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ベラミス Belamis - the new wars of the great beings (3)

Chapter 3 Ambassador Belamis

Belamis and Kugo was summoned to the Galaxy Union Headquarters on Earth.

In the morning, Belamis prepared breakfast - Idina with her milk, and Nako with her big place of meat.

Kugo just drank a big bottle of juice.

"We have to leave in 20 minutes..." Belamis said, as she grabbed a bite of a bread.

Typical busy family.

Kugo changed the diapers of Idina and said, "OK, ready...."

The cyborg couple had to be in military uniform, and Belamis was soon in her major admiral uniform.

Kugo was clumsy with dressing his uniform.

"Where does this go..???" Kugo exclaimed.

Belamis helped Kugo while Idina and Nako played.

"Alright... we are set.." Belamis remarked, and she hold Kugo's hand.

"I will call Nick and Medora and drop off Idina there......" Kugo said as he hold Idina, with Nako beside him.

Belamis looked at Kugo, and thought he had become more tender and sensitive, "Thanks!"

They took Idina out and sat her at the back of the car on a baby seat, and Nako crouched beside her.

"OK, let me drive..." Kugo said, and opening the car door to the front passenger seat.

Belamis smiled and entered.

They set out to Nick and Medora's place, and Medora was waiting.

"Going to the headquarters ?" Medora asked.

"Yes... to handle the things after we captured Constantine and Katrina..." Belamis said.

Idina sat on Nako's back, and she looked at Belamis.

"Alright, we will pick you up after we are done at the headquarters..." Kugo said.

Idina raised her hands up.

Belamis stooped down, and looked at Idina, and Idina kissed Belamis cheek.

Belamis gently stroked her hair and said, "Be good..."

The couple then departed for the headquarters.

Belamis and Kugo was at the headquarters. The chief of intelligence was there.

"Major Admiral Belamis, I am Norden. Nice to meet you." He reached out his hand and shook Belamis' hand.

"And you must be Jan Kugo.."

Kugo replied, "Hello, Norden."

"We have no time to waste, and certainly you both want to get to the matter. Come with me!"

Norden led the couple into the building and to another wing - the Galaxy Union Universal Intelligence.

"GUUI, is where we try to gather, analyze and find out what the enemies are up to..." Norden said, as he led the couples to an office.

He opened up the screen, "What we got from Captain Dolores, and also from Major Admiral Belamis are really valuable, and we also managed to further interrogate Constantine, whose real name is Leannine, killed the real Constantine....we finally found her body.."

Belamis signed, and she looked at Kugo.

Norden continued, "They are brutal.... and that Katrina, a Golinkor, sided with Fermalos. She really hated you."

Kugo gently hold Belamis' hand.

Norden began walking through the files with the couple, and Belamis listened and frowned.

"Yes... we are certain they have another one, at least, who infiltrated the Galaxy Union... we have our best agents on top of it..." Norden replied, "and now... we will check out on Katrina."

Belamis nodded.

"We have been trying to get more information from her, but she is still tight lipped...." Norden said.

They entered a room, where there was a wall with a window. The other side was another room where Katrina was detained and under interrogation by a female GUUI agent.

"She cannot see us from there..." Norden said.

Kugo looked and was angry - she tried to make Belamis suffered.

Belamis looked at the woman at the other side, and she recalled the torture she went through. Belamis knew fully well Katrina could not be let loose - Katrina would harm Dr. Kitty and her loved ones.

Kugo looked at Belamis - she had no anger or hatred in her eyes, just worrying and deep thoughts.

"Katrina sided with Fermalos, and this is a real evil alliance that will harm the inhabitants..." Belamis said - she was only thinking of the well being of the people - like when she vowed to protect her own planet.

Kugo remembered. On that planet of peaceful people, when Belamis surrounded them when she was the Chief Captain of Lacets and Guima Legion, Kugo could talk reason to her.

He remembered, when Belamis suddenly went after them and wanted Kugo out to confront her, when Kugo did not know about Sherius death, when Haka tried to stop him, he replied, "No worries, Belamis is a person you can reason with..." Only to find her in anger and trying to have a duel with him.

Kugo looked at Belamis, and thought, "When she is cool headed she is really a fine soldier...but when her compassion side shows, she can be so stubborn..."

Kugo never felt so much love and admiration to Belamis, and he gently put his arm on Belamis' shoulder. He cared more about her than ever - especially the long 18 months when she was missing.

"What more are we suppose to do ?" Kugo asked, trying to get Belamis to think of other stuff.

Norden replied, "That's exactly why you both are asked to come here. I have briefed you on the latest status, and it is time for you to meet the General."

Belamis felt Kugo's arm, and she gently touched Kugo's hand, and said, "Let's meet the General."

The pair followed Norden to another office, where the general was waiting.

The person turned - it was a woman.

"I am admiral Anderella...". She was middle aged, and had a very calm look.

Belamis and Kugo saluted.

Norden said, "Madam, I have things to follow-up, can I be excused?"

"Yes..." Anderella said.

Norden left the room.

"Major Admiral Belamis, and Lieutenant Kugo. Great to meet you both..." Anderella shook their hands.

"I have heard a lot about this pair of legendary cyborg warriors...." Anderella continued, "Have a seat...both of you..."

The couple sat down.

"I will be asking much, especially from you..." She looked at Belamis, "..a lot..."

The two looked.

"We have to find an ally.... one that can help us to fight the Fermalos... and one that can be trusted..." Anderella said.

She stood up, and signed.

"Belamis, we want you to go to a place.. outside away from Milky Way Galaxy, to make contact to a kind of people..." Anderella said.

"Why her ?" Kugo asked, " the midst of intense fight... the union needed all fighters ?"

"Because Belamis is of giant race.... and this race... the Uquotians.... they don't trust us humans..." Anderella said.

"They are also giants ?" Belamis asked.

Anderella nodded, and she took out a memory slab, "The information are all here, I want you to read them first.... "

The couple left the facility, and Kugo was driving.

Belamis read the materials on her digital pad, and was in deep thought.

At dinner, Idina was eating her first solid food.

"Mama Belamis... I have teeth..." She proudly opened her mouth, full of food.

"No...don't talk with out mouth full.." Belamis smiled, and gently shut her little mouth.

"So....are you going to take up this mission ?" Kugo asked, as he ate his meal.

Belamis looked at the plate before her, and said, "I think I will go...." She gazed at Kugo.

"If this is something only I can do it.... it will not be right for me to say no..." Belamis said.

"Mama Belamis... you are going to war again ?" Idina asked.

Belamis gently picked Idina up, and nodded.

Nako appeared to understand, and she meowed.

"Idina... I cannot run away from my destiny..." Belamis gently said, and her sapphire eyes glittered.

Idina reached out her hands and hold Belamis' face.

Belamis closed her eyes, and again her mind merged with that of Idina - Belamis the Gariusu Giantess Warrior, was the one to protect the cosmos, and the girls with Galaxy Energy.

Idina was one with exceptionally powerful Galaxy Energy and psychic power, and her mind connected with Belamis' mind.

Kugo watched, and only this moment he felt infinitely distant from Belamis, yet he still loved her.

"Belamis...." He remembered her stern, and even at times ruthless look. Now Kugo saw only the face of warrior and his wife.

Belamis opened her eyes and met Kugo's caring brown eyes.

"It's time to rest.." Belamis said to Kugo, and she turned to Idina, "I will bath you first..." Belamis smiled.

"Yea!!!!" Idina was thrilled.

Nako meowed.

"No... you are a cat.." Belamis patted her.

Belamis bathed Idina, and Idina played with Belamis.

"No... don't splash the water at me..." Laughed Belamis.

She gently scrubbed Idina with soap and a sponge, and Idina laughed happily.

Again Belamis mind returned to her childhood - it was like when she' still a small girl, and her mother always bathed her herself, even their household had many maid servants to help.

As the little Belamis was in water playing with her toys, her mother Rose washed her hair.

Then Rose wrapped Belamis in a big towel and carried her to the bed, where it was warm and dry.

Belamis immersed herself in the memories - it used to hurt Belamis a lot remembering the sweet times she had with her mother - but now with Idina, the memories became a motivational thought.

Belamis pour out some shampoo, and gently rubbed Idina's head, shampooing her.

"I liked that mama Belamis!" Idina chuckled.

Nako purred and she wanted to be shampooed too.

"OK..." Belamis smiled and she took another tub, and picked up the big cougar. Belamis strong and picking up the big cat was not difficult to her.

"You are huge now girl.." Belamis said as she tugged the big cat into the huge tub, and Nako sat very still.

Kugo peeked in and said, "Now I know why you take ages to bathe!"

Belamis laughed, and said, "Be right with you!"

Belamis dried the big cat and Idina, then she placed Idina on the back of Nako, "Now take Idina to her bed!"

Nako meowed, and she carried Idina on her back. Idina wore her little pajamas and already fell asleep.

"Wheeww...." Belamis signed and she washed herself.

Belamis then joined Kugo.

"Hahaha..." Kugo laughed, "Finally...."

"Now next time you do it ..." Belamis smiled.

They again made love to each other..... Kugo gently caressed Belamis' private parts, and kissed her.

They kissed and kissed.

Finally when it was all over, Belamis asked, "So.. do you missed Blue Snow ?"

"Wooaaahhh!???" Kugo was startled and fell from the bed to the floor.

Belamis looked at Kugo, and gave a mischievous smile.

"Er.. er..." Kugo, like any guy, stuttered.

"What ? You missed Blue Snow more than me ?" Belamis said, half-jokingly.


Belamis laughed, and just leaped to his arms.

Kugo chuckled, and they just slept on the floor with the quilt over them.

In the late night, Kugo was snoring, and Belamis was up, reading the information from Galaxy Union, and Belamis was pondering.

The next morning, Kugo was up late, and when he got up Belamis was not in the house.

"Hey ???" Kugo was worried.

He scrambled out of bed, and saw Idina and Nako in the kitchen.

"Mama Belamis out early..." Idina said.

"Looking for me ?" Belamis was entering the house.

"Why don't you wake me up ? I can go with you..." Kugo went to her and kissed Belamis.

Belamis gently nodded, and said, "Just a short trip..."

"And... ?" Kugo asked. He knew Belamis was considering the offer by General Anderella.

"I said yes... "

"What ?"

"But I asked also more... come with me..." Belamis smiled. Then she turned to Idina and Nako, "I will take you to see something..."

"What is it ?" Kugo was worried.

"It is something good..." Belamis said as she picked up Idina.

The company - Kugo, Belamis, Idina and Nako soon arrived at a Galaxy Union base.

An officer approached Belamis and saluted her, "Captain, it is ready."

Belamis nodded, her right hand holding Idina's hand, and Nako sat beside her.

"What is it ?" Kugo asked.

"Well.... being a high ranking decorated officer.. I can asked Galaxy Union to provide more..." Belamis smiled.

Idina gasped, "Wow!!!!"

Before them was a huge spacecraft.

"What is that ?" Kugo asked.

"Our home in space... I said yes to Anderella's offer - and I will be an ambassador and will go to the Uquotians to help making them our allies...." Belamis said.

"But Idina... Nako has to go with me....and of course you..." Belamis said.

"So.. you ask for this ?" Kugo said.

"Let's go in..." Belamis replied.

An officer accompanied them, showing them around this mid-size ship - slightly smaller then Queen Cosmos, more streamlined like a battleship.

"You have a fully equipped and furnished living quarters... like a second home in space..." The officer explained.

Nako , with Idina on her back, followed the adults, and Idina gasped in awe.

"Mama Belamis, this is so cool... oh..papa Kugo, that is a really big bath room..."

Kugo said, "Why this ?"

"We have to be away from Earth for quite a while... Idina..." Belamis picked her up, "...will probably spend a few Earth years here..."

Kugo nodded.

"This ship... is called Gariusu Princess..." Belamis said.

Kugo did not asked, but said instead, "Then we have to go back and pack our stuff...."

Belamis smiled and nodded.

They were home and pack stuff, and Kugo packed Idina's clothes and toys. Belamis had ensured there would be enough supply of food for Idina. Kugo, Belamis and Nako were special space beings or creatures, and did not need food.

Belamis did packed some cat food cat toys for Nako.

Nako meowed, and she rubbed her head at Belamis, and licked Idina.

"We are all set..." Kugo said, as he ready all of the stuff and packed them to the trunk.

Belamis placed Idina on the car seat, and Nako sat at the back.

They drove to the base, and finally boarded Gariusu Princess.

At the cockpit, Belamis was in her cyborg suit again, and with her cape on, and her helmet rested beside on a tray, and Belamis was on the pilot seat again.

"OK.... Captain Belamis..." Kugo said.

"No.. Ambassador ..." Belamis said, and she started the engine.

The craft began its ascend, and then Belamis started the booster in space.

"We are again in space..." Kugo sat beside Belamis.

"Yes.... another adventure..."

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ベラミス Belamis - the new wars of the great beings (2)

Chapter 2 Rescuing Dr. Kitty

"ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR!" Belamis roared as she stood and looked at the spaceship which Katrina was - she took Dr. Kitty as hostage.

Kugo was beside Belamis and he noticed a thing shining on the ground, he picked it up - it was Belamis' ring - it splitted into two halves as Belamis turned to her giantess form.

"Belamis.... I will do anything... everything... to stop you from being hurt again..." Kugo said to himself, and tears rolled out of his eyes - he had seen Belamis suffered so much. Kugo put the broken ring to his pocket  and hold his AstroLance.

"Belamis!" He called loudly.

Medora and Idina was on the ground and they held Belamis' torned wedding dress. Medora was crying.

"Hahahaha.... remember how we give you that Avici ?" Katrina laughed.

Ednan was on the ground with the girls, and he said, "They are doing it again to Belamis..."

Medora stood up and she looked at Idina. Idina said, "We must help mama Belamis!!!"

"OK young ladies, just follow me...." Ednan said and the girls nodded.

Belamis watched the spaceship and she growled.

Then a door below the spaceship opened, there Dr Kitty was held by several Fermalos soldiers at gunpoint.

"Doc..tor.. Kitty..." Belamis uttered, and she roared.

"Belamis... run... they will hurt you !!" Dr. Kitty said.

Then from the spaceship's broadcast, Katrina's laughs, "Hahahahaha, come and save Dr. Kitty..."

The spaceship began to leave, and Belamis went after it, with Nako following her.

Kugo saw that, and thought, "We have to rescue Dr. Kitty.. but how...?"

Nick came with his gears and said, "Buddy... we must help our big friend there..."

"They are going to torture her..." Kugo said, and he started his Star Probe and wanted to follow.

"Hang on... we must assist Belamis secretly......" Nick watched her as Belamis looked back at them and nodded.

"This time she is no going to be tortured like that..." Nick said.

"We are in this too!" Medora and Idina said in unison.

"Can I join ?" It was Dolores.

"Sure!!!" Kugo and Nick replied.

"Now we have a really powerful team....." Ednan said, ".. but we must hurry..."

Belamis chased the spaceship which took Dr. Kitty, and Belamis' heart ached... she would not let anyone harm Dr. Kitty - and Belamis was not afraid to be tortured all over again.

Katrina watched the screen - the giantess' body was full of scars - Katrina heart was filled with hatred, "You .... killed my brother... and my father....."

She was the princess of Golinkor, and she had to revenge. Their race was a warlike and vengeful lot and could not stand defeat.

"Belamis... you bitch.... I am going to have to suffer!!!" She laughed.

"This whole ship is now fitted with the Avici beam which I hit you with my gun..." Katrina looked at her gun and smiled, "You will suffer!!"

Belamis and Nako chased, and they saw the spaceship landed on an asteroid.

"That Katrina has the weapon to trigger Avici on me..." Thought Belamis, as she looked at her body. "It is the seventh or eighth ?"

Belamis flexed her muscles as she was in her thoughts - her muscles were stronger than ever, apparently from the sound of the muscles flexing - and she made a loud roar.

"What the ???" Katrina was stunned as she heard the roaring giantess - Katrina felt a fear - the Gariusu giantess warrior, she knew, was the legendary warrior that protected the cosmos - and this warrior was mighty like a goddess.

"...that is not going to scare me!!" Katrina said, and she turned to Dr. Kitty who was captured, "You will see how I will deal with her!"

Dr. Kitty looked, and she thought, "Belamis is the Gariusu giantess warrior... but she has a weakness...." It was Belamis' love to her.

Then Medora was in telepathy, "Belamis... we are coming to help and rescue Dr. Kitty!!!"

Belamis nodded. She cared a lot about Dr. Kitty - the last time she ran out alone was because Dr. Kitty had only days to live and only a remote hope of healing which Belamis would not give up. This time, Belamis had all her friends backing her up.

Kugo and Nick was in the spacecraft with Medora, Idina and Ednan, with Dolores getting to her Galaxy Union ship to follow.

"Look!!!  Belamis is there.." Kugo said.

"She may be stubborn, but she is not stupid....We have to back her up...." Nick said. Medora was at the controls and said, "Dolores said her Interpol ship will come in an hour...."

"Kugo, you try to get near..quietly..." Nick said.

Kugo nodded, and got to his craft.

Ednan was there and he said Idina, "Little girl,

Belamis and Nako remained at a distance and watched the spaceship.

"They will use Dr. Kitty as a bate..." Belamis thought.

That was the voice of Katrina, "Belamis, give yourself up.... or else, Dr. Kitty..."

Belamis looked at Nako, and Nako meowed loudly, for she would not leave Belamis.

Belamis thought, "Like you... I don't want to leave mother too..." Belamis gently hugged the giant cougar, and she urged Nako to leave.

"Go..." Uttered Belamis. Nako rubbed her head at Belamis' leg like a cat, like when she was little.

Belamis could relate to Nako's feeling, and she hugged the big cougar tightly.

"Aaahhh... so touching....." Katrina laughed.

"Go!" Belamis said again. Nako ran to space - towards the spacecraft Nick and Kugo were.

Nick and Kugo were watching all along.

"Damn... cannot wait..." Kugo wanted to scramble to his craft.

"No....we must not give away our position. That Katrina does not know we are here yet..."

Nick was flying the craft in a stealth mode so that Karina's battleship could not spot them.

Belamis stood there, and hands on her side.

"Now..... what should I do...." Katrina smiled.

A gun stuck out of the battleship and aimed at Belamis.

It shot out a long chain and chained Belamis - Belamis growled.

The battleship then sent out a strong blast of electromagnetic energy. Belamis endured it.

"I am only warming up..." Katrina smiled.

Kugo watched in anger, "That bitch!!!"

Medora said, "Belamis tell me... she will be able to endure even an Avici... but we have to rescue Dr. Kitty!!"

Nick bit his lips and said, "Kugo... here's the plan!" He whispered to him.

"I will contact Dolores...." Nick continued.

Belamis growled, as she endured the pains from the electromagnetic shocks.

"I will give you another Avici... when I feel it is the right time!" Katrina said.

The gun that could shoot out beams to trigger and Avici on Belamis came out and pointed at Belamis.

"By the way... look who's with me..." Katrina laughed.

It was Constantine.

Belamis growled.

"I got out.. of course with the help from our insider..." Constantine laughed.

Nick got the news, "There's an attack at the site holding Constantine..."

"What ??" Kugo exclaimed.

"Seems the real bitches are all out..." Nick said.

Belamis was chained and she braced for the next Avici...

The beam shot and hit Belamis.


Kugo and Nick shut their eyes.

Medora cried.

"Keep our cool..." Nick said.

Idina said, "No....."

She suddenly got a ball of light surrounding her, and she flew out of the ship and headed straight to Belamis!

"Idina!!!" Medora yelled.

Idina then got between the ray that got Belamis to experience Avici and Belamis.

"I..din..a...." Belamis uttered - Idina blocked the ray for her!!!!

Then Idina fell.... that energy was so strong.

Nako leaped and caught Idina on her back.

Belamis roared, and she checked Idina.

"Hahaha..." Katrina laughed with Constantine.

"Another Avici!!!" Constantine shouted.

Then a rocket hit the gun that could trigger Avici on Belamis.

Belamis looked, the gun was damaged. She endured the pain with Nako shielding Idina. Belamis instructed Nako, "Go..."

Nako purred and took Idina to safety.

"Now!!" Kugo was on his Star Probe and he dashed to the scene.

"Good one! Dolores!!!" Nick cheered.

It was Dolores with her Interpol ship out from a warp hole, taking Katrina by surprise.

Belamis clutched her teeth and endured the pain from the Avici, and she nodded.

It was Belamis who told Medora to secretly sent their co-ordinates to Dolores, whilst Belamis kept Katrina's ship still.

"That was really a very bold strategy...." Nick said.

Dolores ordered, "Break the chain on Belamis!" Two rockets fired and the chain on Belamis broke, freeing her.

Katrina was furious, and yelled, "Look what I will do to Dr. Kitty...."

Then Kugo was on his Star Probe and dashed to the scene in a split second, shielding Dr. Kitty with his Astro Lance.

"What ???" Katrina and Constantine yelled as they was both hit by Trizer Beam and fell.

"Now.... Belamis is going to get you..." Nick smiled.

Kugo put Dr. Kitty on his craft and he speeded out to take Dr. Kitty out of danger.

"Cover Kugo!!" Dolores ordered.

The Interpol ship fired shots at Katrina's ship, so that Kugo's craft with Dr. Kitty could escape.

Belamis saw that Dr. Kitty and Idina was safe.


Belamis broke the chains and she flexed her muscles even though she was in pain.

Then the Teardrop of Hope came out of Belamis' chest.

Ednan appeared beside Nako.

Belamis looked at the little girl, and uttered, "I...din..a..."

"Go.. help her!" Ednan said in his energy being form, and put more energy to Idina. Idina woke up, and then she was in a ball of light, gradually rising.

Then Idina channeled Galaxy Energy onto the Teardrop of Hope.

Belamis gained strength and she leaped to Katrina's battleship.

Ednan took Idina back and followed Kugo.

"Oh shit!!!" Katrina yelled.

Dolores saw Constantine, and Dolores said, "You two are not getting away!!!"

"Turn to warp drive..." Constantine cried.

"No... too late..." The Fermalos crew said.

There was a roar, and Belamis wrecked their engines.

Kugo landed his craft at Nick's craft's deck, and helped Dr. Kitty out.

"Belamis..." Dr. Kitty looked as she saw Belamis body again was bleeding - the Avici caused her body's wound to be re-opened again.

Belamis turned to Dr. Kitty, and gave Dr. Kitty that same look -sad, caring and loving.

Idina was back and she looked at Belamis.

Kugo said, "She will not let anyone to harm you both...:"

Dr. Kitty shed silent tears.

Nick said, "Now Belamis is going to teach you bitches a lesson!!"

Belamis went below the ship, and she lifted the ship with her mighty giantess strength.

The two women trembled.

"What is she...." Constantine said.


Belamis began spinning the ship with her hands.

Nick, Medora and Kugo laughed.

Ednan took Idina back to Nick's ship, and Idina clapped her hands, "Belamis!!!! Belamis!!!"

The ship spinned like a top, and the crew, alongside with Katrina and Constantine was tossed and rolling all over.

"Stop...!!! Stop!!!" Constantine yelled.

After 10 minutes, the people in the Fermalos shipped were lying down, all vomiting.

Reinforcements from Galaxy Union arrived, and they boarded the ship, and took the soldiers to custody.

Belamis turned back to her human form, as Kugo went to her on his craft, he hold Belamis tightly.

Belamis fell into Kugo's arms - she was exhausted, and she looked at Kugo. Idina leaped onto Belamis, and Belamis hold her, gazing Idina.

"Belamis..." Idina hugged her.

"Dr. Kitty.... she is safe new...." Kugo said to her softly.

Belamis closed her eyes, and Kugo gently kissed her, with Idina on Belamis' chest.

Dolores had the two - Katrina and Constantine handcuffed, and she was on a small hovercraft and went to Belamis.

Dolores saluted Belamis and said, "They nearly escaped with Constantine.... I will report this..."

Belamis nodded, and said, "I must be on top of this.... there are unknown number of spies ...."

"Rest... Captain!" Kugo smiled.

"Rest!!" Idina said.

Belamis laughed, "Yes....yes.."

The company returned to Earth, and they immediately took Belamis to the scientific facilities where Dr. Kitty check her up.

Belamis was lying on a bed, and Idina just would not leave.

"I am OK...really...." Belamis said softly to the little girl, as she waited with Kugo.

"Go... join Medora and Nick outside.." Kugo said.

"No... I am not leaving mama Belamis..." Idina protested, she loved Belamis and wanted to stay.

"Kugo.... just hold her with you...." Belamis said, and Kugo picked Idina up gently.

"Papa..." Idina said.

Then Dr. Kitty entered, and she looked at Belamis.

"Let me take a look..." Dr. Kitty said gently, and examined Belamis body.

Idina was in Kugo's arms and she looked attentively.

Belamis gently reached for Idina and let her hold her fingers.

"You will be able to leave in a few days..." Dr. Kitty said softly, as she gently put bandages on Belamis.

Then Kugo gently put Idina down to the bed where she could be cuddled by Belamis, and he gently pulled a blanket and covered Belamis.

"Thanks....." Belamis said.

"I will sleep at the couch there..." Kugo replied.

Dr. Kitty said, "Then I will leave you guys here..." She gently put her hand on Belamis' right shoulder, and nodded.

Dr. Kitty gazed at the female warrior before her, and try not to think of the status of her body - the Avici that tortured Belamis was back and seemed to be worse, and the enemy had the means to inflict the pain on her.

Belamis sensed Dr. Kitty's worry, and placed her hand over Dr. Kitty's hand, and that was where her wound of loosing her right arm was - the scar was still there.

Dr. Kitty said, "Rest well...." She left the room.

Kugo watched all of this, and he gently kissed Belamis, "Get some rest...."

Belamis closed her eyes, and put her left arm over Idina, who was sleeping already.

After a night's rest, Belamis woke up early, and she saw Idina fast asleep in her arms.

Belamis remembered how Idina came to help her, and she gently stroke the little girl's hair - Idina was barely 3 years old, and Belamis still recalled their first encounter - Belamis in her giantess form and Idina was still a small baby - she was not afraid of Belamis at all.

Belamis never felt such kind love, and Idina loved Belamis with a kind of innocence that made Belamis' heart shook.

Idina opened her little eyes, and she smiled at Belamis, "Mama....." She hold up her hands, again reaching for Belamis' face, and Belamis let Idina touch her, and Belamis closed her eyes.

"I am hungry...." Idina pleaded.

"Eh ?" Belamis smiled, and hold the girl up.

Idina saw Belamis was wearing bandages, and she said, "Idina fix it..." She wanted to use her Galaxy Energy again.

"" Belamis shook her head.

"Yaawwwwwwnnnn..." Kugo was up too, "Hey...." He approached the bed and greeted Belamis and Idina.

"Papa Kugo!!" Idina smiled.

"Oh... so you remember me ?" Kugo laughed.

"You jealous ?" Belamis jokingly remarked.

"I love you both..." Idina said, and she held Kugo's hand.

"You look good..." Kugo said, as he kissed Belamis' forehead.

"I feel a lot better...."

Then Dr. Kitty entered, and smiled, "Belamis...." She immediately took a check on her.

Dr. Kitty removed some of the bandages and examined Belamis.

"The wounds don't hurt anymore...." Belamis said, just to reassure Dr. Kitty.

Dr. Kitty examined Belamis, and after about 10 minutes, replied, "Belamis... you remember to rest, you and Kugo can go home..."

Belamis looked at Dr. Kitty and nodded.

Belamis and Kugo were soon outside, with Belamis got dressed, and Kugo holding Idina.

"Dr. Kitty is very worried about you..." Kugo said.

Belamis entered the car, as Kugo sat into the driver's seat, after he placed Idina on a baby car seat.

Belamis signed, "It seems it is unavoidable..."

The couple drove home and entered the house.

Belamis hold Idina in her hand, and Nako came out purring, and Belamis put Idina on the ground.

"Nako!!!" Idina ran to the big cat and hugged it.

It was a home Belamis wanted to come back to, no wars, no monsters - she remembered her days back at Gariusu again.

Kugo saw Belamis face, and gently took her hand.

"I am hungry!!" Idina said.

Belamis laughed, and asked, "So what do you want to eat ?"

Idina put her little finger over her lips and thought, "I....I.... like biscuits!!"

"We don't have any.... shall we bake it ourselves ?" Belamis smiled.


"Let's shop for ingredients..." Belamis said.

"Belamis... you just got back..." Kugo was worried about her wounds.

"Please...." Belamis looked at Kugo - she wanted to spend time on Earth like a family.

So the family went to a grocery store.

Nako was a big cougar and she attracted a lot of attention.

"Well, you have to be small..." Belamis patted her.

Nako got it and turned to her cat form.

"OK!! Let's hit the aisle!!" Kugo grabbed a cart and put Idina on it.

Nako jumped in and at with Idina.

"Alright, let me see..." Belamis pulled out her PDA, "..... flour.....eggs..."

Kugo pushed the cart in the grocery store and got the ingredients.

"I want ice cream!!" Idina pleaded.

"Ice cream ?" Belamis looked, and Kugo nodded.

They finished shopping, and each of them having an cone, and even Nako was licking one too.

Kugo carried the groceries and put them into the car.

"OK little one..." Belamis picked up Idina and also Nako, "...let's make biscuits..."

Soon the family was busy in the kitchen.

Idina was with the rolling pin, and Kugo beat the eggs and mixed other ingredients.

"OK, let's mix them well..." Belamis said as she got her hands into the bowl.

"Now...roll it..." Belamis gave the dough to Idina.

Nako was on the floor in her cougar form.

"OK... here's yours..." Belamis took  an egg and let Nako eat it.

"Now ready the oven..." Belamis said. Idina made the dough, "Let's use the mould and make some biscuits..."

Idina made biscuits of different shape and laughed, "I like the star shape.. also the shape of a fish!!"

Kugo laughed and help.

Belamis picked up all the unbaked biscuits and place them on a tray and into the oven.

"Let's wait..."

Belamis gently stroked Nako's head, and she purred.

"Mama Belamis... please don't go to fight again ..." Idina said.

Belamis gazed at the little girl - Idina was the girl with Galaxy Energy that she had to protect - and Belamis also had the duty as a soldier.

"Let's check the biscuits..." Belamis said.

Kugo watched the scene, and his heart sunk - Belamis apparently wanted to spend the days before she left for another mission - he smiled, "The biscuits had to be good!!"

Belamis wore a think glove - though actually her hands could withstand the heat - she took the tray of baked biscuits out.

"It smells wonderful!" Kugo grabbed one and wanted to taste it. "Ouch... it's hot!!!"

"Wait a while...let's have them stand to cool a bit..." Belamis said.

Idina looked at the freshly baked biscuits anxiously, "Can I eat ... can I eat!!!???"

"It's cool enough..." Belamis picked up one for Kugo and one for Idina.

They ate it.

"Hhhmmmmmmmmmmmm..." Idina smiled, and Kugo nodded.

Belamis picked one for Nako, and she meowed.

The family enjoyed the afternoon. By evening they were out at the field behind their home.

Nako and Idina played.

Belamis and Kugo lied on the grass.

Then Belamis remembered - before she fought the photon-monster at an asteroid near the Great Planet, she and Kugo were lying side by side on the deck of Queen Cosmos.

"Wow... it is a long time ago..." Belamis said to herself.

"What ?" Kugo said.

Belamis recalled the things in her mind.


"So that's the Great Planet ?" Asked Belamis.

"Yep..." Kugo answered.

"Belamis... why don't you come with us ?" Kugo said.

Belamis thought, "All I have left to do.. is to have a duel with you...." She closed her eyes.

In her mind, she was struggling. She had feelings to Kugo - the only cyborg she met that could rival her.

Yet, the several encounters changed Belamis' impression on him - he was so funny, not just good at fighting. Belamis was stern to him, but Kugo just met her cold remarks with a smile - she was annoyed, but somehow touched - not like when she dealt with her soldiers when she was captain, not like when she had to avoid being back-stabbed by people jealous of her status at Lacets Legion or Giuma Legion (three of them plotted against her).

Belamis looked at Kugo again as the memory flashed back at her.

"What  ?" Kugo smiled.

Belamis sat up and looked at Idina playing with Nako, and their house.

So much had changed.

"Can we just take a walk..." Belamis said, holding out her hands.

Kugo took her hand.


The cyborg couple walked away.

"Nako! Take care of Idina!" Kugo yelled at the big cat.

Nako meowed.

The couple walked in the setting sun around the woods - Belamis taking the chance - the time was a treasure to her.

Jun 11, 2014

ベラミス Belamis - the new wars of the great beings (1)

Chapters 1 The wedding on Earth

This is a new chapter after Belamis' saga of being a fugitive....

Belamis and Kugo followed the officer to the Galaxy Union headquarters.

The one in the highest rank, High General Kronankov, was waiting.

"Can the gentleman just wait outside ? I wanted to have a word with Belamis alone..." The old man said.

Kugo was reluctant, but he obeyed, and left - heart full of doubts.

The door closed.

After 20 minutes, Belamis emerged.

"What did he tell you ??" Kugo asked.

Belamis gazed at Kugo, and said, "Let's head home first, then I tell you..."

Kugo could sense Belamis was worried - her face was expressionless like the cold Chief Captain of Lacets Legion, but deducted the aggressiveness - her heart seemed to be heavy.

"You drive..." Belamis said.

Kugo nodded, and he drove the car, and gently put his hand on Belamis' hair and stroke them.

Belamis leaned onto Kugo's shoulder.

They didn't talk until they were home.

Belamis walked in the house and checked out on Idina - Medora was there babysitting.

"Thanks..." Belamis said to Medora.

"No worries, Nick and I have nothing to do anyway..." Smiled Medora.

Then Idina came out, she walked a lot better, and she ran straight to Belamis, and hugged Belamis' legs.

Nick followed, and said, "She can smell you a mile away..."

Belamis turned to Medora, and said, "You have used Galaxy Energy on her ?"

"It's easy now.... I just use a bit, besides I also grow up and my energy is stronger then before..." Medora said.

Belamis looked at the young woman before her - Medora was no longer that helpless teenager she first met, but now more mature.

"By the way... when is your wedding with Nick then ?" Belamis smiled.

"We have planned it... but want you and Kugo to be there...and of course with our little lady !" Medora hold up Idina.

"I will be your flower girl!!!" Idina giggled.

Belamis took Idina into her arms and said, "Too bad you were not my flower girl..."

"But I have you..." Idina hugged Belamis.

"We surely will be there!" Kugo said.

"Bye now..." Nick and Medora left.

Belamis and Kugo entered the house, and Nako was there purring, and she greeted the pair by rubbing their legs.

Belamis took Idina and bathed her. Idina laughed as Belamis played with her in the tub. Nako crouched beside them.

Then Belamis gently dried the little girl in a soft towel, and she hold Idina in her arms and looked into her eyes, "Why ?"

Belamis was asking, why Idina would risk herself to get her back into human form.

Idina replied, "I like Belamis... I like to be hold in your arms, and suckle your nipples..and fell asleep in your arms..."

"You know...what you did..." Belamis spoke softly, and her voice shook - Belamis felt a sharp pain in her heart.

Idina's bright black eyes looked at Belamis sapphire eyes, and she said, "I love to see your beautiful blue eyes....and touch your beautiful face..." She hold up her little hand and touched Belamis' face.

Belamis placed Idina in her little bed, and took Nako in, "Sleep here..." She said to the cougar. Nako purred.

Idina slept.

Then Belamis went to her room she shared with Kugo.

"The girl is sleeping ?" Kugo smiled. Belamis nodded.

Kugo walked towards Belamis, and looked at her, "I know you cared about Idina...."

Belamis put her arms around Kugo's neck and shoulder, and leaned onto his shoulder, not saying a word.

Then gradually Kugo felt Belamis' hands were touching her.

Kugo smiled and picked Belamis' up, and went to their bed.

Belamis lied on the bed, and slowly took her clothes off.

Kugo also stripped, and placed his hands on Belamis shoulders as he gently got on the bed. Belamis hold up her hands, and gently massaged Kugo's chest.

"I know you want it..." Kugo smiled. Belamis kissed him, and Kugo hold her and they made love to each other.

Kugo gently pushed in his penis slowly in to Belamis vagina, and Belamis again exerted her muscles between her girdles and inside her vagina. She felt Kugo's penis inside her and Kugo gently pushed in, and he moved very gently to stimulate Belamis, and Belamis felt very pleasant.

Then Kugo pulled his penis out, and hold Belamis in his arms.

"I missed that so much..." Belamis said softly. Kugo kissed her ears, and hold tighter.

Kugo looked into Belamis' blue eyes, and he kissed her lips.

The two again touched each other, and Kugo gently massaged  Belamis' breasts.

"They are very firm..." Kugo smiled, "..almost as firm as mine..."

Belamis smiled and exerted her muscles and pushed back Kugo's hands with her breasts.

The two played around a while and then Belamis whispered, "Need a nap..." She let Kugo hold her in his arms and close her eyes.

Kugo hold Belamis in his arms, and he felt the scars on Belamis' sexy and slender body. Kugo then closed his eyes and gently hold her, and then he gradually dozed off.

It was the next morning.

Nako woke up and licked the face of Idina.

"Ah...." She chuckled and hold the head of the big cat.

"Take me to papa and mama.." Idina said, as she climbed out and sat on Nako's back.

Nako took Idina to the room where Kugo and Belamis were.

Idina reached and opened door and the big cougar carried her in.

They say Kugo and Belamis naked, just covered by a thin blanket.

Idina got off from Nako and jumped onto Kugo.

"Woooaah???" Kugo woke up.

Belamis was also awaken, and smiled.

"Belamis!!!" Idina threw herself into the arms of Belamis.

Belamis hold her up and said, "You and Nako wait outside...I will make food for you two.."

Idina said, "Yep!!"

She and Nako went out.

Belamis looked at Kugo.

"Had a good night's sleep ?"

"Never better..." Kugo leaned to her and kissed her.

The cyborg couple got up.

"Ah....I need a shower!!" Kugo said.

Belamis smiled and put on a shirt before she went to the kitchen.

Nako sat there and purred.

"Girl, you are hungry ?" Belamis smiled at the cougar. Idina came in, and said, "Mama Belamis cooks!!!"

Belamis smiled, and said, "Go and see if papa Kugo is ready ..."

Idina went out.

Belamis prepared breakfast - Kugo got a plate of beans with egg and a steak, with juice. Idina was given bowl of porridge and milk. Nako had the most - a huge bowl of meat.

Belamis ate the same food as Kugo, and the three sat at the same table, with Nako eating her bowl of food.

Kugo ate, and gazed at the scene - a common family life. Kugo was an orphan, and he never knew his parents or had memories of a family like this.

Belamis noticed Kugo was thinking and she remembered Kugo mentioned he was an orphan. Belamis just silently pour some juice to Kugo's cup, and put another egg to his plate.

Kugo looked at Belamis - now his woman  - he somehow felt like she was more like a mother than before.

Idina accidentally spill her milk.

"It's OK...." Belamis said gently.

Then Belamis suddenly remembered, "Where's Ednan ?" She wondered.

The family finished their food, and Kugo was doing the dishes.

Belamis took Idina out the house and walked with Nako beside them.

Belamis put a collar at Nako's neck, and had a leash on her, and Nako walked in front of Belamis and Idina.

They walked and was amazed at the sight of the big cougar.

"You looking for me ?" Ednan smiled, and he was at the side of the path.

"Where have you been ?" Belamis asked, as she noticed Ednan looked a lot older.

"I have to rest... glad you are back..." Ednan smiled.

Idina said, "How are you ?"

Belamis went to him, and said, "You have done a lot for me...."

"I have to look after you ..." Ednan said.

"Come to my house...." Belamis said.

"Yeah... like to see your husband too..." Ednan replied.

"Hey... big cat!!" Ednan said hi to the big cougar. Nako meowed.

"It's you!!" Kugo saw Ednan came back with Belamis, Idina and Nako.

"Long time no see!!!" Ednan smiled.

Kugo was thankful to Ednan, for it was him that took care of Belamis.

"Let's have a chat at our room..." Belamis said.

"Idina, you can play with Nako here... we have something to talk about..." Belamis said as she gently stroke her hair.

"Got it!" Idina said, as she took Nako to play at the living room.

It was a room of books, and there were some chairs.

"Just sit down..." Belamis said.

The three sat down.

Meanwhile Idina was outside the door.

"Stand on your hind legs!!!" Idina whispered to Nako.

Nako pricked her ears up in astonishment, and shook her head.

"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzz!!" Begged Idina.

Nako and Idina were outside the house, looking up to the room where the adults were - on the second floor from the ground.
Nako put her front paws on the wall, and then stretched her hind legs to the maximum. Idina stood on her head. She wanted to peek in from the window downstairs to watch and listen.

"A bit more..." Idina whispered to the big cat.

"Meow..." Nako cried as she stretched to her full height.

"A bit more...there hold it right there!" Idina said.

Nako struggled to keep very still.

"The officer at Galaxy Union told me something.." Belamis began.

"Fermalos' attack will intensify, and I have to go back the Galaxy Union, but not as a commander.... leaving Idina behind... I want you to take care of her..." Belamis said to Ednan.

"Am I coming with you ?" Kugo asked.

"Yes..." Belamis answered, "You have to be with me...."

"I will tell Idina..." Belamis continue.

Idina was unhappy and upset, "No!! I wanted to follow Belamis!!"

She lost her balance and Nako could not hold on in her upright position on her two hind legs.

Idina fell.

"Meoow!" Nako rolled and caught Idina on her back as she fell.

"What is that sound ?" Kugo said.

They looked out the window, and there Nako belly up with Idina on her stomach.

The scene was hilarious and Kugo laughed.

Belamis just leaped out the window and landed beside Nako and Idina.

"Are you both alright ?" Belamis picked up Idina and stroked Nako's belly.

Nako meowed.

"Please.... take me along with you !!!" Idina said.

Nako jumped up and purred at Belamis.

Ednan and Kugo came.

Ednan said, "You cannot go without this baby girl, the cat and me... and you know why."

Belamis stood up, holding Idina in her arms and looked into her eyes, "Little one.. I cannot let you risk your life for me..."

Then suddenly Belamis found her mind again connected to Idina's mind.

"Ah...." Belamis felt she was taken to a strange realm, and she no longer saw things around her - just her and Idina.

After like an hour, Belamis was back.

"Hey..." Kugo put his hands on Belamis' shoulders, "What is it ?"


Belamis found she was just "away" for a few seconds, but it was like she spent an hour with Idina at another place.

Ednan winked at Belamis.

Belamis signed, "I know ...."

Reluctantly, Belamis had to give in, and she nodded. - Kugo laughed, "The stubborn Belamis does listen to people!!"

"Shut it..." Belamis whispered and she jabbed Kugo's rib with her elbow. "Ouwww..."

"Your wedding... on Earth!" Idina said.

Belamis nodded.


The company was excited. Medora took Belamis to the bridal dress shop to get her a wedding dress.

"No.... not such sexy style..." Belamis shook her head to the one with deep-V, low cut at the back. "I have so much scars on my body..."

"That can be covered with these powder and foundation.." Medora said, "..Besides you often wear nothing.." She whispered.

Belamis signed.

Idina as also around ,and she looked at the other dresses.

"We have to find one for our little flower girl.." Medora smiled, ".. and for me .. your maid of honor..."

"Thank you...." Belamis was deeply moved.

The lady at the store knew Medora already, and said, "Miss... I think this one suit the fine lady here.."

She pointed to a one with a small shoulder strap and cuff, long dress and decorated with ribbons.

"Belamis.. try this on!!!" Medora said.

The women at the stored help Belamis.

As they helped Belamis to put on the dress they noticed her slender body with firm muscles.

"She's an athlete..." "Like a fitness model..."

They gasped as they saw the scars on Belamis body and her shoulders.

Medora quickly help Belamis dressed, and hold back her tears - as she remembered how much Belamis suffered before.

The other women saw this strong lady before them - like a goddess, and they started to use pins to fit the dress on Belamis.

Belamis stood still and gazed at the mirror, and Idina was looking too.

"Did you choose your dress ?" Belamis smiled at Idina. Idina said, "Yep!!!"

Meanwhile the guys were also buying things.

Kugo was a disaster in organizing things and Nick had to help him.

"What's next ? No.. I am lost !!" Kugo was literally screaming.

"Easy pal... OK....I have got you your tuxedo for the wedding... your dress shirt for the night banquet..." Nick was using his digital pad and checked the items to buy and organize.

"My head is exploding!!!" Kugo yelled as he was overwhelmed by so many tasks for a wedding.

"OK..OK...Let's just sit down and have a drink..." Nick said.

" I have to finish the work... or else Belamis will hit me!!"

Nick rolled his eyes and signed, "You are still a boy at heart..."


At the bridal dress shop, Idina and Medora each selected their dress.

They waited for Belamis, who was being carefully dressed by the ladies there.

"She is really a beauty..." The lady who owned the shop said.

"OK... we are done!" The women said, and the bride emerged.

"Awww...." Idina eyes glittered.

Medora was speechless.

It was a creamy white dress, with a shoulder strap just enough to cover Belamis' scars.  The chest area was decorated with laces so that it conceal the scars on Belamis pectorals.

Belamis was tall and slender, but with a wide shoulder and strong back muscles, so the dress tried to make her look slimmer by the cuttings.

Belamis closed her eyes, and Medora thought she saw her blushed.

"How is it ?" Belamis smiled.

"Perfect...just perfect.." Medora said. "Kugo will love it!"

"Who will be giving you away at the wedding ?" Medora said.

"Who ?" Belamis thought. "Dr. Kitty...:" She said.

The girls nodded in agreement.

Belamis and the two girls left the bridal dress shop with their dresses. Nako sat outside and waited, and many people surrounded the big cat and looked at it.

Nako just sat still and purred.

When the tree emerged Nako meowed. Belamis took the leash and tugged gently, "Come on good girl!"

They went home.

The girls and the big cat was in Belamis' room.

As they put away the stuff, Medora said, "Wait.. Belamis.. hold up your arms..."

"Huh ?"

"Hold it up.... let me see.." Medora said.

Belamis hold up her arms, and Medora looked at her arm pit.

"You must remove those hair!!!" Medora said.

"What ? I thought they were sexy..."

"No... on a wedding you should remove them..." Medora said. "Sit down, and let me help!"

Belamis sat down and hold up her arms, exposing her arm pits, wondering what would happen.

Medora then spread the gel to remove hair on Belamis' arm pits.

"Why didn't I noticed it... those hair there are really long and dense..." Medora said.

Medora then said, "Let's wait 10 minutes... then I will remove them.."

Idina looked and said, "I thought it was funny..."

Belamis smiled.

"OK, times up!" Medora said. Then she ripped the dried up gel from one of Belamis' arm pit.

"YEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!" Belamis cried, "That hurts!!!" Then she kept blowing air on the arm pit, it was red.

Medora laughed, then she stopped - Belamis yelled at such a seemingly trivial small hurt, but Belamis could withstand the most horrid torture and pain in the cosmos - the only thing that Belamis felt most painful was loosing her mother - the horrid wailing and cries was forever in Medora's memory. Medora bit her lips, and then smiled again, trying to conceal her sorrow, and said, "Now the other side!"

"Easy!!" Belamis said.

"Ooouuuch...!!" Belamis gasped as Medora took the dried piece of gel from her other arm pit.

"Here's some cooling gel of aloe.." Medora said, and she gently applied onto the area of Belamis' arm pit.

Belamis noticed Medora's gentle and tender look, and she gazed at her.

"That will make you feel better..." Medora said gently, her fingers tenderly touching Belamis' arm pits.

"Thank you..." Belamis said.

"Now..your hair..." Medora looked at Belamis' long black hair.

"What ??" Belamis said.

Medora pulled Belamis up, and said, "Sit here... you.. you don't have a dressing table ??" Medora looked around.

"I...I never put on make up..." Belamis said.

Medora threw her hands in the air..."Now.. a make over for you - soldier!!!"

The next day, a dressing table arrived at Belamis' house, complete with all the make up stuffs.

"Medora...." Belamis was speechless.

"Now...sit down..." Medora said.

"What ?"

"She tell you to sit down.." Idina added. Nako meowed.

The guys peeked in, "Wow..."

Nick said, "I got the outfit for Kugo, and we are arranging the wedding and the banquet!"

Kugo joined in, "So.... you are trying to get Belamis to put on make up ???"

"Now... get the hell out!" Belamis shouted.

The guys laughed and went away.

Belamis sat and looked into the mirror. Medora picked up a brush, and gently brushed Belamis long black hair.

Belamis remembered.

Back in Gariusu, her best friend Medona always nagged her.

"Come on... if you use some make-up.... like foundation and powder... you will blow the guys away!" Medona said.

Belamis said, "Please....don't do this...."

It was not that Belamis was a tomboy - she was just so into athletics and combat that she sweated a lot. Belamis had naturally fair and smooth skin, and beautiful eyes with long lashes and a pair of bold eyebrows.

Belamis then took her shirt off and wearing only a sleeveless top and her exercising slack.

"Wow... look at your arms..." Medona hold Belamis' upper arms - Belamis was already strong then - a slender body with strong muscles.

"Let me fix your hair..." Medona said, as she tried to tie Belamis' hair to a pig tail...

Belamis hair were long then, all the way down her waist, and lightly curled, and had layered wolf-cut.

"No..." Belamis giggled. Then Belamis tendered her own long hair with her hands, and the girls walked.

The breeze lifted Belamis long hair. Medona said, "I am really jealous of your beauty..."

Belamis chuckled.

Belamis was lost in thought - that was her happier days - and Medora hold up Belamis hair, and said, "Hm.... should I set them this way ..."

Then Medora let go of Belamis' hair and said, "Well... I will leave it up to you..."

"Let's try the lipstick and the blush power..." Medora said.

She experimented with the mascara and also other cosmetics.

"Now there..." Medora said.

Belamis looked into the mirror....

This was her life before all the fightings, deaths, destruction and loss..... To Belamis, she was afraid of the memory of these good times - the tragic and violent deaths of loved ones she had were tormenting her heart.

The woman in the mirror had that stern look again.

Belamis smiled, and she saw herself smiling in the mirror.

"I think a light makeup will do..." Medora gently said, and applied very very little foundation on her.

Then Medora picked up the small brush to gently comb Belamis' eyebrows, and also lightly applied some mascara on her.

Idina sat beside Belamis and began using the lipstick on her.

"After I am done with Belamis, I will help you..." Medora said to Idina.

Belamis stood up after Medora did the final touch, "Kugo is out doing other stuff... I have to visit the laboratory...:to find Dr. Kitty."

"I will play with Idina here..." Medora said, and Idina waved, "See you tonight!"

Belamis went to see Dr. Kitty, and there Dr. Kitty was in her study.

Belamis knocked, and Dr. Kitty said, "Come in..."

Belamis  entered, and said, "Dr. Kitty.... can I..."

"I know it already... Kugo told me..." She stood up, and gently stroke Belamis' hair with one hand, and put her other hand on Belamis' shoulder.

"I will be at your wedding...." Dr. Kitty said.

Belamis gently knelt down, and bow her head.

"This is Gariusu tradition...." Belamis spoke softly....


It was night before the wedding. The girls went to sleep over at Belamis' place. Kugo and the guys spent their last night together.

At the shower, according to Gariusu tradition, before a daughter marry her husband, her mother would spend the night cleansing her and put on perfume on her.

Dr. Kitty tenderly cleansed Belamis, as Belamis stood there naked, and she gazed at Dr. Kitty - Belamis had regarded Dr. Kitty as her mother now.

Dr. Kitty used a soft towel and gently wiped each part of Belamis' body, even down to her private parts, and she then applied perform all over her, gently rubbing it on her skin.

As Dr. Kitty touched Belamis' chest, she gazed at Belamis' breasts - there were a lot of scars on it - especially the nipples and around the pecs.

Dr. Kitty began to shed tears, and she gently put on the perfume on the breasts and gently massage them.

Finally, Dr. Kitty put her hand on Belamis' face - Belamis eyes glittered, "You are now pure...beautiful... and so dear...." Dr. Kitty gently said to her, and she hugged Belamis tightly.

Belamis gently knelt down, and tears just flow out of her blue eyes.


After the cleansing ritual, Belamis, Idina and Medora slept on the same bed. Nako meowed, she wanted to join in.

"OK... hop on!" Belamis said.

"The whole thing is ready..... are you excited ?" Medora asked.

"I cannot sleep... mama Belamis.." Idina was frustrated.

Belamis gently hold Idina in her arms, and said, "Will a lullaby help ?"

Idina nodded. Belamis began humming.

Medora watched, and realized how tender Belamis was - she had been with Belamis when she was the commander of Galaxy Warrior. Then she knew a very capable and stern commander. Then when Belamis protected her as the giantess, Belamis was the brave warrior.

Medora looked at Belamis, now tending Idina.

"Oh...she is asleep..." Belamis said softly.

"We better go to sleep now..." Medora said.



Nick was tired, but he could not sleep, as Kugo was up all night, and Nick could be woke up easily even though he slept at another room, "My goodness.... " He yawned.

Kugo was up, and he looked at his tuxedo....and imagining the look of Belamis, "This is making me nervous...."


It was a beautiful fine day.

The wedding was at a garden with tents and shades for the guests. The ones attending were all from Galaxy Union - from the ship which Belamis were the commander, and also Dolores was there.

"Hi!!!" Nick hailed Dolores.

Dolores smiled, and she shook hands with Nick, "I have to come .... won't miss it in a million years!!!"

"The place is gorgeous!" Dolores remarked - white seats, everywhere decorated with flowers.

"Hey!!!" Medora came and the she kissed Nick.

"Most of this is her idea..." Nick said.

"I want to give Belamis the best wedding..." Medora remarked.

"See you later...I have to help Belamis!!" Medora ran to the other end of the garden.

"Well... let me get the happy guy..." Nick, dressed as the best man, and he too go to get Kugo.

"I...I had cold feet.." Kugo stuttered.

"You ? The most powerful cyborg in the Solar System is getting cold feet????" Nick laughed.

"Not kidding... in front of this ceremony..... I... don't know why I was not nervous back at that planet!!" Kugo cried.

"Come on!!! Take out some of your guts man!!!" Nick dragged Kugo out from the tent he was resting at.

"No... I forgot something... the ring.." Kugo said.

"It's here!" Nick smiled, pointing at his pocket.

"Now come and be a man!" Nick said.

Gradually the guests settled. A band from the Galaxy Union began playing the music to start the ceremony.

" comes our flower girl!!"  Nick smiled.

Idina wore a little pink dress, with Nako walking beside her. Nako wore a big pink ribbon on her neck, and she used her mouth to carry a basket full of red petals. Idina walked and picked up some petals from the basket and sprinkle them on the ground.

The guests were surprised and looked in awe as the little girl and the big cougar proceeded along the path to the altar, where an officer was waiting, and before the altar, Kugo and Nick.

Kugo was sweating, and shaking.

"I..I... do..I look good???"

"Relax pal..." Nick handed him a handkerchief.

Ednan sat among the guest, and looked eagerly, "This is really beautiful."

Idina and Nako reached the altar, and Idina stood at the altar, with Nako crouched down.

In the gentle music, Medora dressed in a beautiful yellow dress, walked in with a bouquet.

She then walked slowly up the aisle and stood at the other side of the altar, where Idina was.

Then the guests stood up - Dr. Kitty dressed in a beautiful silver gown, held the hand of Belamis, who was dressed in bridal dress, walked in.

Kugo turned and gazed - Belamis eyes lowered, walked slowly in her creamy white dress - under the laces Kugo could see the scars were just barely visible - he knew each one of them like his own hand, and his heartached, and tears fillled up his eyes - he could not tell if he was crying in joy or sadness, but he was very emotional.

Nick put his hand on Kugo's shoulder.

Belamis let Dr. Kitty led her - at this moment, she became once again like the young woman back in Gariusu, a moment she would no longer need to be tough and stern - she needed not hide her emotions.

Belamis peeked at Kugo - her eyes met those brown eyes - Kugo wore a helmet with a mouth mask, so a lot of her times with Kugo she would see his eyes - now those eyes were warm as ever.

Kugo was looking too, "Those eyes.... so sad... so much expression... yet so beautiful..."

Dr. Kitty hold the hand of Belamis like her daughter - indeed Belamis formed such a deep bond with her, and that bond was so solid - with Belamis loving her so much, Dr. Kitty felt thankful, "She is just like a goddess... but her heart..."

Belamis felt the hand of Dr. Kitty shook - just a very slight quiver - Belamis instinctively understood.

They were soon at the altar - Dr. Kitty hold Belamis' right hand and place it onto Kugo's left hand.

Kugo could feel the firm hand of Belamis - now relaxed - not like when she hold it tight in a fist when she was in her warrior demeanor.

Kugo gazed pass the lace at her, his heart pounded - before him was the beauty and the warrior he once fought, now loved so deeply.

Then a surprise - the children from the orphanage where Belamis helped were there - they began singing a song to bless them.

"They came for's a surprise!" Kugo whispered to Belamis.

Belamis was touched, and she looked at the children - those she would protect with her life.

The sweet children's song reverberated through the garden, the guests listened.

Dolores was there and she also nodded her head.

Then the minister declared, "We come here.... the loved ones of this pair of fine man and woman - a wonderful pair...."

Kugo noticed Belamis holding his hand tighter.

"We now join them, in this one special moment - that they pledge to each other...."

Kugo found himself crying...

Belamis gazed at him, and she realized, she was no longer the lonely cyborg of the destroyed Gariusu - those days she swallowed her pains, bottled up her sorrows, hold back her tears, facing everything alone - until she and Kugo reconciled and she let Kugo into her life, and also having Dr. Kitty being her "mother".

She then turned and saw Medora and Idina - the two special girls who could heal her - especially Idina, and of course the cougar Nako.

Belamis then looked at the kids singing - it was the very encounter with them that she remembered her human side - and her capability to be tender.

"She is at heart a kind and tender woman...with a soft spot..." Kugo thought.

"Now... each of you hold the other person hand - look into their eyes..."

As the minister uttered those words, the pair followed the instructions, totally in harmony.

" first..." The minister, said to Kugo.

Kugo practiced it so many times that he lost count, but he stuttered, "I...I.. Jan Kugo... will be the husband of you...Belamis....and will love you, respect you..against all hardships and will not leave you!"

Belamis eyes welled up in tears, and she hold Kugo's hands tighter, "I Belamis, will be the wife of you, Jan Kugo, and I will love you, respect you, care for you, against all hardships, and be with you as long as I live."

"You may..."

Kugo could not wait and he kissed Belamis, and Belamis and him kissed intensely.

"The ring...." Nick nudged Kugo's hand.


The guests laughed.

Kugo carefully put the ring onto Belamis' finger, and Belamis did likewise.


Kugo hugged Belamis and kissed him.

Medora and Idina was overjoyed, and Nako meowed.

Then the guests stood up and applauded.

Dr. Kitty and others were all engulfed in joy.


An huge explosion occurred just beside the garden.

The crowd screamed.

Dr. Kitty looked in horror - there were a huge alien spaceship in their air and it was firing at the people.

Then shots were fired at the children of the orphanage, the children ran in fear.

Belamis shouted in anger, "You bastards!!!"

It was the voice of Katrina, "Not so happy now eh ?"

Then a beam hit Dr. Kitty and lifted her up.


"Belamis, see ? I know your weak points!" Katrina laughed.

Belamis heart burnt with anger.

The beam lifted Dr. Kitty to the spaceship.

"Come.... rescue her!"


In an instant, Belamis changed into her giantess form - and her whole bridal dress ripped apart.

There was a breeze and the ripped dress were drifted by it.

Medora cried, "Belamis......"

"Belamis!!!" Kugo immediately changed to his cyborg form.

Belamis leaped up and tried to go after the spaceship.


As the ripped dress fall from the sky, Medora ran to catch it.

She grabbed it, and looked at it. Idina was there, and she began to wept.

Medora stared at the ripped dress as the people and guests flee.

She hold the dress and hugged the ripped bridal dress tightly like she hugged Belamis, and she looked up and watched Belamis in her naked giantess form.

Medora began to weep.

Nako roared and turned to her gigantic cougar form and followed Belamis....

May 30, 2014

Preview of Belamis ベラミス next installment!!!!

"You come to ask us to fight alongside with Galaxy Union ?" The lady at the throne said coldly the cyborg couple and the little girl, who were accompanied by a cougar.

"We come in peace!" Kugo said.

"Don't you see why we stay at the sidelines ? We cannot trust you ..." Princess Magenatte replied.

Belamis frowned.


The giantess hold tight, and Belamis could not move.

"Transform... fight with me.." She tightened her grip slowly, her finger nails boring onto Belamis body.

Belamis clutched her teeth and remain silent, staring at the giantess.

"Stubborn..." The giantess kept pressing.

"Belamis!!!" Kugo yelled, while being held captive.

"You did not lie... you really cannot transform at will..." The giantess let go of Belamis.


Idina looked at Princess Magenatte, "You aren't really that scary..."

"What ?"

"You will like mama Belamis..."

"Mama ??"

The huge fleet of Fermalos gathered around the star system...

"Oh my goodness....." Ednan gasped.

Belamis watched, and she hold the hand of Kugo.

"Ednan, take Idina away..." Belamis said.

"No!! I am not leaving!!" Idina protested.


Non-stop explosions, ships crashing.... the race of titanic beings fought the Fermalos.

"Belamis, I am glad to have a friend like you..." Princess Magenatte said, as she turned to her titanic being form and plunged to the canon opening of the ship.

"No!!!!" Belamis yelled.

May 16, 2014

ベラミス Belamis - the fugitve giantess (14)

Chapter 14 -  Idina's love and more dark secrets of Constantine

Constantine was under arrest, and Dolores was on the ship escorting her back to Earth to be hold in Galaxy Union's Interpol facility to await for more interrogation.

Belamis, Kugo and Nick were there at the Galaxy Union base to greet Dolores.

Dolores' ship landed, and she came out.

"Hi !!!" Nick and Kugo hailed her. Belamis smiled.

Dolores saluted them.

"My officers will hand Constantine over and she will be held in custody, and our military intelligence agents will question her further." Dolores said.

"What a shame we let that Katrina escape!!!" Kugo said.

"Belamis, we are almost certain Katrina is a Golinkor, and she joined forces with Fermalos. She is most likely to be back with the Fermalos forces."

Belamis nodded.

"The authorities will question Constantine.. and soon Belamis' name will be cleared." Dolores remarked.

Nick said, "That will be great!"

"I will join you guys later.... have to see Alfred!" Dolores said.

"Give our regards to him!" Kugo said.

Dolores nodded, and she saluted to Belamis before she left.

"Now we await the hearing". Nick said.

Idina was worried about Belamis. She sat on Nako’s back as Nako prodded around Dr. Kitty’s facility.

News came from Galaxy Union and Belamis would attend a hearing in a week. Constantine would be on trial after another round of investigation with her.

“So how are you going to show up in the hearing ?” Kugo asked, as Belamis was in her giantess form.

“Now that’s a problem…” Nick said.

“I can help!!” Medora replied.

“No…” Dr. Kitty began. “Belamis has to speak for herself.”

Belamis frowned.

“But how can she do it ?” Medora asked.

Idina was outside and overheard.

“How can we make mama Belamis human again ?” Idina asked the big cat.

Nako meowed.

Belamis responded, “I can.. go..”

Kugo said, “If it is not Fermalos’atttacks, you wouldn’t have end up this way…” Referring to Belamis’ state of getting stuck in her giantess form.

Belamis hold out her hand and said, “No worries…”

Kugo hopped onto her hand, and said, “Yeah….” He knew Belamis was being stubborn again.

“Let’s head out…” Kugo said.

The pair needed space and time to be by themselves.

Dr. Kitty watched the pair went out, and said, “Poor Belamis… she has gone through so much…”

Idina sat on Nako’s back and she wanted to follow them.

Medora came and stopped her, “Just let them go by themselves..”

Belamis walked slowly, and stayed near the facility. She knew her size would startle people. Kugo sat on her shoulder, and he looked at his lover.

“I really missed you in your human size…” Kugo said, and he jumped off Belamis’ shoulder. Belamis gently catch him with her palm.

“Is there really no way to fix the scepter ?” Kugo said.

Belamis signed.

The scepter was a special object, and one of a kind. The gem on it radiated energy to turn any Gariusu giantess to her human form or giantess form. If Belamis had transformed by her own, that would not be needed, but this case she needed that to get back to her human form.

The gem on the scepter was cracked.

"So...if that scepter cannot be fixed, you will remain a giantess ?" Kugo said.

Belamis nodded.

Idina knew it too….. “Mama Belamis…”. 

Idina missed Belamis a lot and she had always been very fond of Belamis.

She strolled to Medora’s room. Medora kept the scepter.

Nako followed her and purred. “Hush….” Idina said to be big cougar.

Idina sneeked in, and started searching the drawers. Nako also searched around.

"Ow..." Idina accidentally hurt her little hands as she closed a drawer. Nako turned to her cat form, and started jumping to the table. Idina and her looked around.

Then Idina found the scepter, "There!!" Idina hold it up. There the gem had a very small crack, and that was enough to damage it. Nako sniffed at it.

"Yes... this can turn mama back to her normal size!" Idina said, as she showed the scepter to Nako.

Nako looked at it and meowed.

“I must fix it…” Idina said. 

Without a second thought, she concentrated and radiated her Galaxy Energy to it.

“Aaah…” Belamis gasped, as she felt something.

Then the crystal, the Teardrop of Hope pushed out of Belamis'chest and opened a wound. The crystal glowed.

“What ?” Kugo said.

When the crystal came out like that, Belamis knew someone she cared about was in trouble.

Belamis roared, and she ran back to the facilities.

“Wait!!!” Kugo scrambled to chase after Belamis.

Medora and Nick was out for the day, and she entered the room.

“Idina!!!!” Medora yelled. Nako licked the little girl’s face.

“Gosh!!!” Nick gasped.

They carried the unconscious little baby to get Dr. Kitty and Professor Dodge’s help.

Belamis stood at the front of the facilities, and knelt down.

“I will go in and check…” Kugo said.

Then Nick was at the entrance.

“Belamis…. It’s Idina…” Nick said.

Belamis gasped, "I..dina.."

Dr. Kitty came out, “Idina is now very weak… she will need a long time to recover…”

Medora carried the scepter out, and raised it up, and shot a beam to Belamis’ forehead.

Belamis turned back to human form, and she ran in, and was at the bedside of Idina, and many sensors were connected to the baby.

"Idina was small, just three years old, and she nearly used up all her Galaxy Energy, and if she pushed further she could die." Dr. Kitty said.

"Luckily, we have Medora here.." Nick said. Medora's face was pale - she used her Galaxy Energy to help Idina.

"We entered and found her on the floor holding the scepter..." Medora said softly, " I just used my Galaxy Energy"...

Idina opened her little eyes, and gazed at Belamis. Idina was very fond of Belamis, and she chuckled.

Belamis bowed her head down to the little girl, and her face was with tears.

“Don’t cry…Belamis…” Idina reached out her little hands and started to wipe the tears on Belamis’ face.

“She loved you very much…” Dr. Kitty said to Belamis, as Belamis gently touched Idina.

Medora was in tears, “Idina wanted you back in human form so much…”

Belamis’ felt like a knife stabbed to her heart. Kugo hold her hand tightly.

“Little one…” Belamis said softly, and her voice shook.

Idina smiled, “Say more…”

Belamis kissed the little girl gently, "You want me tell you a bed time story ?"

Idina clapped her little hands, and said, "Yes... this is the first time you tell me one!!"

"This is about a little princess...."

Belamis gently cuddled Idina in her arms, and she had not even wear anything on her. Medora brought in a long gown and covered Belamis.

Kugo sat beside Belamis, and said, "Yes.... that princess.... she's like you!!"

Medora and others left, and had the three in the room by themselves, except Nako, and she sat beside Idina's little bed.

Belamis recalled the bedtime stories she heard from her mother.

Belamis was small, and she was on her little bed, with Rose her mother beside her.

"Dear.... I will tell you the story about the beautify queen..." Rose, Belamis' mother said.

Belamis began telling the same story to Idina, and holding back her tears.

After like half an hour, Idina was fast asleep. Belamis kissed her again, and laid her down to her little bed.

Kugo saw in Belamis a warm motherly look, but still like the warrior she was. Kugo knew, Belamis would give her life to protect Idina, Dr. Kitty, and also him.

Kugo kissed Belamis' right ear.

Belamis turned slowly, and they kissed each other.

"Meow..." Nako protested.

Belamis gently hold up the big cat, and hugged it.

All of them were happy that Belamis was back in her human form - except Belamis herself.

For days, Belamis took care of Idina, and fed her with the milk that came out of her breast. That milk was very nutritious, and was helping Idina to recover.

Idina suckled on Belamis breast, and then she looked at Belamis body again.

"Happy to see me ?" Belamis smiled. Idina could tell that Belamis was sad.

Belamis looked at Idina, and said, "I cannot let you do this..."

Idina placed her little hand over Belamis' chest, on her heart.

"I am hurting inside..." Belamis spoke softly. Indeed it felt as painful in Belamis' heart as she recalled her mother's death, the Old Queen's death and Nia's death - paradoxically Belamis wished that nobody loved her - despite she needed love.

"Belamis... I loved you..." Idina spoke.

Belamis' heart melted, and she hold Idina closer to her. Tears welled in in Belamis' eyes.

"I will never ever let you get hurt..." Belamis said to Idina, as Idina slowly dozed off.

Belamis gently hold her, and sat there for a while before she placed Idina back on her bed.

At the same time, Kugo would take turn to nurse Idina with Belamis.

Idina gradually recovered, and Kugo fed her with baby food.

"No.. I want Belamis..." Idina protested - she regained strength after being breast fed by Belamis for six days.

"Now... do you want to play with me and Belamis ? Then eat your meal !" Kugo said.

Kugo fed Idina, and Belamis was changing to civilian clothes.

"Today we are going to the Galaxy Union..." Belamis said, as she stroked Idina's hair.

"Let's go...." Kugo said, as he finished feeding Idina.

"Stay with the girl!" Belamis said to Nako. Nako purred and cuddled Idina.

Nick and Medora saw them off.

Dr. Kitty came out, "Belamis, take this along - it is the latest information we found out about Constantine and Katrina..."

Belamis got the digital device with the data. Dr. Kitty gently touched Belamis' face, "Don't worry. We will take care of Idina."

Belamis nodded, and she took Kugo's hand, "Let's go."

Kugo opened the car door and Belamis hopped in.

"I drive!!" Kugo demanded.

"OK..." Belamis smiled.

The couple arrived at the Galaxy Union unit where they tried war crimes and other offenses by soldiers. Belamis could have been the one on trial.

There a few officers were waiting.

Belamis browsed through the information about Constantine, and she could not help but felt a chill down her spine.

Constantine had killed the officer who she impersonated. Galaxy Union now found her dead body - horribly mutilated. It turned out that Constantine was close to somebody Belamis knew - Sonya and also the Golinkors.

"They hated me to the guts..." Belamis thought.

"Belamis ?" Kugo found Belamis lost in thoughts.

"Let's go in.." Kugo said, and he hold her hand.

"Major Admiral Belamis, come with us .." An officer said to Belamis.

Belamis nodded.

"Lieutenant Kugo... you can escort her up to this point, and sit at the public's stand for the hearing." The other officer said.

"I will be OK..." Belamis said to Kugo.

Kugo nodded, "You will be alright!" He turned to another corridor.

Belamis followed the officer to another corridor which led to a big entrance.

There Belamis walked up the and stood witness stand.

The room was filled with military officials - all highly ranked, and from various planetary systems of the Galaxy Union.

Kugo was at the public stand watching, and he waved at Belamis.

The chairman of the committee announced, "Silence. Major Admiral Belamis today comes as a witness to give her testimony about the incidents that implicated her."

The chairman asked, "What has Constantine done to you ?"

"She tortured me while I was locked up in Mars' facilities..." Belamis said calmly, and the screen showed the wounds on her in her giantess form inflicted by those tortures.

Belamis gave accounts of each incidents in detail.

"This is the footage that showed a blast was fired from behind me and hit the Galaxy Union ships - the shots were from Fermalos ships which appeared by warp and escaped; this was taken by another ship who happened to be at the correct line of sight..." Belamis continued.

Then the committee asked Belamis about Katrina, and Belamis told the committee about her identity.

"Please bring us Captain Dolores to the witness stand!" The chairman said.

Belamis left the witness stand and the she saw Dolores.

Dolores saw her and she was happy that Belamis was back to her human form.

Dolores meticulously  recalled all the things Katrina and Constantine did to her and Belamis, and the committee listened.

After a whole day, the chairman said, "Our members, comprised of legal experts and military experts, decided that Belamis is not guilty of any charges against her. She will be re-instated as Major Admiral."

Kugo jumped in joy, "Yeah!!!!"

Dolores came forward to Belamis and saluted her. Belamis nodded.

"Now with your name cleared... you can be my captain!" Dolores said.

"I am glad you are back on Earth, how's your brother ?"

"He is doing very well... thank you." Dolores said.

Kugo came and joined the two, and said, "This is a day we can celebrate!!!"

Belamis shook her head, "I want to go back to see if Idina is well..."

"Not yet..." That's the voice of an officer...

"What ?" Belamis stared at him, annoyed by his sudden words.

"We have found out a lot about Constantine, but cannot tell you in the public... you must come to the headquarters.." The officer said to Belamis.

Belamis looked and knew there were important things for her - now restored to her military rank.

"Kugo..." Belamis turned to him.

Kugo nodded, and the pair followed the officer.

Apr 16, 2014

ベラミス Belamis - the fugitve giantess (13)

Chapter 13 The battle .... the revenge.... Belamis in danger!!!

Belamis and Kugo approached the Fermalos ships surrounding Mars base.

Dolores took command in the Mars base, and ordered, "Report damage!!"

".... our shields.... only 20% left...." The officer reported.

"Gosh....." Dolores gasped.

Constantine laughed as she sat in the cell, "Hahahaha.... I will take you all down with me!!!"

Nick looked at her and said, "Just stop your bullshit!!!"

Dolores immediately called Kugo, "It is dire situation down here.... we lost nearly all of our shields, but we can cover you with our guns!!"

Belamis heard and shook her head, "No... chance... Fermalos too much..."

Kugo immediately knew, and he replied, "We will take on the Fermalos! You use all your guns to defend the base... this is Belamis' instructions!"

Kugo knew Belamis had to issue command as the captain of them.

Belamis turned so that she was facing the other way and Dolores could see her in the transmission.

Belamis held herself upright, and made the  Admiral's salute to them.

Dolores saw it, and bit her lips.

"All units, deploy the guns, weapons and firepower, and defend the base! We cannot let Fermalos take this fortress!!"

Nick nodded, and thought, "Belamis knows Dolores is a fine commander.."

Belamis saw the Mars base began to defend itself, and nodded.

She heard Medora, "Belamis, we landed on Mars just in time..."

With Idina and Medora safe, Belamis looked at Kugo and signaled him by a thumbs up.

"Yes!" Kugo said.

The two fought alongside each other several times, and they just knew where to go - Belamis headed to the leading flagship of the Fermalos, and Kugo shot out Trizer Beam to other enemy ships.

Then Nako came out, as she recovered from the stun she got from Katrina.

Belamis patted her as she transformed to the giant cougar.

Kugo said, "Good girl!"

Belamis pointed to a direction where the Fermalos fighters were approaching, Nako growled and headed to hit, using her fire balls to shoot them.

With Nako taking on the Fermalos fighters, Belamis charged the flagship.

Belamis roared, and she was underneath the leading flagship of the Fermalos, and she pushed with all her strength. The ship tilted, and Belamis turned to her golden giantess form, and her strength increased by tenfold, and she let out another loud roar.

The huge flagship was thrown by Belamis and hit another ship!!

"Yipeee!!!" Kugo yelled, and he threw out his AstroLance like a spear, and it hit those fighter planes that came out to attack them, fighting alongside with Nako.

Then suddenly four chains with cuffs caught Belamis - her wrists and angles cuffed.

They were from four different ships and the four ships pulled at four directions, trying to pull Belamis apart!!!

"Aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrhhhhh!!" Belamis groaned in pain and she pulled hard with all her might.

The four ships sent a strong electromagnet shock to Belamis and Belamis roared in pain.

"Belamis!!" Kugo yelled  and fired Trizer beam and cut the chains on her legs.

Belamis growled and exerted her strong pectorals and arms, and with a strong pull she threw the two huge ships into collision and broke the chains on her hands.

"Haha!!" Kugo shouted in excitement.

Then two fighters came behind Belamis, but Nako hit them by spitting balls of energy from her mouth.

Then Dolores ordered, "Aim our main canon to cover Kugo and Belamis, and Nako!"

The main canon on Mars base fired, hitting the enemy fighter jets and ships.

"Oh my goodness!!" Nick shouted.

Belamis and Kugo saw the remaining Fermalos ships gathered, and were aiming together,and the energy level of their guns increased quickly.

"NO!!! They are deploying the high energy anti-matter weapon again!!" Dolores shouted.

Belamis whistled and Nako came back to her side.

Belamis roared and stood to shield Kugo and Nako, and began exerting herself to make a shield of energy, but drawing from her own body and round the cosmos. Her body ached tremendously.

"Belamis!!!" Medora yelled. She knew if Belamis exerted herself like this to build an energy shield against Fermalos attack, she would trigger an Avici on her again, it would be the nineth or tenth one.

Ednan shook his head, "Good grief....Our big girl is in trouble!!!"

"Kugo, prepare to cover Belamis!!" Nick shouted.

Kugo was frustrated... only Belamis could stop the Fermalos, but she would be in great pain again.

The Fermalos ships fired. Belamis hold up her huge shield of energy and blocked the energy gun - just like she did before.

The energy hit the shield and there was a loud sound. Belamis roared, "Roooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"The energy level from Fermalos energy beam is increasing!!!!" Dolores gasped.

Frustrated, Nick just grunted, "What can we do... what can we do????"

Then Belamis roared, and she turned into her platinum form. In her platinum form, Belamis' energy level and strength increased another twenty fold, and her muscles began flexing.

Then Belamis exerted more and pushed her shield, and her muscles popped up, forcing the energy from the Fermalos ships back, and the energy rushed back, destroying the ships!!!!

"YEAH!!!" Nick and Dolores cheered.

Then Belamis fell and crashed down to a small asteroid, body wriggling in horrid pain - she had the Avici, at the ninth level. Nako ran to her side and cuddled her.

"Belamis!!!" Kugo steered his Star Probe wanted to help.

Then suddenly a huge monster appeared - a winged dragon like monster, and it spitted out balls of energy and hit Belamis, while she was struggling with horrid pain.

Nako growled and leaped at the monster, biting its back. The monster shook and try to get Nako off its back. Nako used her claws and attacked, protecting her mom.

"Stop!!" Kugo yelled, and he began firing Astro Thunder at the monster to protect Belamis.

"Ku..go..." Belamis gasped, as she endured the pain, as well as fighting with the monster.

The Avici would last for twenty minutes, and Belamis would be extremely painful even if she moved a muscle  - but she braved the pain and fought.

The monster let out a strong blast of electromagnetic energy, and Nako growled and she had to let go.

The monster's tail then hit Nako and threw her to the ground.

The monster waved its spiked tail and wrapped around Belamis' body, sinking the sharp horns into Belamis torso, and Belamis roared as she bleed.

Medora and Idina cried, as they saw Belamis hurting.

"Aim at the monster!" Dolores ordered. The guns fired and hit the monster. The monster let Belamis go and headed to Kugo.

"Come to me you brute!!" Kugo shouted, as he steered his craft around and got to the back of the Monster.

Belamis struggling and shaking in pain, and tried hard to stand up, but her Avici pain was intense, and she shook and could not get up.

"Aaaarrrhhh..." She was groaning.

"Belamis!! Let me deal with that monster!"

Kugo charged at the way holding his Astro Lance, firing Trizer beam, cutting through the monster.

Then Nako got up and spitted a huge ball of fire at it.

The monster exploded but the shock wave sent Kugo and his craft crashing to a hill side and Kugo was injured. Nako leaped away just in time.

"Oaaahh..." Kugo groaned, and he struggled up to see Belamis. Nako also run to her.

Belamis was on the ground shaking as the Avici had another 15 minutes before it would ease.

"Belamis!!" Kugo ran to her, and he was in tears.

"Aaarrrhh...aaarrhhh..." Belamis was in great pain and shaking.

"Hahahaha... not so tough with that Avici, are you ?" That was the voice of Katrina.

"Good grief!!" Nick yelled.

Karina was on a craft and she pulled out a large strange shaped gun, and said, "This is the toy I really wanted to use!"

Then Katrina pointed it and shot a beam at Belamis.


It was Belamis painful cry. The beam triggered another Avici seizure on her. The pain multiplied twenty times, and she was bleeding. The beam seemed to even add pain on her.

Kugo cried, "Stop!!!" He pointed his Astro Lance at Katrina. Nako opened her mouth and shot a few fire balls at Katrina's craft, but missed.

Katrina laughed and she drove her craft away.

Kugo could not pursuit as he cared for Belamis.

The girls felt Belamis' pain and they immediately came out in a craft which was piloted by Nick, with Ednan following.

Medora cried, "No!!! No!!" Idina wept, "Mama Belamis!!"

Ednan said, "Have to help the big girl..."

He transformed into his Master of Teardrop of Hope form and rushed to the scene.

Their craft hovered above Belamis who was lying on the ground.

Then Belamis' chest opened, and the Teardrop of Hope crystal came out of her body.

The Master shot out a beam and Belamis absorbed the energy, but she was still in great pain.

"Gosh... her Avici seizure is worse!!" The Master thought, and he kept on pushing energy to Belamis, and Belamis shook in pain.

The two girls ran out the deck and concentrated, and channelled Galaxy Energy to Belamis' Teardrop of Hope crystal.

Soon Belamis pain gradually eased, and she breathed heavily as she got the Galaxy Energy to ease her Avici.

The seizure was intense, and the Master with the girls kept sending Galaxy Energy to Belamis.

Finally the pain on Belamis stopped.

Medora sat on the deck, and Idina was so exhausted that she was unconscious.

Ednan turned back to human form, and he too was exhausted.

"This shit is really bad..." Gasped Ednan.

Belamis got up and approached the girls. Medora slowly stood up and hold Idina in her arms, and she placed Idina into the giant palm of Belamis, who had knelt down.

Belamis was sad to see the girls in such shape, and she shed tears.

Then she noticed something about Ednan.

"No worries...just go and check out the girls..." Replied Ednan.

"It is OK..." Medora gently said.

Belamis looked at Idina, who was so exhausted.

Ednan said, "Big girl... don't worry, the baby will be OK..."

Belamis nodded, and she turned to Kugo.

"No worries..... let's head back to Earth with others..." Kugo said.

Belamis replied, "Earth..."

Ednan said, "Just let the girls rest, and I have to rest too..." He looked years older.

Belamis gently hold Idina in her palm and Idina gradually awoke. Idina loved Belamis and she let out an innocent smile at the giantess before her.

Belamis bowed her head and hold Idina close to her nose, and Idina touched Belamis' nose with her little hands.

"Ma ma Belamis..." Idina chuckled.

Belamis let out a soft purring sound, and she shed tears.

The company returned to Mars base first, and Belamis hold Idina in her palm loving, and she slept. Belamis gently handed her back to Medora.

Kugo looked at the girl, and signed, "I really don't want her to risk herself..and you.." He looked at Medora.

Medora said, "I will be alright after some rest...."

They headed back to Mars.

There Dolores was waiting.

When she saw Belamis and others, she saluted to them.

Belamis approached Dolores, and saluted her in return. The officers and soldiers behind Dolores also saluted Belamis.

"Belamis, I have contacted Galaxy Union Headquarters on Earth, they knew you are innocent. Dr.Kitty presented the evidence, and showed that it is the antimatter gun of Fermalos that hit the Galaxy Union ships when you were trapped in their cross-fire. You can return to Earth as a free person!"

Kugo yelled, "That is good news!!"

Medora, Idina, Nick and Ednan cheered.

Belamis looked at them, and smiled. She knew she could return to Earth.

Kugo leaped up and Belamis hold out her palm and he landed on it.

"We must hurry.... Dr. Kitty is worried about you!!" Kugo said.

Belamis wanted to return to Earth too, so she and the others set out to Earth.

Before she left, Belamis turned to Dolores.

Dolores said, "Thank you ..."

Belamis replied, ""

Dolores looked at Belamis, and said, "You go to Earth first.. I will join you later!"

Kugo said, "Me and Belamis will tell Galaxy Union all about how you helped.... and hope you will be posted near Earth, so that you can see your brother often!"

Dolores said, "Thanks ..."

The company said goodbye and departed Mars.

Soon the company arrived at Earth, back at Dr. Kitty's facilities.

There Dr. Kitty got the news already and waited for them outside.

The spacecraft landed, and Belamis also landed.

Belamis knelt down before Dr. Kitty, and uttered, "Dr....Kit..ty..."

Dr. Kitty approached Belamis, and saw the scars on her. "You are wounded again..."

Kugo and the others came out of the space craft.

"Kugo, take Belamis to the new facility...." Dr. Kitty said.

"Come..." Kugo gently said.

"Belamis, we will settle down ourselves.." Nick said, as he held Medora's hand. Idina stood beside Ednan, and she flew a little kiss to Belamis.

Belamis smiled at the little girl, and hold out her finger at Idina and Idina touched her finger. Then she got up and followed her lover. Idina sat on Nako, and followed Belamis.

Ednan winked, and said, "Take care!" Belamis nodded.

There stood a huge building, with a tall entrance, tall enough for Belamis to enter in her giantess form.

"Dr. Kitty built this for you.... so you can rest here in comfort!" Kugo said with a smile.

Belamis was immensely touched.

"We will find a way to get you back into human form..." Kugo said.

It had a huge interior, with lots of space, not like the other cramped building.

Dr. Kitty followed as she rode a mini-craft, and said, "Come this way with me... I want to check your body thoroughly..."

Belamis nodded, and followed her to a huge room, where there was a huge bed.

Belamis lied down, and Dr. Kitty began checking her with all the instruments.

Dr. Kitty knew Belamis had several more Avici attack on her, and she was worried about Belamis.

As the instruments scanned Belamis, Dr. Kitty watched the data and the images.

Belamis had a slender body, with very firm and strong muscles, and her body had become stronger as Dr. Kitty noted her muscle density grew, and some muscles were larger than before, particular on her chest and shoulders.

The wounds on Belamis body were closed, and most of her bones were healed too.

Then Dr. Kitty ran more tests.

Kugo was watching.

Idina sat on Nako's back and said, "How's Belamis ?"

Kugo replied, "She is strong.. she will be fine..."

But Kugo was sad, it seemed Belamis had to face endless fights and hurts.

Belamis saw Idina, and she smiled at the baby.

The examination took 2 hours, before Belamis stood up.

Dr. Kitty looked at her, and her eyes was caring. Dr. Kitty's felt heart broken to see Belamis like that.

"We have to fix that Avici ..." Dr. Kitty thought.

Idina saw the expression on Dr. Kitty's face, and she saw Belamis' pain when she had the Avici.

"Papa Kugo..." Idina said to Kugo.

"Yes...... we have to find away to help her..."

Ednan was there and listened, and he frowned as he looked at Belamis.

Belamis stayed at Earth for another day, and she sat outside the facility facing the ocean.

Kugo was beside her, and Idina was playing with Nako.

Ednan came, and Belamis turned to him.

"Big girl.. so are you staying here ?"

Belamis shook her head, and she let Idina and Nako climb to her palm, and she placed them on her shoulder.

"We will set out again.." Kugo replied.

They knew this time Katrina had a horrible weapon.

Belamis looked at the setting sun, and said, "Battles ahead..."