was about to defaecate and urinate on her face.

Ednan, Nick, Medora and Idina were all laughing.

"She might miss and the shit can end up in your mouth..." Dolores said, "...we are not sure how sick you will get.."

"The identity of Constantine ...?"  Nick asked.

"She... she is actually a Colonel from Fermalos....a Galaxy Union's officer of the same name is kidnapped, and Constantine undergo a surgery to change her face, her fingerprints to look exactly like that kidnapped officer..." Katrina talked.

The interrogated Katrina for hours.

"Who is that insider or spy in Galaxy Union that sneaked you and Constantine in ?" Nick asked.

"...I... don't know... I only report to Constantine... I joined Fermalos as soon as I know they will attack the Galaxy ..and I want to avenge ..." Katrina said.

Nick, Kugo and Dolores went out and told Belamis what they heard from Katrina.

"She could be lying..." Nick said.

Belamis pondered, and uttered, "Return to Mars.."

The company agreed.

The Interpol ship, the spaceship accelerated.

"Commander... we detected a distress call!!" A crew told Dolores.

Nick, Kugo and Medoro also detected it at their spaceship.

"It appears that this planet was taken by Fermalos troops, and the people are held captive!" Nick said.

Kugo hesistated, "I want to help, but Belamis..."

Belamis user her telepathy and said to Medora, "We must help them..."

The company stopped at a nearby asteroid.

Dolores came out the deck and met Belamis.

"Are you sure you want to go and help ?" Dolores asked. Belamis nodded.

Kugo was on his Star Probe as he hovered beside Belamis.

"Remember Mandrago...?" Belamis asked.

Kugo nodded. Belamis' heart is with those who are oppressed.

Dolores said, "Be careful". She commanded, "Release our captain!"

The chains and cuffs on Belamis came off.

"Let's go.. Kugo!" Belamis uttered as she leaped up and raced to the planet, with Kugo beside her.

"Wow.... I always enjoyed fighting alongside with you!" Kugo chuckled.

The pair landed at a remote spot, as Belamis was too conspicuous. Nako was in her ordinary sized cougar form and she sat beside Belamis.

"Can you see anything from here ?" Kugo asked.

Belamis nodded.

Then she used her super vision and looked.

There was a strong fortress with a huge gate, and many Femalos soldiers. The people were forced into the fortress to be held.

Outside the fortress was a huge monster.

"Call Dolores, Nick.. Medora.." Belamis uttered.

Soon Nick and Medora joined. Dolores was on radio contact.

Belamis used her telepathy and tell what she saw to Medora, and her plans.

"We have to attack by surprise... and Belamis, she will deal with the monster out there.... while she hold the monster, Kugo and Nick can attack and free the people. Dolores will be at the Interpol ship to back us up."

Belamis nodded.

Nick, Kugo and Belamis approached quitely, and Belamis kept herself down. Nako followed them.

Kugo remembered that scene when he and Belamis was about to attack Mandarago.

Belamis looked at Kugo, and smiled.

"Be careful.." Kugo said.

Then Belamis stood up, and roared.

The Femarlos huge monster was like a giant bear, and it also stood upright.

The Femarlos forces hold up their guns.

Belamis leaped and began wrestling with the huge monster.

The monster was huge and Belamis exerted herself, and she roared.

The soldiers were diverted as they ran to shoot Belamis.

"Wait... then we will strike and get the people to safety..." Nick said.

Kugo nodded.

Nako transformed into her large cougar form, and jumped into the scene, and she stood and growled at the Fermalos soldiers, spitting balls of fire at them.

Belamis struggled, and the huge monster pressed down on her. The weight was crushing, and Belamis was on her knees.

"Belamis..!!" Kugo yelled.

Belamis peeked at Kugo, and nodded.

"GO!!" Nick yelled.

Kugo immediately deployed his clones - hundreds of them and they went hitting all of the Fermalos soldiers.

Nick was with his gun and covered Kugo.

Dolores watched from the Interpol ship, and she saw a huge canon was aiming at Belamis.

"Shoot that gun and disarm it!" Dolores commanded. A small rocket was fired, and destroyed the canon.

Kugo yelled, "We have taken care of all those thugs!!"

Belamis roared and pushed back up, throwing that huge monster to the ground.

The huge monster spit out a ball of fire and hit Belamis.

Belamis roared. Nako used her fireballs and spit them at the monster.

"Let me help!" Kugo came and shot Trizer beam at the huge monster.

Belamis then leaped and grabbed the monster by its left leg and start spinning, and then threw it to a hill side.

Kugo then shot it with Astrolance, destroying it.

"Yes!!" Kugo yelled happily.

"We have to free the people from the fortress..." Nick said.

Without a word, Belamis went to the fortress, and began pushing the huge gate.

"The gate is heavy..." Nick said.

Medora remarked, "Belamis is strong.. she will free the people!!"

Then the huge gate gave away to Belamis' remarkable strength, and it opened.

The scores of people rushed out in utter joy.

Belamis looked at them and were happy that she helped them, Nako rubbed her head at Belamis' legs.

Kugo was also happy.

Dolores watched from the ship and was touched, that was the captain she knew.

"We did the right thing helping them..." Nick said.

Belamis stood, and she smiled.

"We have to hurry ... back to Earth!" Kugo said, as he flew up in his Star Probe.

"Go.." Belamis said, and the pair took off, with Belamis riding Nako.

Nick smiled, "They are really an invincible duo!"

They joined the Interpol ship, and headed back to Galaxy Union.....

Feb 23, 2014

ベラミス Belamis - the fugitve giantess (10)

Chapter 10  The continuous abuse and Nako's revenge

The Interopol battleship was delayed, and was going in circles.

Dolores calculated that it should have taken just 10 days, and it was unusually long as it was already the twelfth day . She knew Katrina was up to something as Katrina kept finding strange reasons to make detours here and there.

Over the days, Katrina found all sorts of ways to make Belamis suffer pain.

"What is she trying to hide ? Why is she trying to stop us from returning to the base in Mars ?" Dolores thought, and she conveyed her thoughts to Belamis by having Nako delivering the device to Belamis.

Belamis thought, "Then we must try to find out...Dolores, no worries, though it hurts, I could withstand it.... find out more!!!" She put her message into the device and had Nako returning to the inside of the ship in her cat form.

Everyday Katrina would come up with schemes to make Belamis painful. Dolores could do little to stop her. Belamis understood.

Belamis endured the pain and Nako was angry - Belamis stopped her from trying to do anything everytime Nako wanted to changed to her cougar form.

Dolores hold Nako in her hand as she sat in her quarters, "Yes...I know you really hated Katrina from doing all those bad things to your mother...". Nako purred.

Then suddenly it was Katrina on the door.

"Hide!" Dolores whispered as she tugged the cat into the closet.

Dolores went to the door.

"Resting again ?" Katrina said.

Dolores came out in full uniform and saluted her. Katrina rolled her eyes, and said, "Follow me..."

They were at the command room.

"You said .. the other day... how long does it take for us to be back at our base ?" Katrina said.

"Another 9 days..... we can speed up and cut it to 5 days..." Dolores replied.

Belamis was listening with her super hearing, "Now what is she trying to pull ?"

While Katrina was in the command room, Nako decided to play a prank. She knew where Katrina's room was.

Nako wriggled herself in the passage ways in the ship and finally emerged from a small opening.

There it was the room, with all the things of a woman... dresses, cosmetics, skin care...and Nako crept in.

"So..... I remember...there's another of those asteroid regions... you know...rocks and debris flying everywhere..." Katrina smiled.

"Madam... negative... this ship is already damaged the other day when you ordered us to drag Belamis in to that energy storm area..." Dolores protested.

"Just as I guessed..." Belamis thought. There were still fresh wounds on her from that episode.

"That's my order!!!" Katrina shouted at Dolores.

Dolores kept a cool face and saluted.

Dolores turned and got to a seat.

"Adjusting course.... 20 degrees side, then 40 degrees up..." Dolores spoke - and she made sure Belamis could hear it.

Belamis nodded, and looked.

"I am not a sitting duck.." Belamis thought.

The ship went into the asteroid area.

"This Katrina is out of her mind.... no ship will go there...she is endangering the crew and the ship... any asteroid there can destroy the ship!!!" Belamis thought, and she decided to do something.

The Interpol ship pulled and the chains on Belamis tightened.

"Belamis is resisting!!!" The crew yelled, but secretly hiding their excitement. All of them were loyal to Belamis.

Belamis roared as she exerted herself, and pulled back.

"That wretched bitch!" Katrina yelled, and ordered, "Shoot her!!"

"No!!! We might hit our own engines!!" Dolores stopped her.

"We have to stop..... we are in full thrust.... and the engine is going to overload!!" A crew yelled.

"Who cares!!" Katrina yelled.

"The engine will blow up and we will be stuck here... for your information.." Dolores replied calmly.

Katrina face twitched... and she yelled, "Stop the engine..."

The ship halted.

Katrina stormed out to the deck, and stared at Belamis.

She knew full well Belamis could have broken away and escaped.

Katrina pulled out her control again, "I am not going to let you..."

Before she even pressed the button to torture Belamis, Belamis grabbed her and hold her in her hand.

"No...no..." Katrina dropped her control and was frightened.

Belamis stared at her, and then put her down.

Katrina was shaking.... she know Belamis had the ability to kill her.

Belamis would not do it to a person in her giantess form, nor would she kill a person just like that.

Katrina scrambled back and entered her quarters...

She took a bath to relax herself...

"Damn...that Belamis!!"

Katrina sat on her dressing table, and began to use her facial cream...


There was a loud high pitched scream, and almost the whole ship heard that.

Dolores ran to Katrina's quarters.

There Katrina was frantic...

"What is it ?" Dolores asked.

"Who peed into my cream???!!!!" Her face was with cream but there's a smell....

After she helped Katrina to clean up, Dolores was back at her quarters.

She closed the door, and then out came Nako.

"You did it ???" Dolores asked, trying hard not to laugh.


Nako urinated into Katrina's jar of face cream.....

Belamis laughed in her giantess form as she heard that message from the device Nako was carrying.

Katrina was furious as she heard Belamis laughed.

Nako hid inside the ship and threw pranks around at Katrina when she could, like eating Katrina's breakfast or put her excretions at places like Katrina's bed!!

Dolores knew Nako was doing this to Katrina for her treatment to Belamis, and she giggled.

"Good girl..", Dolores patted Nako and fed her goodies.

Katrina called back to Constantine.

"That bitch.... we must not let her come back to the base now...to many things are at stake..." Constantine said.

Belamis overheard their conversation and so did Dolores.

"We have to take action..but how not to be discovered by Constantine ???" Dolores thought.

She encoded her message to the device and sent Nako out again to Belamis.

Belamis got the message and she hold Nako in her palm.

"Apparently, Constantine and Katrina are hiding something...and they don't want me back at the Galaxy Union base.." Belamis thought, "..then I must get back soon....."

Then a soft voice entered Belamis' ears - she was using her super hearing.

"Psssssttt....if you can hear me, just wave you right hand slightly.."

"Kugo?" Belamis recognized his voice, and she waved her right hand slightly.

"I am far away behind the Interpol ship...." Kugo whispered, as he was on his Star Probe.

Belamis kept her face cool, and listened.

"I will sneak to join you... have some news.... Constantine is suspicious..."

Belamis then saw the door of the deck opened - Katrina emerged.

Katrina was hold Dolores at gun point.

"Belamis, now stop pulling any funny thing, or she will be shot..." Katrina said.

Belamis  growled, and she secretly let Nako out her palm so that she slipped away at a corner behind Belamis.

"Belamis, you killed my father and brothers....." Katrina said.

"She... she is a Golinkor ??" Belamis thought.

"I joined forces with the Fermalos..." Katrina replied.

"Now that explained everything.." Dolores replied.

"Yes..... Constantine is a Fermalos agent...." Katrina said.

Belamis thought, "Why is she revealing to me all this ?"

"Belamis, you must be wondering why I am telling you all this..." Katrina said.

"I have to kill Dolores, and also destroy this ship....then frame you...." Katrina said.

Dolores said, "Belamis, get away! "

"Don't forget... you still have a brother..." Katrina grinned.

Belamis growled, and kept Katrina engaged.

Then suddenly Belamis whistled.

Nako transformed  to her cougar form and jumped on to Katrina, pinning her down.

Katrina dropped her gun. Dolores was freed and she grabbed the gun and point at Katrina.

Belamis nodded.

"Crew....release Captain Belamis..." Dolores used the intercom and ordered.

The cuffs and chains on Belamis dropped.

Nako growled at Katrina and her claws pointed at Katrina.

Katrina eyes burnt with anger.

"Belamis!!" It was Kugo on his Star Probe.

Belamis thought, "Just at the right time..."

Kugo jumped onto the deck and pulled out his Astrolance, and said, "Now you are not so strong, eh ?"

Belamis uttered, "Kugo.... "

Dolores said, "Kugo, we must lock her up first!!"

There in the Interpol ship, Katrina was locked up in a cell.

Prior to locking her up, Dolores had her searched thoroughly - just in case she had any device that allowed her to contact Constantine.

Katrina said, "Don't think you can get away with this....."

Kugo replied, "We know you framed Belamis... we will find out! Nako, stay here and keep a close eye on her!!!"

Nako growled at stared at Katrina. Katrina was frighted by the big cougar.

"Dolores..thanks... for trying to protect Belamis..." Kugo extended his hand to Dolores.

Dolores shook his hand, and replied, "I can  only do so much."

"Let's go out and discuss with Belamis..." Kugo said.

The three discussed, with Belamis using hand gestures. Dolores could understand Belamis as they developed a kind of trust and understanding between women.

Kugo said, "So... Katrina is a Golinkor.. she works for Fermalos, Constantine works for Fermalos... but how can the two sneak into the Galaxy Union ?"

Dolores said, "There is at least one more spy in Galaxy Union that helped them...."

Belamis uttered, "...find out..."

Kugo nodded, "We must hurry..."

Dolores then bit her lips.

Belamis knew immediately that Dolores was worried. If Constantine found  out that Katrina was missing, Constantine might harm Alfred her brother.

"Dolores, don't worry.... we have found your brother, and took him  to Earth, at a hospital where he will be treated!!" Kugo said.

"Really ???" Dolores was thrilled.

Belamis smiled.

"Belamis told us to get to Alfred first and move him to safety.." Kugo looked at Belamis and replied.

"Belamis...  how..can I thank you for all this..." Dolores said.

Belamis nodded and smiled, "Not a problem..."

Dolores said, "Now... we must find a way to get back... without blowing our cover and Constantine finding out we captured Katrina..."

Kugo scratched his head, and said, "Well... how then ?"

Belamis frowned, and uttered, "Ask...Dr. Kitty..."

Kugo said, "Yeah!!!"

Kugo contacted Dr. Kitty, and then they came up with a plan.