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ベラミス Belamis - the new wars of the great beings (8)

Chapter 8 - The tightly contested duel and the attacks

Princess Magenatte yelled, "Now we will do hand combat..."

Kugo watched, "Belamis won the first round.... though it looks like a tie..."

Idina and Nako were thrilled. The big cat meowed.

Magenatte leaped up and she let go of her huge saber. Then her armour was disengaged, and her helmet was off.

The Princess landed and she was in a tight suit for hand combat, with long boots.

Belamis nodded - she used her mind to control and her cyborg suit, her helmet was gone - Belamis was wearing a small skirt, a bra, and nothing else - that was Belamis outfit when she was with Medora restoring the Galaxy Energy.

Magenatte  immediately saw all the scars on Belamis' body and in particular those on her shoulders - left behind when her arms were severed by tortures. She also noticed Belamis had a strong body with well-toned muscles, and Magenatte was taking Belamis seriously, for she realized Belamis was holding back in the previous round.

Belamis noticed Magenatte's stare. "Let's get on with the duel."

Kugo's heart ached as he saw the scars.

Magenatte immediately invoked her high speed move. Belamis stood still and stayed very alert. Belamis was a fighter who excelled in her speed, and so she was also very alert of her opponent.

Kugo said, "Belamis can out run her..."

Yet Belamis stood still.

Magenatte was suddenly in front of Belamis and then she attacked Belamis with both hands dealing fist and blows, but Belamis moved with her high speed move and Magenatte´s attacks missed Belamis entirely. That pissed off Magenatte  much, and she yelled, "How dare you!!!!"

Belamis then pose in her combat stature, and hold up her hands, "Come..." as she said with a light smile on her face.

Magenatte then began exchanging jabs, handchops and even tried to grab Belamis' hand, and Belamis just blocked them and none hit her.

"Old master... " Belamis remembered her sword master Nia again.

"Your mind be tranquil and clear... then you will be able to deflect your attacker's blows effortlessly..." He told Belamis.

As the thought appeared in her mind, Belamis was deflecting Magenatte's attack, and her face was calm and she was smiling at Magenatte.

Magenatte's frustration grew and her eyebrows raised.

"Good... Belamis is calm and even enjoying herself!!!" Kugo nodded.

Nako and Idina was watching eagerly - and they were amazed beyond words or meows.

Then suddenly, Magenatte used her speed move and was right behind Belamis and then Magenatte's caught Belamis' right arm.

Belamis thought, "Damn.... what am I thinking...?"

Kugo, "What happened???? That is not the Belamis I know!! She is distracted!!"

Belamis was indeed distracted, or she would not have allowed Magenatte to grab her right arm.

In a split second, Magenatte locked Belamis' right arm to her back.

Belamis could feel her right shoulder joint being forced to a painful position, and she tried to break free.

Then Magenatte put her other arm round Belamis' neck.

"Aarrrrhhhh" Belamis groaned.

"Her arms are very strong too..." Belamis thought, as she used her left hand to hold Magenatte's arm back from her neck.

Magenatte  saw Belamis strong and slender body, "She is a strong woman .... but I am going to beat her!!"

Belamis began exerting her muscles at her chest and arms, trying to break the lock.
Magenatte increased the pressure on Belamis' right arm, "You will have to dislocate your shoulder if you have to break free - you are on your right arm's weak position and you cannot exert strength that way..."

Belamis said, "Watch this...." Belamis pulled her right arm against Magenatte's right arm, and as Belamis pulled, her muscles exerted, and veins popped up on her pectorals and arm.

Magenatte was astonished, "What the..." She pulled harder and her left arm she tried to lock Belamis neck.

"That's a deadlock!!" Kugo said, "..Belamis is breaking free..."

Then Belamis felt her right shoulder joint was in great pain - Magenatte  was very strong too.

Then Idina screamed.

Belamis dislocate her own right shoulder deliberately, and then before Magenatte could react, she pulled herself free from Magenatte's lock on her neck, and then a lower kick to divert Magenatte.

Belamis stood up with a stern face, and Magenatte said, "you have already injured your shoulder.."

Belamis hit her right shoulder with her left hand with a strong strike to put her dislocated right shoulder back on.

Magenatte thought, "She's tough..." Magenatte then put up a ready stance, "How about martial arts after wrestling ?"

Belamis nodded, and she also hold up her hands.

Then they exchanged strikes in lightning speed.

Belamis was an all-round athlete when she was back in her home planet Gariusu - the fighting technique Belamis learned was the quick and direct style, unlike men's emphasis on strength.

Magenatte was keeping up with Belamis and the two female warrior were almost the same level in their skills and speed.

"She is a cyborg too...." Belamis realized, " me she gave up her womanhood to defend her home planet...."

Belamis had this thought at the back of her head when she had the first round with Magenatte - the emotions stirred in Belamis heart as it was a painful time for her, and that was why she held back and then distracted.

"That's why I hesitated to fight her with all my effort..." Belamis thought and her moves was affected, as the hand.

Then as that thought crossed Belamis' mind Magenatte's hands were at Belamis' chest trying to grab her breasts.

Belamis immediately stepped back - her top was ripped off, leaving her upper body naked, and there were scratches on Belamis' breasts - Magenatte  fingernails clawed her slightly - had Belamis been a fraction of a second slower, the nails would have cut very deep lacerations on her breasts.

Belamis'  eyes narrowed.

"Oh oh..." Kugo murmured.

"What ?" Idina said.

"Now Belamis is really mad..." Kugo said as he knew this look before.

"You mean pissed off ?" Idina asked.

"What ?" Kugo said.

The rest of the cyborg family watched eagerly.

"Mama Belamis!!!! Fight her!!!" Idina screamed.

Belamis said, "Now it is my turn....."

Magenatte  "What ?" Before even Magenatte  could respond Belamis was suddenly inches in front of her, and Belamis tapped Magenatte's nose and said, "Bull's eyes..."

Magenatte  was alarmed to realize that Belamis could be so fast.

"Now let's not invoke our high speed moves..." Belamis said.

Magenatte  bit her lips, for she knew now Belamis was so much quicker.

"OK..." Magenatte  said and she ran and leaped up, trying to deliver a kick to Belamis.

Belamis ready and then used her left hand to grab Magenatte's foot and threw her aside.

Magenatte  landed and she stood and delivered series of kicks, which Belamis blocked effortlessly.

The home crowd was cheering for their Princess drowning out Kugo, Idina and Nako - they saw that this warrior was going to beat their Princess.

"Princess!!! Princess!!!"

Belamis saw in Magenatte's eyes the stubbornness and determination, "She... like me before, gave up her womanhood for her people...."

Just as that thought came up then Belamis was distracted and Magenatte's hand hit Belamis' shoulder which she just dislocated.

"Arrhhh" Belamis groaned.

"What is the matter with you !!!???" Kugo shouted.

Belamis snapped out of her thought and realized how that deep emotion of loosing the womanhood affected HER more than Magenatte.

Belamis immediately stopped thinking and began focusing.


Her master Nia taught a lot about how to shake off distracting thoughts and feelings.

"Belamis, you are able to keep you mind clear and still like a still lake..... the disturbances are never from outside but from within...." Nia said calmly as he walked around Belamis who was sitting.

"Close your eyes...."


Then Belamis closed her eyes as she fought Magenatte.

Magenatte  was startled.

"Belamis, let your body relax and be flexible, and flow like water..."

Magenatte  striked but Belamis bent backwards and evaded the attack.

Then Belamis was totally focused, eyes closed, and as though she was in a trance, she moved around like flowing water, and Magenatte  was not able to even hit the ends of Belamis' hair.

"Wow..." Kugo was surprised.

Idina clapped and giggled, and Nako meowed in excitement.

Magenatte  yelled, "I must grab you!!" She threw herself to try and grab Belamis with all her limbs.

Belamis, still with her eyes shut, suddenly did a backward leap with a back somersault and Magenatte  missed her totally, falling onto the ground in a very very clumsy way, and Belamis landed and then knelt down, placing a handchop posture on the back of Magenatte's neck and stopped.

Magenatte was on the ground face down and she felt Belamis' hand on her neck - if Belamis really struck she would have a broken neck.

It was crystal clear who was the winner in this round.

Belamis opened her eyes, and stood back.

Magenatte  said in a low but angry voice, "Now ... in the giantess form...."

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ベラミス Belamis - the new wars of the great beings (7)

Chapter 7 Nako's boyfriend and Belamis´ preparation of the duel

Belamis, Kugo, Idina and Nako started to settle down at the planet for the giant beings.

Zeus, the huge cougar of the Princess really had a crush on Nako.

Idina was amused whenever the huge brown cougar showed up, with Captain Sheldon taking the big cat.

Belamis smiled as she watched the two big cats playing.

Belamis could only enjoy such relief for a while. She got more anxious as she checked the messages on Princess Gariusu just the other night, and she did not tell Kugo or others.

Fermalos forces were still at large, and the news from the Galaxy though not urgent, made Belamis worry.

Although the Galaxy Union and their allied forces were holding the Fermalos back, they had new intelligence that the Fermalos forces would have more reinforcement.

"I have to be back ...." Belamis was worried about her friends Nick, Medora and of course Dr. Kitty.

Sheldon noticed Belamis' silence.

"Esteemed Captain Belamis, may I ask a minute from you ?" Sheldon asked.

The sudden courtesy from Sheldon surprised Belamis, "Must be important.." Belamis thought.

She looked at Nako and Idina as well as Zeus, and believed she could leave for a while.

"Kugo!!!! I have something to speak to Captain Sheldon, can you watch over the girl and the cats ?"

"YEAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"   Kugo shouted ... with mouthful of food.

Belamis nodded and she followed Captain Sheldon.

Sheldon took Belamis to walk down another small trail and then pass through a patch of woodland and at a meadow.

There were a lot of flowers on the meadow, and Belamis remembered her home.

Sheldon picked a few flowers and gave to Belamis.


"Captain Belamis. The Princess does not know I am talking to you..."

Belamis thought, " the real deal..."

"After the duel ... I hope neither of you will be injured too seriously." Sheldon looked at Belamis.

"The enemy threatening your systems is also our enemy. Her Highness is unwilling to ask for any help or join any allies......just yet..."

Sheldon then looked to the skies, ".. but we will have little chance of winning without joining an ally like Galaxy Union, and especially I heard so much about you."

"You are going to explain more ?"

Sheldon nodded, "We are only beginning to acquire technologies, but we lack the capability to make our own weapons and warships. Neither do we have the scale of military might.... our fighters just transform to giants and fight. It worked in the past, but I am afraid for this war it can end our civilization here... which the Princess struggled to build.. after our previous King and Queen's work."

Belamis listened.

"It took Her Royal Highness' parents their whole lives to build up this planet after so many years of war. Our honored King and Queen labored for decades to take advantage of this long lasting peace to give our people a home to live.... and Her Royal Highness swore to carry the beacon of her parents...".

"Her Royal Highness knows our ways of fighting is outdated. We need to build and organize a modern army, with organization, lines of command, professional leadership.... modernised combat skills, piloting skills..." Sheldon said, "..because Fermalos and your previous enemy Golinkors are formidable."

Belamis' eyes narrowed. She remembered too well her fight with the Golinkors, and how brutal they were.

Sheldon continued, “We needed more than an alliance against Fermalos…”

Sheldon said, “After the duel… please help us to set up our armed forces.”

Belamis listened, and did not answer.

“We will discuss that later… after the duel.” Belamis replied.

Then a little stir behind the trees.

Belamis knew, and she turned to Sheldon, “I will head back now.. have to prepare for the duel.”

Sheldon nodded.

Belamis turned and saw a big grey tail sticking out of the bush as it ran way – it was Nako the cougar. Idina and Nako sneaked behind and listened. Belamis smiled.

Back at the mansion, Kugo was already out. He did not like staying indoors.

Belamis saw Nako and Idina at the door. The big cougar Zeus left with Sheldon. Nako purred. Belamis patted her and said, “I thought I told you to baby sit Idina…”
“I made Nako to go follow you!” Idina said.

Kugo asked, “So what did Sheldon said.”

“A lot… and it is difficult..” Belamis signed.

Belamis was the appointed ambassador, but she had no authority to grant any aid .. let alone helping the Uquotians to build up the army forces. Yet Belamis knew full well that was inevitable, if the Uquotians were to became the ally of Galaxy Union fought alongside against Fermalos.

Belamis shared her thoughts with Kugo over breakfast.

“Wow… that is a head scratcher….” Kugo said.

“A lot of political maneuver…” Belamis was no stranger to that. She had herself in the dangerous situation when she was the Chief Captain at Lacets Legion and Guyma Legion – the power struggle between the Queen and the King nearly killed her, and even the Queen plotted against her.

The Uquotians were suspicious of her on day one, and Princess Magenetta was quite paranoid. Belamis could put her into the Princess' shoes.

“I checked some history, though what exactly happened was sketchy, the Uquotians had a bad experiences working with people from other star systems.” Belamis said, remembering her own Gariusu Giant race, and Belamis wanted to find out more.

Kugo said, “Then what shall we do ?”

“It is my duty to at least tell my superior, General Anderella.” Belamis said.

She was back on Princess Gariusu, and sent a message back to make an appointment with the General.

A message came back, “The matter must be discussed with Galaxy Union’s Chief of Staff and the Strategic Committee. Meeting time in 36 hours teleconference.”

Belamis signed, “Now I have less time to prepare for the duel…  this is really hard work.”

Kugo looked and asked, “Why ?” “A lot of reporting…”.  Belamis shook her head.

“I will make the meal..” Kuog said gently, and kissed her.

Kugo turned and took Idina with him. “Is mama Belamis busy?”

“Yup.. a lot of hardwork, let’s prepare dinner and now you can play with me.”

Nako meowed. “Nako, come… don’t disturb mama…”

Kugo had took on the role of parenting during the time when Belamis was away, so he and Idina had a special bond.

“Tell me again the stories of mama Belamis ?” Idina asked.

 Kugo had been taking care of Idina at Belamis' absence, with the help of Medora.

He just learned the hard way to become "papa" to Idina.

"You sure you are not going to be bored ?" Kugo hold her up and asked.

"Nope!!!" Idina smiled.

Kugo took Idina out and played with her.

Belamis glanced back and felt very warm - Kugo had been very sensitive about her - it was something Kugo learned - Belamis was not exactly an easy going person - she was stubborn, and sometimes stern - Kugo embraced all that and loved her.

"I have to finish all this and be with them..." Belamis thought.

Kugo held Idina's hand and walked out. For over a year Kugo took care of the little girl and now Idina could walk.

"Papa Kugo... "

"Yeah ? Oh! The story... well. You remember ? We the three cyborgs escorted the beautiful princess, Princess Arora and we were trapped on a planet.. the ship had to stop to wait for the storm to calm down..."

"Yes!! You said mama Belamis was in her cool looking jet!!" Idina replied in excitement. She never grew tired of hearing how Kugo met Belamis.

"Yep!!! Mama Belamis is the best pilot I have ever seen!!! Probably the best in the cosmos!" Kugo said.

"I first thought she was a guy... we had a quarrel... and a fight!!  In the middle of it, her helmet flew off, and I saw a very beautiful face.... I mean too handsome for guy!!!" Kugo said.

Kugo still felt the strange attraction in him, and everything was like yesterday.

Belamis quickly finished off her administrative work with Galaxy Union and came out quietly.

She saw Kugo and Idina and decided to listen.

"He remembered all that...." Belamis was startled as Kugo could recall so many things about their encounter.

"I know mama Belamis is a good person ... I can just see it in her eyes...." Kugo said.

Belamis remembered that encounter. Just a twist of fate, she was on the opposite side of Kugo.

Belamis thought to herself, "I was so obsessed about my desire and ambition to build a new world..."

Kugo continued, "But I got to know more and more about her... she is stubborn, but with the upright integrity of a warrior... a tough survivor, a clever commander... "

Idina asked,  "So what do you love about mama Belamis ?"

Kugo signed, "She is cool.... brave... smart and beautiful... and a strong woman... with that mysterious side of her that makes me curious..."

Belamis felt warm as Kugo was talking with a voice full of sweet thoughts.

"a..hem..." Belamis cleared her throat and said, "Well..."

Idina ran to Belamis, and Belamis gently picked her up and hold her - to Belamis Idina and Kugo was everything to her. Belamis kissed Idina, and said softly, "So papa Kugo told you a lot..."

Idina nodded.

"Let's just walk around..."  Belamis was in a mood just to spend time  with Idina and she was not bothered at all by the duel.

Kugo asked, "So you are confident you will beat the Princess ?"

"I am not going to be bothered by that..." Belamis smiled as she gently hold Idina.

They three walked around.

"I don't even care if I win or loose..." Belamis said and she gazed at Idina, "..because you and Kugo matters..." Idina hugged Belamis' neck, "Yeah!! But I know you will win..."

"Why ?" Belamis smiled.

"You are just great, mama Belamis!" Idina replied.

Belamis turned to Kugo.

"Well, I have fought you a few times..." Kugo remembered his duel with Belamis.

Even if Belamis had not awaken her powers as the Gariusu Giantess, Kugo doubted if he could beat Belamis.

"What ?" Belamis asked.

"No ... nothing..." Kugo smiled. He was not a bit intimidated by the fact that Belamis was now more powerful than him.

It was Belamis soft and fragility that Kugo found most fascinating, and something that also made him hurt - he loved Belamis, and the more he saw her strength, the more he could see her deep soft spots.

Belamis stood up and placed Idina on the ground.

"It will be another 7 days..." Belamis said.

"Well, what are you going to do for these  7 days ?" Kugo asked.

Belamis gazed at Idina, and said, "I think I will try to learn more about this planet, the history and get more information... why the Princess is mistrusting us."

Kugo said, "That woman is surely friendly on day one... but how ?"

"Hmmm.... maybe I ask Sheldon..." Belamis replied.

"Huh ?"

"I think we are on talking terms..." Belamis smiled.

The next day.

"Library ?" Sheldon replied.

"Yes... Can I access your library of records..." Belamis repeated.

"For what ?" Sheldon was baffled, and Kugo looked on with Idina.

"Is it too much trouble ?" Belamis replied.

"I am the Ambassador representing Galaxy Union, and if I am to forge a ally with your planet, I must know about your history, culture and traditions." Belamis said.

Sheldon nodded, "I can arrange that...."

Zeus the big cougar was with Sheldon, and he gazed at Nako.

Nako as usual pretended she did not notice Zeus.

Belamis placed Idina on the back of Nako, and Idina laughed, "Nako, your boyfriend is waiting.."

Nako purred and looked.

"Well, while I am in the library.... Kugo.. you want to stick around with Idina or..."

"It's OK, I can take care of the cats and Idina." Sheldon said.


The cyborg couple entered.

"Gee....... holy cow!!" Kugo gasped at the huge facility - rolls and rolls of shelves....

Belamis approached it and looked, "They also invented writing like in Gariusu, and I suppose the same on Earth ?"

Kugo, "erh.. yes..."

The librarian bowed and said, "Madam, please come with me to the reading room..."

"Gosh... books give me the headaches..." Kugo said.

"Kugo.... if you feel bored..."

" I never been to a library..." Kugo said, "I want to hang around with you.."

Belamis felt warm as she heard the words.

Belamis browsed the archives, and Kugo peered over her shoulders, his hands holding her waist.

"Not on my waist.. it tickles.. on my shoulders..." Belamis softly replied.

Kugo kissed her ears.

After three hours the couple left.

Sheldon came with Nako and Idina, and Zeus the big cougar was there too, he licked Nako's ear.

Nako purred.

"Thanks for taking care of them.." Belamis nodded at Sheldon.

"Then see you at the duel with Her Royal Highness."Sheldon saluted, and she took the leash of Zeus and left.

Belamis saluted back.

"So... the duel ?" Kugo asked.

Belamis frowned....

The days past quickly, soon it was the duel.

Belamis was up early, and she noticed Kugo was already up and made breakfast.

She searched for Idina and she was up too.

Belamis looked at the breakfast and Kugo with Idina.

"What ?" Kugo smiled.

"Thanks.." She kissed Kugo, and Idina hugged  her.

After the breakfast, Belamis got into her cyborg suit, and checked her sword - she pulled it out of the and looked.

Idina held in her Belamis' cape. Kugo took and gently put it on Belamis.

"I still remember that - when you covered by face with this..." Kugo said.

That was their first encounter. It was like yesterday to both.

"Nako ?" Belamis called, and the grey cougar came.

"We are all set..." Belamis said.

They came out the mansion, and the Princess' people were waiting, and Captain Sheldon was there.

"Admiral Belamis, we will take you to the place of the duel."

 Sheldon led the family to a big vehicle, and they entered.

"I will pilot this." Sheldon said, as she sat on the driver's seat and started the engine.

Nako meowed, and Idina asked, "How long will we be there?"

"Just under 10 minutes..." Sheldon replied.

Belamis was in her full cyborg outfit and she hold her helmet in her arms. Kugo was also in his cyborg form, holding his helmet.

The vehicle went airborne, and flew at top speed.

Sheldon said, "When we are there, you will have 20 minutes' rest and preparation, and you will be briefed the duel format...." she paused, ".. one part will involve Her Royal Highness in her giantess form fighting you..." She remembered that Belamis could not change to giantess form voluntarily.

Belamis listened very calmly. Idina walked to Belamis and took out the scepter from the Great Planet - the one from the Old Queen.

Belamis was in deep thought.

"Mama Belamis ?"

Belamis immediately realized Idina was in front of her, and she gently stroked Idina's face.

Idina looked at Belamis, and said, "Mama Belamis.... you don't want it ?"

Belamis looked at Idina, and said, "Everything will be alright.." She gently hugged Idina.

Kugo was confident that Belamis could handle that, and  he gently hold Belamis hand. Yet Kugo was still a bit uneasy. "How can she fight if the Princess was in giantess form and she isn't?"

The vehicle soon arrived at the duel venue - a huge arena.

"Gosh.... this is a spectator event!" Kugo looked out the window and saw hundreds of thousands of Uquotians cheering.

"The Princess is loved by the people, and they all come to watch..." Sheldon said.

Idina and Nako all looked out.

Belamis just gazed forward, and then she closed her eyes.

The vehicle landed, and the cabin door opened.

Belamis opened her eyes, took her helmet and stood up. "Let's go."

The family exited the vehicle, and Uquotian soldiers were there standing in two lines, and they saluted Sheldon.

Sheldon led the way and the family followed. The soldiers saw Nako and was alarmed.

"Don't move, this cougar is not hostile." Sheldon ordered the soldier. They all stood in attention.

At the end of the path was Zeus the big cougar, and he was thrilled to see Nako, and he waved his tail.

The Princess emerged, and she was in her fighting attire - all purple armor, and she had a huge curved saber in a scabbard.

The family stood before the Princess. Sheldon approached the Princess and bowed, "Your Royal Highness, Admiral Belamis and her family is here."

Princess Margenetta nodded, and said, "The rules are simple. We fight inside this arena, who ever dropped her weapon first, or got pinned down, or got knocked out, or fell outside the arena, she loose. The fighting mode is free, by our weapons, or if we both dropped our weapons, bare handed combat, in human form or giantess form... anyway goes, by wit and except cheating."

Belamis replied, "Fine with me."

The Princess then looked at Belamis' outfit, and said, "Is that the Gariusu star on your chest and the back of your cape?"

Belamis was startled, and remained calm, "Yes.... I am the captain of our space fighter squadron, the star is the emblem, and I have never been more proud of being a warrior for my planet and my comrades in the squadron."

This was another memory which Belamis tried no to remember. When Belamis was rescued by Dr. Kitty in space, her cyborg suit was badly damaged.

When Belamis decided to fight again for the Galaxy, she asked Dr. Kitty to make a new set of cyborg outfit for her, but in the same design as the one she wore before - she wanted to have that blue star emblem - it was her way to honor her troops.

After Belamis became a cyborg, and was promoted, her home planet's army assigned her to head the elite squadron of space fighters. The members were all elite pilots, but Belamis was the best - her skills in piloting was clearly demonstrated with her series of fights destroying the invading monsters.

Yet, the weakening Galaxy Energy was generating more monsters than they could fight - in one battle, she lost all of her comrades - many she tried to save, but instead they refused.

That broke Belamis' heart - and she stood before her father.

"Father, I have to quit..." Belamis said.

"What ?"

"The deaths of my troop.... I have to take responsibility."

General Conan stood up, and said, "No."

"This is war, this is a battle. You have to expect to loose your comrades ..." Her father said calmly.

He turned and took the cape, which Belamis took off.

"Do you know what this cape stands for ?"

Belamis shook her head.

"It is the brave heart of Gariusu soldiers, and the love for the comrades - you do not walk away even if they are dead." General Conan said.

"They would have died for nothing if you did that."

Belamis since then took her cyborg suit as her own identity.

The Princess nodded, "We will meet at the arena after 10 minutes.Which side do you want to choose ?"

There were two sides, the blue and the red.

"Blue...." Belamis said.

"See you then.." The Princess turned. Zeus still stared at Nako.

"Come boy.... you will meet your girlfriend later..." The Princess tugged the leash of Zeus.

Nako meowed. She obviously liked the big cat.

Belamis patted her, and Idina was sitting on the back of Nako.

Kugo said, "So where should we go...."

Sheldon said, "There are special seats for you...."

Belamis said, "I will be fine...see you after the duel..."

Idnia exclaimed, "But... mama Belamis... " She knew without the scepter Belamis could not transform to her giantess form.

"Just go, Idina.." Belamis said.

Idina reluctantly nodded. Kugo picked her up and hold her, and he said, "Fight well!" as he hold up a V-sign.

Belamis smiled and remembered how she shunned him.

Belamis turned, and some Uquotian people came, "Come this way, Admiral Belamis."

Belamis followed them, and she walked into a long corridor, leading to the other side of the arena.

And just about 200 steps she emerged to the other side, and the crowds were wild.

"Princess !! Princess !! Princess !!" They cheered.

Belamis came out, and holding her helmet.

The crowd saw here and they jeered and booed.

Kugo, Idina and Nako settled down and heard the jeering.

Idina was angry, "Why are they doing it to mama Belamis?"

Kugo was furious too, "What are these people ?"

The audience was hostile.

That did not bothered Belamis a bit. She stepped into the arena on her side - a blue patch about 8 square metres across.

Then the Princess emerged at the other side, about 100 metres away.

The arena was about 150 by 100 metres, and there were many rows of seats, which could hold like 200,000 people.

The Princess said in a loud voice, "Now we can start..."

Belamis put on her helmet, and lowered her shades. The Princess also put on her helmet.

The two women warriors pulled out their weapons.

Then a loud voice, "Ready, THREE, TWO, ONE..."

Then the Princess moved in high speed - that same skill Belamis had!!!

Belamis frowned and she moved with her high speed mode.

Then the two met in mid-air and their weapons clashed.

Kugo folded his arms and watched, saying to himself, "Yes... that's it..."

He was familiar with Belamis' fighting style and her strengths, and his eyes were keen because he had fought with Belamis enough to follow her moves.

"Is mama Belamis winning ?" Idina asked.

"Too early to tell... " Kugo said. The two women warriors were just testing each other.

Belamis used her sword to block the advances of Magenetta,  and she made a few testing strike to test her.

Magenetta thought, "She is even better then what we heard about her..."

Belamis landed and Magenetta was behind her coming at great speed.

"Mama Belamis!!" Idina exclaimed.

Kugo was calm.

Belamis with her back still facing Margenetta, moved her sword and blocked Margenetta's saber - three strikes without even looking.

"That is the way Belamis' fight.."

Kugo knew how formidable when Belamis uses her "look-away" moves.

Belamis was trained from early age to use a sword and to fight not only to face-to-face opponents - but also opponents behind her.

"Belamis, you are not just a knight but also a soldier..." Her sword master said. "In battle, your opponents will be all around you, you must learn to fight even when your eyes are not there to look..."

She was just 14, and her back took thousands of beating by trying to block the attack at her back.

Belamis lied face down after the first session, her back had many bruises. "If this is a real sword..." Her sword master said...

At night, she could not even sleep by lying face up - she had to lie face down, and her mother Rose gently put on ointment to the bruise on her back after the shower.

"Aarrhh..." Belamis groaned.

Rose looked at Belamis, still teenage, and she saw something - Belamis was more muscular then her peers - her muscles were very visible despite her slender body. Rose knew - Belamis was the warrior giantess and she was growing up to be one. She put ointment on Belamis' back, and gently massaged the bruised area.

Then when Belamis met Nia, she even trained herself to fight blind-folded.

To Margenetta, it was like Belamis had eyes on her back and Belamis had three arms.

"Her sword is always there in time to block my attack?!!!" Margenetta was frustrated.

Idina clapped her hands, and cheered, "Win Belamis! Win Belamis! "

Kugo nodded, "The Princess cannot defeat Belamis...."

But Margenetta  was compensated with her larger and heavier weapon, and Belamis also noticed.

The two women stopped and stood facing each other in the middle of the arena, each holding up their weapons.

Kugo raised his eyebrows and looked.

"What ?" Idina said.

"The Princess and Belamis will have a final try on their weapons...." Kugo knew the Princess would not concede defeat easily, and he expected the next round would be combat in their bare hands, and then...

Kugo was worried as he noticed something, "Gosh....Belamis is holding back.... damn she never hold back when she fights with me!!!!!"

Kugo was too familiar with Belamis' way of fighting - and he could tell right away if she was holding back - because once she really wanted to kill him when she thought he was responsible for her best friend Sherius' death - that angry Belamis did not hold back at all.

The difference was subtle but Kugo was a fighter and he immediately noticed.

"What is she thinking????!!!" Kugo was worried, and he subconsciously put his hands on his Astrolance down at his thighs - the Princess was capable of seriously wounding Belamis, if not killing her.

Then he realized his move might provoke the Uquotians. "No... Idina was here too.."

As Kugo was worried up at the stands, Belamis had her thoughts.

"This is really a mess I cannot get myself out.... I cannot just defeat the Princess like this flat out...." Belamis was in an awkward position - she was the Ambassador, and came in goodwill...

Not to save the face of the Princess, but Belamis wanted to let Margenetta knew she could not win.


The Princess again moved in high-speed mode straight towards Belamis and her saber was charged with energy.

"She raised the stakes..." Belamis thought and she also energized her electromagnetic sword - the weapons clashed and there's a loud bang of energy colliding.

The Princess leaped back.

"She is strong..." The Princess felt her hands numbed after that powerful collision - Belamis just stood there holding her sword with both arms and that was enough to send the Princess bouncing back upon hitting Belamis.

Belamis stood still, waiting for Margenetta's next attack. The Princess screamed, and she charged again then suddenly changed to her high-speed mode and attack from Belamis' back.

Then another loud bang - Belamis hold her sword behind her back - still and blocked it - and Margenetta nearly fell to the ground as the energy rebounded back to her - Belamis was not even using her strongest muscle of her arms - she only hold her arm and kept still with her triceps.

It was clear - Belamis was superior in her reflexes, strength, speed and her mastering of the sword.

"Round two!!!" Margenetta  shouted, "Without weapons...".

Oct 5, 2015

Another one of Belamis - the pictures used for her animation

Just spot this in the Internet.

From time to time Japan had people auctioned off such stuff...

Unfortunately I cannot bid at all.

This shows her in her cyborg suit from the series. It showed a rather strong built Belamis.

Sep 30, 2015

ベラミス Belamis - the new wars of the great beings (6)

Chapter 6 Nako's boyfriend and Belamis preparation of the duel

Belamis was up early.

It was her habit since she could remember. Kugo was snoring, and Idina was fast asleep, with Nako beside her bed.

Belamis gently knelt beside Idina's bed, and remembered again, when she was as small as Idina, she would wake up, and saw her mother beside her bed greeting her with a gentle smile.

She decided not to disturb the small girl. Nako awoke, and she gazed at Belamis.

Belamis slept naked, and she put on a bra top, a short and a set of running shoes. She checked that Kugo and Idina was asleep. Then she went out, with Nako following her.

Belamis, despite now a strong cyborg, still liked a jog in the morning. It was her time to prepare her clear mind.

Even at the Galaxy Union Fleet, she would take time to run to take her mind off daily burdens, and a time of her silent thought.

She ran outside at the mansion along the river bank at normal human pace, not using any of her cyborg strength, and Nako ran alongside her.

It was Gariusu cyborg technology that modifed Belamis body forever - but she was the Gariusu giantess, strong even without the cyborg capability.

Belamis missed her youthful days back at Gariusu - she used to run at her home planet - everywhere were flowers.

Nako ran along and Belamis gazed at her, Belamis smiled - it was a time she felt very care free - but she missed it when she was still an athlete.

It was when she was around 15 or 16, Belamis was the star athlete of her school.

"Belamis!! Belamis!!!"

Medona and Sherius cheered as Belamis was running the relay at the last past of the leg and dashing for the finish line.

That memory brought a lot of sorrow to Belamis - one that she had been forcing herself not to remember it.

Then at a bank, Belamis stopped. Not a sweat, and so was Nako.

"You are early!"

Belamis turned, it was Sheldon, and with her, Zeus the big male cougar.

"I have the job of taking the big cat out every morning..." She held the leash that hold Zeus.

Zeus' eyes were fixed at Nako, and he waved his tail.

"I think this boy has a crush on your big cat..." Sheldon smiled.

Nako looked away and pointed her nose up.

Belamis patted her head and said, "So you want to make your boyfriend anxious ?"

Nako purred.

Zeus made a low sound roar.

"Be gentle..." Sheldon smiled.

Belamis gently said to Nako, "You should be with your own kind.."

Nako looked at the male cougar - and she stretched herself and yawned.

Sheldon took a piece of meat out and handed to Zeus, "Bring it to the girl!!"

Zeus gently took the piece of meat in his mouth and gently sat in front of Nako - one meter away, and put down the meat.

"No flowers .." Belamis laughed.

The two women looked at the big cats.

"You are very fit...." Sheldon remarked, "track and fields ?"

"Yes...and combat...." Replied Belamis.

"Obviously, you are a soldier..."

"The Princess wants to have the duel in 10 days, though she has yet to make up her mind.... but it seems you are consistently in top form..." Sheldon saw Belamis body when she tended for her, and she knew Belamis was a professional soldier and cyborg.

"I come out to have some air and relax...." Belamis said.

Meanwhile, Nako looked at Zeus, and Zeus began to roll, trying to please Nako.

Nako approached the piece of meat, and sniffed at it. Then she pick it up and approached Zeus - she shared it with the male cougar.

Belamis smiled, "You have made a friend..."

Nako gently purred, and Zeus licked her ears.

"You can sit beside them... " Sheldon said, "Zeus knows you are Nako's mother...."

Belamis sat down, and Zeus looked at her.

"If you liked Nako, you should be a good man to her..." Belamis smiled, and the huge male cougar purred at her.

"I think Zeus is seeing you as a friend too... try stroking the back of his ears..."

Belamis slowly reached the big cougar and stroked his hears.

Zeus gazed at Belamis and noticed her scars on her arms, and he gently rubbed his head on Belamis' shoulder.

Sheldon also noticed that horrible scar on Belamis' shoulders as she only wore a bra-top - she could infer that Belamis had really gone through very traumatic wounds.

"We have a place where you can work out your body..." Sheldon said, "Come!"

Belamis stood up, so did the big cats.

Zeus then walked beside Belamis with Nako.

"You can hold his leash..." Sheldon snapped back the leash on Zeus' collar, and hand it to Belamis.

"Is it OK ? He's the Princess' pet...."

"It's OK..." Princess Magenatte was there.

Zeus was thrilled and jumped to his master.

"Good boy...." Magenatte patted the cat, and looked at Belamis.

Belamis noticed she was not that stern.

"Preparing for our duel ?" Magenatte said.

Belamis replied "A morning jog."

"Captain Sheldon, let's have Captain Belamis to be our guest again - in a different way."

"It will be my pleasure." Belamis said.

Magenatte turned, and Belamis followed.

"Let's have a run first..." Magenatte said, and she began running. Belamis also ran alongside her.

They arrived at a plain with a lot of obstacles.

"A cross country obstacle match ?" Belamis thought.

"This is not a duel... but don't  hold back..." Magenatte said.

The two women warrior ran and had a race - they jumped over different obstacles. Their cougars trailed behind.
Captain Sheldon followed closely.

Belamis noticed Sheldon was also very fit.

"Sheldon is the captain of my palace guard.... have I told you that ?"

Belamis had figured that Sheldon was one Magenatte trusted, and she was also a warrior, and at least as capable as the Princess.

There was a high wall, over 3 meters, and the three women cleared it just in a leap.

Then there was a deep trench with three rock in between, they did a three stride leap over it - all the time each was keeping pace with the others.

Then after like 15 minutes, they arrived at a huge mansion.

"That's Her Majesty's private work out palace...." Sheldon said.

"Come in and work out with me...." Magenatte said.

Belamis nodded.

It had a huge interior, a lot of equipment. There were a section were it was for weights, and an open section - one for combat practicing.

Belamis walked to the section of weights - huge machinery with think beams and large weights - that was obviously for cyborg strength.

"Do you train with similar things back home ?" Magenatte asked.

"Yes.." Belamis nodded.

Belamis noticed a big slab of metal but sized like a bench - that was for bench press.

Sheldon lifted a bar bell with huge weights and began doing bench press.

Belamis stood there and assisted by holding the bar bells for her.

"Thank you..." Sheldon said as she did the bench press.

Belamis knew the two women before her were cyborgs.

"Your turn..." Sheldon finished it as Belamis hold the bar bells.

Magenatte stared at Belamis' arms - Belamis' had very strong arms.

Belamis passed the bar bell to Sheldon, and Belamis performed her set.

Then it was the Princess' turn.

After the bench press, Belamis looked at her wrist band - a device to communicate with Kugo.

"I have to get back and make breakfast ..." Belamis said.

"There are servants in the mansion..." Magenatte  said.

"That's my habit... besides Idina wants me to be with her... I have to excuse myself." Belamis said, then she whistled - Nako  heard the whistle and came from the entrance, leaving Zeus behind.

Nako looked back and meowed at Zeus.

"Girl, let's head back..."  Belamis said, "Try keeping up with me..." She told Nako.

Belamis then ran with her cyborg speed, not her ultraspeed move, but still quick, with Nako the big cougar running with her.

The two women watched.

"She is quite extraordinary..." Sheldon said.

Magenatte watched, and replied, "Quite interesting woman...  what do you say, my boy ?" She turned to Zeus.

The huge cougar meowed.

In no time Belamis was back at the mansion, and a sleepy Kugo yawned as he stood at the entrance, "You've gone for a jog ?"

Belamis smiled, and Kugo said, "I already made breakfast..."

Belamis replied, "You did ?"

"Yep... come in!" Kugo hold Belamis' hand.

There on the table was a plate of Belamis' favorite salad, and a cup of juice. Idina was eating her breakfast.

"Thanks...", and Belamis tried.

It was tasty, and Belamis smiled.

"I am a good cook... eh ?" Kugo smiled, and he leaned over and kissed Belamis' forehead.

"I will let you cook more..." Belamis said, and she turned to Idina, "Is papa Kugo's food good ?"

Idina smiled and nodded, "yeah!"

Nako approached, and Idina gave her a spoonful, and Nako meowed.

"I saw the Princess and Shedon..." Belamis said.

"Eh ?" Kugo said. At the same time Idina listened.

"No worries, they just asked me to visit their facilities." Belamis remarked, as she grabbed the juice and drank.

Belamis thought to herself, "They are just being suspicious of people they don't know... something must have happened before."

She remembered the history of her race in Gariusu.

It was the third day after that dinner reception with Princess Magenatte .

Belamis remembered she had something to do and said, "I have to report back to Galaxy Union on the progress... I am not having a vacation here."

Kugo saw the business like look at Belamis' face and signed, "Our Captain is at work again."

Idina sat on the high chair, and said, "Mama Belamis, is it urgent ?"

Belamis nodded, "Yes. I have to go back to Princess Gariusu and start working.... damn the paper works ..."

It was a thing Belamis hated about being back on Earth after fighting in the front line - all the administration stuff.

Belamis exited the mansion and saw that the Uquotians had transported Gariusu Princess to a large plot near them.

Captain Sheldon was there, "Captain Belamis, we knew you will need your ship..."

"Thank you for your thoughtfulness..." Belamis replied.

Then Belamis turned to the garden - where Nako was playing. Nako was looking at a distance - there it was Zeus again.

Belamis smiled, "Well, I think that big cougar is courting our cat..."

The big male cougar was light brown in color, very big, and he slowly approached.

Nako stood up and growled - she was very protective of the family.

Then when Zeus was just a few meters from Nako, he rolled on the grass, exposing his belly.

Sheldon laughed, "I only seen him like that when Zeus was a little cub..."

Zeus purred at Nako.

Nako looked and meowed back.

Idina heard the sound and came out, "Oh..... Nako and a boy cougar!"

Zeus rolled and purred, and then Nako jumped and played with him.

Belamis watched and smiled, "Yeah.... Nako you are now a longer that little baby"

Idina laughed and watched.

Kugo then came out, "Are we back to work now ?" He yawned as  he emerged.

"I'm afraid so..." Belamis replied.

Belamis entered Gariusu Princess and into the main control room, and switched on the systems and turned on the communication system, in order for her to contact Earth, with Idina staying with Nako.

"Sign.... the files..." Belamis pulled out the computer and began her work.

Kugo peered over her shoulder and said, "Wow... so many documents!!!"

Belamis had before her four screens, and each was a document.

"I have to send in a report by today.... sign...." Belamis hated these work.

Belamis began typing and pondering.

"So what are you going to say ?" Kugo said as he thumbled with the other controls to check the ship.

"I will leave the dual thing out for sure..." Belamis signed, "I am not suppose to do such thing with my capacity as the Ambassador..."

"I thought you will report everything...." Kugo said.

"Well.. I don't have to .. as long as it is not risking the mission...." Belamis replied, as she did the report quickly.

"You are fast..." Kugo said.

"I did study in college..." Belamis smiled.

Then she remembered not hearing anything about Kugo's early years.

The pair met in the less than peaceful circumstances, and since then they were between missions, battles and even separated for over a year when Belamis was Blue Snow.

Belamis stopped and saved the documents, then she turned her gaze to Kugo.

Kugo looked into Belamis eyes, and he kissed her lips.

Belamis hold Kugo's hand, "Let's just go out for a walk....."

The pair turned to Idina, "Be back soon...."

Belamis turned to Nako, "Now be a good baby sitter!"

They treasure times together...and for Belamis, she was eager to know more about Kugo.

They walked, and Kugo looked around like a curious kid.

"Whoa.... this place is big... not like the slums I grew up.." Kugo began.

Belamis looked at him but did not interrupt. She kept her silence and let Kugo talk more.

"Look ..... there's tree..." In no time Kugo was up a high branch.

"Come up!!! When you are Blue Snow you too climb trees!!!"

Belamis smiled and leaped up to the same high branch.

"I must have been chimp or a monkey in my previous life..." Kugo hanged himself upside down from the branch, clinging it with his legs.

"Without the tail..." Belamis smiled and she did the same.

The two hanged upside down.

"Sign...." Kugo continued, "...I was orphaned.... in my clearest memories I was just a street kid... hanging around with other kids in the slum... a kind auntie took me in with a few kids and let me sleep at her place... a very small place..."

Kugo's mind flew back years......

It was a very poor part of the town, and a baby was crying. It was Kugo... hardly a few months.

"The auntie told me.... she found me near the corner of an alley... no notes, nothing...just me wrapped in two towels..."

Belamis looked at him.. Belamis was lucky. Though she was born from the lowly class of the giant race at Gariusu, she was adopted by her father and grew up in a much well off surroundings.

"I just did go to school... but running around doing errands to whoever paid me... delivering things, cleaning, gathering garbage... manual labor jobs....." Kugo said.

"I have a knack of being bad ass then..." Kugo recalled.

It was back when Kugo turned teenage...the kids at his neighborhood were frightened of Kugo and also admired him -  Kugo won fist fights all the time, even if he was outnumbered.

Belamis chuckled, "I am also like that too.... but in school competitions..."

"We fight rough on the streets... but never to the point of trying to kill... we just had brawls over things like who got to play on the football pitch.. who got the paid jobs first... that sort of thing... and a lot of those kids who I beat up actually became my buddies....."

Kugo remembered Parko (Garfield's note: in an episode of the show Kugo reunited with an officer).

Parko was his buddy who also volunteered to be a cyborg to protect Earth.

"I then caught the attention of the Professor  and Dr. Kitty... they needed volunteer to test their new cyborg technology..." Kugo said.

Belamis remembered her too was on a new cyborg technology test.

"It worked..." Belamis said.

"Too well.... I was such a knack in disobeying orders... crossing lines..... ignoring authorities..." Kugo chuckled.

He remembered how he was a menace on Earth..... unstoppable, and probably invincible in the Solar System...

"Then Dr Kitty found a way to lock me up... disable my capability...." Kugo recalled.

"Lock you up ? Dr. Kitty...?" Belamis said.

"Well... Dr. Kitty is a kind mother to you... .you are the good girl.. and I am the bad boy..."

" are just the mischievous boy..." Belamis said, and she reached her hands and stroked Kugo's hair...."Just a naughty chimp..." She looked into Kugo's large brown eyes - in there was a golden heart, and Belamis just remembered she was in love of him the moment they met, though she had not realized then.

"The bad boy was grounded..... for 10 years..." Kugo said.

"For 10 years ?"

"Yup... on the Moon.... that was the worst time of my life.... confined in a dome... couldn't go anywhere..." Kugo said.

Belamis wouldn't believe that Dr. Kitty would treat Kugo like that.

"Well... I was pissed off... I did start to go on a rampage round the Earth with no reason.."

Kugo remembered.

He wanted to be an army officer after he successfully became a cyborg, and he wanted the job ... to prove to himself and others that he was somebody.

Without formal schooling and his upbringing as a rowdy boy in the neighborhood, Kugo often had his thoughts.

"I am not good at rules or orders...." Kugo said.

In contrast, Belamis was a trained soldier.

"I can tell right from the day I met you....." Belamis remembered how "disrespectful" he was.

"You are a soldier... so into your duty and discipline.... one was that they tricked me that I was doing a cool job of maintaining their rockets... but later I found out that I was placed to just be a janitor to clean the places... I genuinely thought I was serving the army ..."

Kugo was so pissed off he knocked all the rockets down... the officers were frightened, and they called more soldiers to contain him, and that only aggravated his anger...

"Dr. Kitty did not just leave me on the Moon.... she talked to me every day..." Kugo recalled.

"At first I found her annoying... but now I feel the way you feel to her..." Kugo said to Belamis.

Kugo looked at Belamis - she was wearing a sleeveless top... the wound on her shoulders where visible - the wounds from when Belamis' arms were severed in those horrid tortures.

"Dr. Kitty was like my  mom too...."

Dr. Kitty had been very kind to Kugo, though also very strict.

Belamis began, calmly, recalling her days to Kugo.

They were out unti it grew dark.

"We must get back to the little one..." Belamis said, and she let herself go and landed on the ground. Kugo followed.

The two walked with hands together, and there on the road was Sheldon, with Zeus the big cougar.

Sheldon saw the pair, and gave them a light smile.

Belamis nodded in return.

"Well... the duel again..." Kugo smiled.

Sheldon hailed them, and spoke in a clear voice, "The Princess Her Highness decided... 10 days from now..."

Feb 4, 2015

ベラミス Belamis - the new wars of the great beings (5)

Chapter 5  The reception

Belamis entered the mansion with Kugo.

There were many Uquotian servants.

"Esteemed Captain Belamis and Sir Kugo, we are at your service." They said in unison.

"Thank you all..." Belamis nodded, "We can take care of ourselves... you can be excused..."

They bowed and left.

One of them stayed, a male caretaker, in his fifties.

"If you need my service, just press a button which is present in every room. That button is a blue oval shape beside the door." He bowed and left.

"Wow..." Kugo gasped.

Then the couple entered their bedroom, with Idina and Nako following.

"Waaaaw..." Idina remarked in awe of the beautiful decorations, a huge brass king size bed, and many furniture, and a huge room.

Belamis and Kugo entered and looked around - the place was a palace to them with all the fixtures, ornaments.

Belamis touched the bed, which was covered with a finely made blanket and fine sheets.

"I think I have to work for a trillion lives to afford this place on Earth...." Kugo murmured.

Idina and Nako jumped onto the bed.

"It's soft and big!!!" Idina laughed, as she jumped up and down.

Belamis walked into the bathroom - another luxurious place - a huge spa pool and a massage pool.

Belamis said, "We have had a long day... we should rest now...".

"I am hungry..." Idina said.

"Oh dear.." Belamis picked her up, "I forgot..."

Nako  meowed.

"Hm...." Belamis wondered. She turned to Kugo.

He was already on the bed.

"I have to lie down and try it..." Kugo laughed.

"Might as well ask them to make some food..." Belamis said, and she pressed the blue button.

"You are sure they can be trusted ?" Kugo said.

"I don't see a reason they will want to harm me... "

The servants prepared them a dinner at the big dining room.

Belamis asked them to make food suitable for Idina and Nako.

"My lord and lady, what would you both need ?" The man asked Kugo and Belamis.

"Fruit, and meat!" Kugo said.

"I will have some vegetable... and juice..." Belamis replied.

The couple sat at the dinner table with the people serving up the food.

Nako ate from a big bowl.

Idina ate on a high chair and the women maids put plates of children's food to her.

"So many food!" Idina laughed.

Belamis grew up as the daughter of the general at Gariusu, and she had home maids to attend her. Yet Belamis had the wild blood of a Gariusu warrior giantess, she took care of herself at a young age. Her mother Rose trained her to be independent.

"That will be enough.." Belamis said.

The servants nodded and they left the dining room.

Kugo looked at the table full of dishes.

"Haka will be thrilled ..." He smiled as he remembered the green cyborg who would gorge up anything.

"This is too extravagant..." Belamis, and she gently wiped her lips. She turned to Idina.

"Mama Belamis, I am full now..." She talked with a mouthful of food.

"OK, let's just take walk outside..." Belamis stood up and looked at Kugo.

"I want to come!" Idina said.


The family went out together, and Nako was following them.

The mansion had a huge garden with many flora.

Belamis walked to the flowers, and remembered Gariusu - her planet was a beautiful place - it was called by many visitors "The Garden Planet" - for obvious reasons.

When Belamis fought the flying monsters sent by Lacets Legion and the knocked unconscious - she woke up in a palace and saw the garden of Queen Lacet's planet.

Belamis shook her head - that past of hers - the time she had her hands tainted.

Kugo saw Belamis and was puzzled. He hold her hand and Belamis looked at Kugo's brown eyes.

Kugo saw Belamis had that hint of guilt in her eyes again - Belamis was an upright, chivalrous and brave warrior - but she served at the wrong side once. That alone burdened Belamis so much that she nearly threw herself to death.

Idina knelt down and smelled the flowers.

"They are very beautiful.." Belamis began, and she also knelt down beside Idina.

 Belamis had this part of her never revealed to Kugo. Kugo watched Belamis turned to a distraction - he had see this look in her eyes, and at that moment she would look away from her - appeared cold, detached - except now she had Idina.

Kugo then tried to cheer Belamis up, he stuck his nose at a flower and sniffed.

"Aaaaaa...choooooooo". He sneezed.

"Yuck!!" Idina yelled as she turned her face away.

"Don't sniff like that..." Belamis took out a handkerchief and gently put it on his nose.

Kugo looked at Belamis and saw her tender blue eyes - he never saw Belamis like that. Ever since Belamis took Idina in she developed that motherly way which made Kugo loved her more.

As Kugo was lost in thoughts, Idina pointed, "Look!!!"

There two women on horse back came at the road to the mansion.

Leading in front was Sheldon, and behind, Princess was on her horse.

Belamis stood up slowly, and Kugo remembered how Belamis was treated, so he placed his hands on his AstroLance.

Belamis was calm, and looked at the approaching women.

Idina stood beside Belamis and hold her hand while Nako stood up with her ears pricked up in alert.

Sheldon came down from her horse and bow lightly at the family.

"Do those part of your body still hurts ?" Sheldon asked.

Belamis said, "I feel a lot better, thank you."

Belamis noticed that Princess Magenatte was looking the other way, but Belamis knew that Magenatte heard her.

Magenatte looked at Belamis, expressionless, and nodded.

"Her Majesty will like you, Kugo, this young lady...and the magnificent cat  to be at her banquet tomorrow evening." Sheldon said.

Belamis said, "It's our honor. When shall we arrive ?"

"We will have a carriage coming and take you to the place at the evening at 6..." Sheldon replied.

All the time Magenatte was looking away.

Belamis looked and Magenatte turned and gazed at Belamis.

Idina suddenly saw a beautiful flower - a rose, and Idina knelt down and tried to hold it.

"Ou..." Idina cried - there was a prick and it pierced her little hand.

Belamis turned and gently looked at Idina's hand.

Then in a flash Belamis remembered her childhood again.

There Belamis was barely 3 years old and walked with her mother.

"Dear.. be careful..." Her mother kind and gentle voice echoed in Belamis' mind.

"Ah..." It was Belamis who was still a small child who hurt her fingers at the pricks of the roses in the garden.

"Oh... let me look .." Belamis' mother gently hold her hands.

Then Belamis said to Idina, "Let me take a look..." There blood, just a drop, was at the little wound.

Belamis' mother gently kissed Belamis' finger and hold her up.

Belamis gently kissed Idina's hand, and picked her up, her eyes full of tenderness.

Kugo was looking - that was a Belamis who melt his heart.

Sheldon watched and she turned back to Princess Magenatte. Magenatte was gazing at Belamis and Idina.

When Belamis turned, Magenatte just turned away to avoid meeting Belamis' eyes.

Idina waved and said, "Hello beautiful Princess!!!"

Magenatte peeked at Idina, and said nothing.

Belamis hold Idina in one arm and walked to Magenatte.

The proud Princess turned and looked at Belamis.

"Come with me.... by yourself." Princess Magenatte said without any expression.

Belamis gently put down Idina, and smiled, "I will be back soon..."

"Sheldon, let Captain Belamis ride on your horse."

Sheldon handed the harness to Belamis, and she mounted the horse.

Princess Magenatte gently tugged and her horse trotted along. Belamis followed as she gently tugged the horse.

The two women rode along a trail for about a while and then arrived at a river side.

Magenatte looked across the river, and said, "Did that ointment help ?"

"Huh ?" Belamis was surprised - Magenatte asked about her wounds.

"I did squeezed and poked a bit hard...." Still not looking at Belamis and kept staring across the river.

Belamis thought, "She is hiding her concern to me...." Belamis realized that, behind that cold face was not a sinister heart. Magenatte was putting up a front so that she could look tough.

Belamis said calmly, "The ointment works."

"Good.." Magenatte said, again in a dull voice.

Belamis suddenly realized - Magenatte was quite similar to her when she was that stern captain before when she first met Kugo and others.

Belamis knew instinctively how to deal with her.

"Don't bother about it." Belamis replied in a calm voice.

Magenatte nodded and turned, and she finally looked into Belamis' blue eyes.

"The reception tomorrow will be at my Winter palace..... be there, you and your husband, and the little girl... also that big cat." She said to Belamis.

Then Magenatte tugged the horse, "Let's head back."

The two rode the horses and returned.

Belamis unmounted the horse and gave the harness back to Sheldon.

Magenatte then resumed her arrogant demeanor, and looked away.

Sheldon bowed and said, "See you then..."

Then suddenly Magenatte said, "I shall have a dual with you..."

"Huh ?" Belamis looked.

Then Princess Magenatte yelled, "Go!!!" She kicked the belly of the horse and speeded away, with Sheldon following.

Back in the mansion, Kugo laughed.

"What are your laughing at ???" Belamis said.

Idina was amused, and said, "Papa Kugo, why are you laughing at mama Belamis ?"

Kugo laughed so intensely that had to catch his breath before he was able to say anything.

"Gasp... hahahahahaha... I... cannot stop laughing... it's so hard for me to hold back in front of you just then....duals ...hahahahaha..." And Kugo laughed so hard that tears were coming out of his eyes.

"Kugo.... don't..." Belamis frowned.

She knew Kugo was laughing about the dual thing - Belamis had for a while wanted to have a dual with Kugo - that was long ago since she met Kugo and started dating him.

"What do we call that on Earth ?? Karma...???" Kugo gasped and laughed, rolling on the floor.

Belamis just signed, and said, "Okay okay..... " She reached to Kugo and pulled him up.

"Tomorrow will be a formal occasion, we have to dress well..." Said Belamis.

"Let's worry about that tomorrow... " Kugo said.

Belamis picked up Idina, and said, "I have to find you some good clothes... but now, I have to bathe you."

Idina smiled.

Belamis prepared a tub of warm water and began washing Idina. Nako meowed and wanted to join.

"No!!!" Belamis smiled.

Then Idina looked at Belamis and said, "The Princess is not a bad person!"

Belamis gazed at the girl, "How do you know ?"

Idina chuckled, "I see it in your eyes.. I feel it..."

Belamis gently washed the small girl, and said, "Little one, tomorrow is a formal dinner, I will teach you some table manners..." And she looked at Kugo... "He needs a crash course ...."

Belamis after all was the daughter of a high ranking general at Gariusu, so she attended school, and also was very well trained in social etiquette.

The next morning.....

"Now, repeat again..." Belamis had to coach Kugo in high table manners.

"Work from the utensils at the outermost end..." Belamis patiently showed Kugo and Idina.

"Why do we have to bother this ???" Kugo protested.

"Sorry to have to put you through this.... at least.. don't make a mess while you eat..." Belamis smiled.

"Papa Kugo, just follow what Mama Belamis does on the table..."

"Now, just watch me..."

Belamis then recalled the first she was presented at a formal dinner reception in the army with her father.

That evening Belamis' mother was dressing her, "This dress is pretty... don't you think so ?" Rose said.

Belamis' best friend Medona and Sherius was there too. Belamis invited them along.

"Belamis is going to be stunning!!!"  Medona said.

"I will help to do her hair!!!" Sherius said.

"No... please...." Belamis blushed. She was not used to such formal event - she was not a misfit, but rather she preferred to be by herself or her close friends.

Medona said, "You always appear like a loner...... you should go out more and meet boys..."

Rose smiled, "What do you think ?"

Belamis, at her late teens, looked at the wardrobe, and looked at the dresses. In her mind she only thought of the worsening situation of her planet - monsters appearing. She was still in high school, but those worries had left her without the mood for the event.

Sherius gently hold her hand, and said, "Let's just have fun at the place..."

Belamis nodded, and picked a light blue long evening dress.

"Wow...." Medona and Sherius were stunned by Belamis' beauty in that dress - Belamis, though not exactly a tomboy, liked to wear slacks or pants, with her red boots and her belt.

Rose had also set Belamis' hair. Belamis black and shiny hair was combed, and a hair clip was fixed behind her hair.

Then Rose put a necklace on Belamis.

"There..." She said gently.


"Belamis ?" Kugo asked, and Belamis snapped out of her thoughts.

Belamis had tried very hard not to remember her days in Gariusu for a long time. Kugo had heard very little about Belamis' past.

Kugo said, "I will do my best......"

At the afternoon, the servants at the mansion brought in formal clothing for the family.

"Now Nako need not wear anything..." Belamis patted the big cat, and put on a shiny collar on the big cat's neck.

She dressed Idina with a small yellow dress and white shoes and combed her hair.

Kugo was dressing himself clumsily, "Can you give me a hand here ???"

Belamis smiled and said, "Be right with you..."

That reminded Belamis of her father - often needed the help of her mother to put on the army uniform and formal tuxedos.

"There..." Belamis gently helped Kugo, and tidy up his hair.

After 20 minutes the family was ready.

Belamis and Kugo hold hands with  Belamis crossing the left arm of Kugo, Idina held Belamis' hand and Nako followed them.

The palace carriage was waiting them. Sheldon bowed, and said, "Please board the carriage and let us take you to Her  Royal Highness' Winter Palace."

They boarded the carriage and Belamis watched - that palace reminded her of Queen Lacet's Palace - the memory haunted her.

Kugo was playing with Idina, but he was always paying attention to Belamis - he felt the need to watch over her - twice had he not watched carefully he nearly lost her - once was he were there too late after Belamis' jet was hit and captured by Queen Lacets, the other was that when Lacet Planet blew up.

He could still feel the awful guilt and incompetence - Kugo, the most powerful cyborg in the Solar System, nearly lost the woman he loved.

Kugo became more clever - he would not asked Belamis what she was thinking - Belamis would tell him. Instead Kugo tugged Idina. Idina then turned to Belamis, "Mama Belamis, where are we going ?"

"To the Princess' Winter Palace..."

"I have researched about this planet, it has seasons like Earth too..." Belamis continued, "..but all the time I never stayed long enough on Earth to really experience the seasons... but you have ..." Belamis looked at Idina.

"We have arrived.." Kugo said, as they noticed the carriage stopped. Nako meowed and looked out the window.

Sheldon was on horseback, and she bowed, "Welcome you all..."

Before the family was a huge palace.

Magenetta was waiting - dressed in a beautiful evening dress.

Kugo was cautious. Belamis, after the previous encounter, was quite relaxed. Idina gazed, and Nako sat down.

Magenetta noticed Nako, and said, "It's a lion ?"

"No... my space cougar... she protected the little girl.."

Nako crouched down.

Then suddenly there was a roar - Nako turned - a huge cougar was there at the palace.

Sheldon said, "That's Princess' pet, Zeus.... he's a male cougar..."

Zeus the male cougar stared at Nako.

Nako was already a mature female cougar - available.

Nako stayed still and looked away.

"No Zeus.. boy stay.!!!!" Sheldon pulled the collar of the huge cat - he was a lot larger than Nako, and had a big chest.

"Wow..." Kugo gasped.

Zeus sat down, and he looked at Nako - obviously interested.

"Nako is finding her boyfriend !!!" Idina laughed.

Belamis approached - Zues gazed at the Gariusu Warrior  and he made a low sounding purr. He was not aggressive.

Nako looked and stood between Zeus and Belamis and growled.

"It's OK..." Belamis said, and Nako sat down.

Sheldon said, "I hope Zeus hasn't startle you..."

Nako was already a big cougar, and Zeus was nearly twice her size, and could really scare people.

Idina approached the big male cougar.

Nako immediately grapped Idina's clothes with her mouth - she was very protective of Idina.

Zeus purred and he gazed at Nako.

Magenetta turned to Sheldon, "Take the big cats to the cat's garden..."

Nako sat down, and shook her head.

Belamis approached Nako, and said, "It's OK, be a good girl, follow that lady.."

Nako purred and followed Sheldon. Zeus the big cougar looked.

"Well, seems Zeus found a friend..." Magenetta laughed, "Come on in..."

Belamis, Kugo and Idina entered the Winter Palace, and entered the main banquet hall.

There were already servants waiting.

The family seated, and Princess Magenetta seated at the mistress' place.

Sheldon was back, and said, "I have asked the kitchen to prepare fishes for the big cats."

Magenetta nodded.

Kugo's heart relaxed a bit. He was somewhat apprehensive of the dinner, after what Magenetta did to Belamis.

Belamis just silently sipping the water.

As the entre was served, Idina looked around.

"So you are a princess ?" Idina asked.

Magenetta replied,"Yes..."

"You will like mama Belamis!" Idina laughed.

"Mama Belamis ?"

Belamis smiled, and said, "I adopted her..."

"Papa Kugo loves mama Belamis !" Idina laughed.

Kugo blushed.

Belamis hold out her left hand and showed the ring.

"Kugo gave me this..." Belamis said.

Magenetta looked at the couple, "I heard a lot about you. Jan Kugo, the most powerful cyborg warrior in the Solar System, and you... a Gariusu warrior turned the high commander at Galaxy Union Fleet."

Belamis nodded.

"It's is our custom to talk diplomatic things over a dinner..." Magenetta said.

Belamis said, "I have heard about it.." She gently knudged Kugo.

"Yes... " Kugo blurted.

Then he whispered to Belamis, "What's she trying to pull ?"

Belamis nodded to assure Kugo.

"I wanted you to give more thoughts about it..." Belamis said, "though we have urgency, we wanted from you is a well-thought out committment..."

Magenetta face turned stern, "I will surely think about it."

"She is putting up that tough front again...." That remind Belamis of her past.

"But it has to be after our dual..."

Kugo choked as he was having his soup.

Belamis said, "You do not have to rush.. and I can fix a date for the dual if you want."

Magenetta replied, "Then I will let you know... but lets now have a toast" She lifted her glass.

Belamis lifted hers, and so did Kugo and Idina.

"To health!"

"To happiness". Replied Belamis.

At the time to leave, Sheldon took the family out.

There they saw Nako coming to them.

The big cougar Zeus was looking at her.

"The boy likes that girl!!" The keeper shouted.

Then Nako with her nose pointed up, looked away.

Magenetta saw it, and said, "Your big cat is quite arrogant."

Belamis smiled and stroked Nako's head, "So... did you have a good time ?"

Nako looked back at the huge male cougar, who was standing on a big rock at the garden.

Belamis looked and smiled, "You have date while we have dinner ?"

Nako rubbed her head at  Belamis' thighs and purred.

Belamis looked at Magenetta.

"I will contact you for the dual."

The family left.

Oct 7, 2014

ベラミス Belamis - the new wars of the great beings (4)

Chapter 4 - Meeting the Uquotians

Belamis was on the pilot seat, and her mind drifted.

The morning she went out to the Galaxy Union when Kugo was sleeping she took a detour to Dr. Kitty's science facilities - Belamis had that slight doubt on herself... and she was caring about Dr. Kitty.

There at the entrance Dr. Kitty was waiting. Belamis exited her car, and walked to Dr. Kitty - the woman she loved like her mother.

Dr. Kitty knew already her meeting with the Galaxy Union, and with Admiral Anderella. Dr. Kitty knew about the mission, and Belamis was the only one that had any chance to accomplish it.

Belamis stood before Dr. Kitty.

"I have contacted Nick, and also the Galaxy Union.... you don't need to worry.." Dr. Kitty assured Belamis, who was looking at her.

Before Dr. Kitty was that same soldier she knew, but deep inside Belamis was that soul that Dr. Kitty knew, who was willing to suffer anything to protect her.

Belamis began, "Dr. Kitty, I will have to leave tomorrow......."

Dr. Kitty nodded, "I know..." Everything was beyond words, and Dr. Kitty put her hands on Belamis face, and gently stroke her hair.

Belamis recalled this was exactly the same when she abruptly cut her long hair as she decided to join the army back in Gariusu, and her mother touched her as she stood in the shower, hands bleeding when Belamis cut her hand accidentally.

Belamis closed her eyes. Dr. Kitty gently wrapped her arms round Belamis, gently rubbing her back.

"I...I.." Belamis' voice choked.

"Don't worry..." Dr. Kitty said.

Belamis signed as she recalled that meeting before she left Earth. Kugo was not in the cockpit - he went to check other things on Princess Gariusu.

The ship was out from warp flight, and cruising at high speed.

"Leaving the Galaxy within 7 hours..." The computer voice announced.

Belamis went back to the controls.

Then Idina and Nako entered.

Idina sat on Nako's back, and said, "Can we play...??"

Idina obviously got a bit bored. Belamis stood up and she reached for the microphone, "Kugo, can you come back to the control room... I need to be with Idina."

"Sure,  just go and play with the girl!" Kugo replied.

Belamis set the ship to fly at auto-pilot, and she picked up Idina, "Yeah... I know you needed this soon..."

Kugo entered the control room and said, "Go... I will take care of things!"

Belamis nodded and she took Idina and Nako out to another room - the ship was equipped with a spacious room and Belamis put toys and other stuff there so that Idina could play.

They spent two hours there and Idina chuckled.

"OK... some learning..." Belamis smiled as she took out some crayons and a big papers.

Then Belamis started teaching Idina to write in big letters, and Nako sat beside them and watched.

Idina grabbed the crayons and began to try scribbling around.

Kugo was watching from a monitor and saw Belamis with Idina.

"She is really a good mother..." Kugo thought.

Kugo checked the controls and then use a intercomm, "Hey... time to eat!!"

Belamis smiled and took Idina in her arms, "Little one.... time to eat!" She turned to Nako, and said, "You too..big cat!"

Nako meowed and followed.

The family sat and ate.

"So what are you going to do ?" Kugo asked Belamis.

"My mission, is to establish contact with the people... the Uquotians, and if possible even have them to become our Galaxy's allies against the Fermalos, and then I have to be there to establish an embassy..." Belamis said.

"Sounds like a challenge..." Kugo muttered as he ate his rice.

"Who are they ?" Idina asked.

"Don't know..."

The family retired, except for Belamis who stayed on the pilot seat. She and Kugo took turns to pilot the ship.

"ETA Uquotian star systems, warp flight, 3 hours..." The computer announced.

Belamis keyed in the parameters one last time to set up the warp flight.

In a corner of space, the space opened up and a ship appeared - it was Gariusu Princess.

It exited from warp flight.

Kugo and Belamis sat on the pilot seat buckled up, and Idina stayed in her room.

Kugo checked all the systems, and said "Everything normal."

Belamis nodded.

Kugo smiled, "Captain...."

Belamis turned and said, "I like this title...." She was the Captain at Gariusu space fighter squadron, and also Chief Captain for Lacets and Guyma, and even Dolores addressed her as Captain Belamis.

Belamis stood up, and said, "I will flew outside and check first..."

"I will take care of things.." Kugo said. The couple now worked seamlessly as a team.

Belamis flew in her space fighter jet and began looking around.

"Let me turn on all the sensors and do a scan first..." Belamis thought.

The sensors were turned on, and Belamis was looking around.

Suddenly several spaceships appear.

"The fighter and the jet ! Who are you ?" A voice which was hostile broadcasted.

"I must not display any gesture that they interpreted as aggression..." Belamis thought.

If it was in the past when Belamis was by herself, she would have responded otherwise, in her usual confident and even arrogant demeanor.

Not this time - she had to think about Idina, and after all the experiences she went through, Belamis matured even more.

"We come in peace" Belamis replied in a calm voice.

Kugo listened and said to himself, "She has changed.... so much calmer..."

He remembered how tough once Belamis sounded.

The ships responded, "Fallback and leave!"

Belamis let her jet fallback and flew in front of Gariusu Princess.

"We are from the Milky Galaxy, I am Captain Belamis, and is an ambassador to make a peaceful visit to your people." Belamis spoke in a very dignified voice.

She then opened up the cockpit on her jet and stood outside. Her cape fluttered and Belamis hold up her hands to show that she did not hold any weapons.

Then a woman's voice from the other side, "Your name again ?"

"I am Captain Belamis..." Belamis repeated.

"We are the battleship from Uquotian Royal Fleet..." The same woman voice said.

"We will escort you ..." She continued.

Belamis looked and there were eight small crafts, armed with guns coming. Belamis felt a bit apprehensive, but she remained calm.

"Just let us know what to do next.." Belamis replied.

A silence.

On the guarding ship from Uquotian Royal Fleet was a female commander.

"Madam, should we shoot them ?" One crew said.

The commander looked at the screen - it was Belamis.

"Captain Belamis ?" She thought.

"I have heard of that name..... "

"Just escort them to our main base.... " She commanded.

"I am Captain Sheldon..." She announced to Belamis, "Follow us"

Belamis nodded, and thought, "Another woman officer..."

Kugo also heard that and said, "Wonder who these people are like ?"

Belamis steered her jet with Kugo piloting Gariusu Princess and followed the Uquotian ships, before long they landed on a planet.

The planet had a pink sky, and was rocky. The place they landed appeared to be a fort.

Belamis landed her jet and came out. Kugo came to join his partner, and Idina rode on Nako's back and came out too.

Belamis hold Kugo's hand and picked up Idina.

"Nako, just crouch down..." She gently told the big cougar.

Nako crouched down.

Then from the Uquotian ship emerged a group led by a person - from the uniform she was obviously the captain.

"I am Captain Sheldon..." The woman had green hair and purple eyes. She had a smaller built, and she looked a bit surprised to see Belamis and Kugo - appearing to be like a family with a pet.

Belamis replied, "I am Belamis, me and my husband... Jan Kugo come here in peace... she is Idina..."

The Sheldon noticed Nako, "That is a big cat..."

Belamis noticed that she seemed to be interested in Nako.

"I have a big cat like that too...." She smiled and approached Nako.

Nako sensed that she was friendly and let Sheldon touched her. Sheldon stroked that big cat's fur and smiled.

With the ice broken, Belamis breathed a sign of relief.

"Her name is Nako..." Belamis said.

Before long Sheldon was stroking Nako's belly.

Then Sheldon stood up, and said, "We have already received words that some visitor from the Milky Way Galaxy will come..."

"My mission... is to establish diplomatic ties on behalf of the Milky Way Galaxy Union with you..."

"This you have to speak to our Queen...."

"Queen ?"

"Yes...." Sheldon nodded. Her face became serious.

"Please wait here..."Sheldon said.

Belamis could sense the atmosphere turned from friendly to tense.

She was already briefed that Uquotians were a people that never had ties with other people in the cosmos.

"They maybe peaceful, but..." Belamis thought.

Captain Sheldon turned away.

Kugo remarked, "So...we are about to see their Queen ?"

Belamis nodded, "They are a monarchy, and the first born is the heir to the throne. Other than that we know very little about them... cannot tell if they will treat us in a friendly way..."

"So far they don't seem to show any signs that they don't like us..." Kugo shrugged.

Idina was looking and said, "They are good people... "

Belamis turned and picked her up, "You sure.." Belamis smiled.

Idina nodded.

Belamis knew this girl had a hunch.

After an hour, Captain Sheldon came.

"You all shall follow me .... to the season palace in this planet.... Her Majesty summoned you..."

Kugo and Belamis looked at each other.

"The little girl and the big cat stay behind...." Captain Sheldon said.

Belamis looked and put down Idina and said, "Wait here.... me and papa will return."

"No..:" Idina said.

She walked to Captain Sheldon, "Please.... and Nako too!!"

Sheldon looked, and said, "OK.... just come quietly..."

Belamis nodded to Sheldon.

The couple followed Sheldon.

They were escorted to another craft, surrounded by soldiers.

Kugo began to feel uneasy, and whispered, "Now what ?"

Belamis just replied, "Let's wait and see..."

Captain Sheldon just gazed outside the craft as it flew to the season palace.

After a few minutes, Belamis saw a huge place - she presumed it was the season palace - a huge structure built of rock and crystals up a mountain. That reminded her of Queen Lacet's palace, but the one now before her was even bigger.

The memories of Queen Lacets bothered Belamis - she regretted having served her.

"We are there now..." Captain Sheldon said.

The couple emerged from the craft.

"When you are before Her Majesty, you should bow just like that..." Captain showed how - right hand on the chest, and a deep bow.

She looked at Belamis, and said, "That's all I can tell you... the rest depends on how much grace Her Majesty shows to you..."

Kugo gasped, "Let's hope we are lucky..."

Captain Sheldon gave Kugo a stern look.

Belamis said, "Let's go....... we'd just have to deal with things as it comes..."

Belamis and Kugo followed Captain Sheldon.

The palace was huge with very high ceilings, and very beautifully decorated.

Idina was excited, but she kept very quiet....

"These are all from our mines..... they are abundant here... natural stones and rocks.." Captain Sheldon spoke.

The couple passed a hall, and then a long veranda before they entered the huge room.

Far far away was the throne, and there sat a woman.

"We all regarded her as Queen, though she still had to go through our coronation..." Sheldon added.

"Your Majesty...." Captain Sheldon bowed.

Belamis, Kugo and Idina bowed, and Nako crouched.

Belamis gazed across to the throne - there sat a woman appearing to be the same age as Belamis, with red hair and fair skin, and eyes what were green.

Belamis' eyes met with her eyes.

"So.. you are Captain Belamis... also known to be the Gariusu Giantess Warrior..." The woman said coldly.

Belamis bowed her head and replied, "Yes, I am... I come here to ask for the Uquotians to be our allies..."

"I am Princess Magenette, sole heir to the throne of the Great Uquotian Kingdom...." She spoke slowly.

"What happened at whatever you come from ... concerns me not..." Princess Magenette.

Belamis stood upright and looked.

"What do you want ?" Princess Magenette said.

"I have the mission as the ambassador to the Great Uquotian Kingdom, to establish a diplomatic tie between Milky Galaxy Union and Great Uquotian Kingdom. We need you to fight with as to deter the aggression of the Fermalos Empire." Belamis replied.

"I have this letter from the Milky Galaxy Union General Secretary..." Belamis took out the letter and handed to Sheldon.

Princess Magenette nodded, and said, "Let me have a look..."

Sheldon walked slowly to Princess Magenette and handed the letter to the Princess.

Princess Magenette nodded. Belamis could tell that Princess Magenette trusted Sheldon.

Princess Magenette read the letter.

"You come to ask us to fight alongside with Galaxy Union ?" Princess Magenette said coldly.

"We come in peace!" Kugo said.

"No..." Belamis silently urged Kugo.

"Don't you see why we stay at the sidelines ? We cannot trust you ..." Princess Magenatte replied.

Belamis frowned.

"So... you are that  Gariusu Giantess Warrior.. you should be able to fight the Fermalos back!!" Laughed Princess Magenatte.

Belamis was not provoked by her remarks, and said, "I am the ambassador now..."

Princess Magenatte stood up and walked slowly to Belamis.

Princess Magenatte then stare at Belamis into her sapphire eyes.

Belamis saw the green eyes - Princess Magenatte look conveyed her mistrust and she was sizing Belamis up.

"So... I know you are also a warrior..." Princess Magenatte touched Belamis' shoulder, slowly traced her finger down and looked at Belamis' sword.

She was the same height as Belamis, and by just one look Belamis knew she was also a warrior like her.

Then without a sign Princess Magenatte changed to a giantess and she grabbed Belamis.

"Let me see how well you can fight!!"

"No!!!" Kugo screamed.

Instantly the guards pulled out guns and pointed at Kugo.

Idina was scared and Nako growled.

"Nako.. stop..." Belamis said.

"I am also the might giantess of Uqotians - the great giant race... and I heard about the Gariusu Giantess for a long time..."  Princess Magenatte said slowly in her giantess form.

"I just want to know how strong you are... change into your giantess form now!"

Belamis shook her head, "I cannot do it voluntarily...and I don't want to fight you..." She spoke calmly, staring back at  Princess Magenatte.

"Are you trying to fool me ?"

The giantess hold tighter, and Belamis could not move.

"Transform... fight with me.." Magenatte tightened her grip slowly.

Then she put finger nails on Belamis' body, and as she tightened, the finger nails began boring onto Belamis body.

Belamis clutched her teeth and remain silent, staring at the giantess.

Then Magenatte lifted her left hand, and two finger nails pointed to Belamis' breasts, and she slowly poked down - the sound of the nails pressing down to Belamis chest could be heard.

"Ha... just like what I heard about.. your breasts are muscles too...."

"Belamis!!!" Kugo yelled, while being held captive. Idina cried, "Please..."

"I.. am OK.." Belamis said slowly.

"Stubborn..." Magenatte  kept pressing.

Belamis just endured, and feeling her body was crushed and the pain caused by the giant finger nails on her body.

Magenatte  stared at Belamis - Belamis was calm and her eyes showed no anger whatsoever.

"You did not lie... you really cannot transform at will..." The giantess let go of Belamis, and Belamis fell to the ground.

Captain Sheldon waved her hands and the palace guard retreated.

Kugo was furious, and he reached for his AstroLance, "You bitch !!!"

"No..." Belamis hold back Kugo.

"No..." Belamis shook her head and she got up.

Magenatte  changed back to her human form, and then turned abruptly and went back to her chamber behind the throne.

"Captain Sheldon... handle them for me..." Magenatte  said, without looking back, and she gave Sheldon a gesture. Belamis noticed it.

Belamis stood, her face was calm, and Captain Sheldon looked at her.

"Now what ???!!! Why are you doing this to us ???" Kugo yelled.

"I will show you to your living quarters." Sheldon replied and just walked pass Kugo.

"What the..????" Kugo was dumbfounded by Sheldon's response.

"What is happening here ????" He yelled.

Belamis said, "Just follow her..."

Idina looked at Belamis and Nako, and nodded.

"Captain Belamis, they go to with the maids..would you please come with me"

Captain Sheldon clapped her hands and a group of ladies appeared.

"Please follow them..."

Kugo still furious... but Belamis hold her back.

"Don't do anything rash now...." Belamis said.

"How can you remain so calm ???" Kugo gasped.

"Just follow them...." Belamis urged, her eyes determined.

Kugo remembered those eyes, and those eyes of Belamis told Kugo to listen to her when they fought alongside the first time.

Kugo nodded, and said, "You'd be careful....I will take care of Idina."

Belamis said, "I will be OK...".

Kugo, though reluctant, nodded and said to Idina, "Let's go.."

"Where is mama Belamis going ?" Idina said.

Sheldon heard that looked at Belamis.

Then Belamis followed Sheldon. Sheldon took Belamis through another huge corridor before she entered another room.

There several women and men awaited.

"Her Majesty asked us to attend to Captain Belamis' body..." They said.

"Huh ?" Belamis said.

"You may all leave now... I will do it myself." Sheldon said.

"The things are ready here." One of the leading person said. They bowed and left the room.

Belamis turned and was wondering.

"Captain Belamis, please undress..."

Belamis looked.

"For me .. to see your body.... if you are hurt..." Sheldon spoke quietly, she was holding a jar, ".. if needed I will put on medication for you..."

Belamis was surprised, but she knew Sheldon was not hostile.

"Please sat on this bed..."

Belamis sat and the bed and took her cyborg suit off exposing her scarred and strong body.

The spots which Magenette poked with her giant finger nails were all bruised.

Sheldon took a short but concentrated gaze at Belamis body which was slender but with firm muscles.

She took out a towel, and moistened it with water, and she gently wiped Belamis' body.

Belamis watched silently as Sheldon gently examined and put the medication on her.

"This should be able to help make the bruises go away..." Sheldon said in an expressionless voice.

Belamis noticed a few times Sheldon was gazing at the scars on her body - her shoulders, breasts and back.

Then Sheldon gently messaged Belamis breasts as she put the medication on her, "If you feel hurt...just let me know.." Sheldon said.

Belamis could feel Sheldon soft hands on her breasts.

Sheldon felt the muscles on Belamis body, and gently massaged the areas with bruises.

"I ..hope you will forget the incident today...." Sheldon said softly.

Belamis gazed at her. Sheldon looked back, and said, "It's done."

Belamis stood up, and Sheldon was face to face with the cyborg warrior naked.

"Thank you." Belamis said as she put back her suit.

"Please come with me.." Sheldon said.

Sheldon took Belamis on a craft and then they landed.

They were at a huge mansion.

Then Kugo and Idina emerged.

"Mama Belamis!!" Idina ran to Belamis

Belamis picked the girl up.

"You wouldn't believe it..." Kugo said.

Sheldon said, "I will excuse myself." She left on the craft.

"What is it ?" Belamis asked.

Kugo said, "This is really a huge place and they said it is for us to stay...!!"

"There are many maids to serve us... !!" Idina said.

"There are so many rooms in this place that I am dazzled.." Kugo replied.

Belamis looked at the place and was submerged in deep thought.